Breeding Statistics

Breeding Statistics
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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
Wagon Limit 111100%FL
Wait 333100%FL
War Bond 62233%WY
War Correspondent 21131048%KY
War Dancer 34262574%NY
War Eagle 5000%LA
War Front 67604973%KY
War Power 44250%WA
Warrior's Reward 95575356%PA
Watershed 118873%PR
We Miss Artie 333100%KY
Weave It to Me 127758%WV
Wedding Party 61117%NE
Weekend Hideaway 105550%NY
Weigelia 36181747%PA
Well Positioned 111100%IL
Well Said 5000%SK
Well Spelled 28201968%PA
Wendy Wend 154427%TN
West Coast 103817674%KY
Western Conqueror 2200%GA
Western Pride 21150%OH
Westover Wildcat 65467%MN
What a Laser 1000%AZ
What Now 42125%IN
Whence 22151464%LA
Where's the Ring 96556%ON
Whisper to Curlin 1000%LA
Whistler Mtn Gold 31133%PA
White Gold G E S 42250%CO
White Magic 55240%CA
White Out G E S 21150%CO
Why Broadway 32133%TX
Why Not Be Perfect 65350%OR
Wicked Strike 32267%FL
Wicked Strong (1) 54373361%KY
Wicked Tune 444100%FL
Wilburn 159960%OK
Wild Cide 1100%OK
Wildcat Brief 1000%NY
Wildcat Hagrid 111100%MN
Wildcat Red 1810844%KY
Will Take Charge 20121260%KY
William's Kitten 96667%OH
Win the Space 64467%CA
Winchill 39272769%PA
Winning Cause 64350%CA
Wise River 2200%IN
Woke Up Dreamin 118873%IA
Word 7000%NE
World of Trouble 107888882%KY