Breeding Statistics

Breeding Statistics --- 2017

    Stallion        Mares Bred    Reports Received     Live Foals     Percent Live Foals    State
A Kings Life 62233%CA
A. P. Ridge 2100%AR
Abendlied 111100%TX
Abraaj 34222059%WA
Abstraction 32151444%NM
Abu Ghazal 222100%SD
Acceptable 111100%BC
Acclamation 38343387%CA
Achilleslaststand 1000%VA
Adams Circle 3000%NY
Added Edge 115545%OH
Adding Candy 42250%FL
Adios Charlie 50262550%FL
Admiral Kitten 21131362%FL
Admirality 1100%MI
Advanceexpectation 1000%TX
Aeneas 1000%OH
Affirmatif 156640%OK
Affirmative 95333%CA
Afleet Alex 34201853%KY
Afleet Bob 52240%TX
Afrashad 222100%UT
Aikenite 19171474%KY
Ain't Bad At All 2200%NM
Air Force Blue 15312411475%KY
Al Khali 127542%NY
Al Tomatoes 222100%TX
Albert the Gold 64467%PR
Albertus Maximus 333100%KY
Algorithms 56403766%KY
All Storm 111100%OK
Allaboutdreams 111100%CA
Allamystique 111100%FL
Alluvial 10000%IL
Alpha 43292456%NY
Alphie's Bet 1100%CA
Alsono 17101059%NM
Alternation 28222279%KY
Always Wildcatin' 21150%OH
Amanecer de Oro 111100%LA
Americain 37302670%KY
American Champ 21150%TX
American Fleet 21150%TN
American Lion 136538%OK
American Pharoah 21417515974%KY
Ameriheart 111100%IL
Amira's Prince (IRE) 102220%FL
Ami's Holiday 33272679%ON
Amwaal 65583%WV
Anchor Down 80645569%KY
Andiron 64467%PA
Animal Kingdom 1241019073%KY
Animal Style 111100%IN
Animo de Valeroso 115545%OH
Anthony Outclass 33267%MI
Anthony's Cross 46262350%FL
Anziyan Royalty 1100%MN
Apriority 35252571%LA
Archarcharch 44353170%KY
Artemus Sunrise 222100%IN
Artful Run 53360%NM
Artie Schiller 40262358%KY
Artistic Song 42125%OK
Artrageous 21150%FL
Ashkal 31133%MT
Astrology 47343370%KY
Athlete 3000%MT
Atlantic Penn 1000%GA
Atreides 18121267%KY
Atta Boy Brian 1000%OK
Atta Boy Roy 16131275%WA
Attempted Humor 1000%LA
Atticus 73343%CA
Attila's Storm 53322853%NM
Authentic Jazz 1000%TX
Avenue Streaker 111100%OH
Awesome Again (5) 70605071%KY
Awesome Arnold 2000%MI
Awesome Bet 129542%LA
Awesome Cannonball 111100%MI
Awesome Gambler 83338%CA
Awesome Hero 41125%AR
Awesome Indian 65583%NM
Awesome Intime 1000%LA
Awesome of Course 27141244%FL
Awesome Patriot 35171646%KY
Awesome Sword 222100%LA
Axiomatic 2000%NM
Bachelor of Arts (GB) 103220%ID
Backstabber 44375%OK
Backtalk 32267%FL
Badge 111100%LA
Bahamian Squall 45292453%FL
Bakken 26161454%BC
Balance the Books 9000%CA
Balcony 111100%PR
Baletmeister 59393966%FL
Ball Bearing 444100%CA
Ballado's Gold 63350%WV
Ballistic Kitten 65350%TX
Balmont 61117%AB
Baltimore Bob 149964%MD
Bandbox 39312974%MD
Bandwidth 3000%SD
Bank Heist 30151550%NY
Baptistry 32267%MI
Barbados 128758%MD
Baryshnikov 444100%IN
Baseball Card Kid 94444%ND
Bashaar 54480%LA
Bay of Biscay 112218%ND
Bayern 105786158%KY
Bayfax 52240%UT
Beach Hat 1000%MS
Beacon Hill Road 8000%NM
Bear's Kid 64467%ON
Beau Choix 54480%FL
Beautyinthepulpit 209945%NY
Bedford Falls 1000%CA
Beer Garden 108660%PR
Behindatthebar 208630%TX
Behold de Buy 99889%CO
Bellamy Road 63373759%NY
Bench Maker 44375%AR
Bench the Judge 43250%AB
Benny the Bull 139969%IN
Bent Tree 77686%KS
Bernardini (2) 1231098367%KY
Bernster 777100%NM
Best Act 54480%OK
Best Minister 6000%CA
Best of the Rest 3000%SC
Best Picture 2000%NE
Bestofhisclass 32267%FL
Beta Capo 85563%TX
Betelo 222100%IL
Bidder Dreams 2000%LA
Bierstadt 111100%AZ
Big Atlantic 52240%OH
Big Bad Leroybrown 222100%CA
Big Bad Mike 3000%IL
Big Band Sound 64350%LA
Big Blue Kitten 93684953%KY
Big Brown 36292775%NY
Big Drama 40222255%FL
Big Lightning 3000%AB
Big Mike 73114%WV
Big Screen 182211%ON
Big Surf 6000%CA
Bind 42302764%LA
Biondetti 188528%FL
Birdrun 185528%OH
Birdstone 27222178%KY
Bismarck Tullio 217524%FL
Bizarro 44375%PR
Black Cry (FR) 222100%PA
Black Onyx 64467%FL
Blake's Passion 87788%OK
Blame 48383573%KY
Blazonry 1000%CA
Blonde Surfer Dude 222100%FL
Bluegrass Cat 39292872%CA
Blueskiesnrainbows 2410833%IN
Boadini 222100%AB
Boanerges 1000%SK
Boat Trip 23151252%CA
Bob Black Jack 84450%CA
Bobalicious 63350%WV
Bob's Star 73229%IN
Bodemeister (2) 19416714876%KY
Boisterous 48333267%CA
Bold Chieftain 158853%CA
Bold Red 43250%OH
Bold Warrior 77571%KY
Bon Accord 22150%LA
Bonfire Romance 43375%TX
Bonus Time Cat 43375%OK
Boone Land 31133%MS
Boos 137754%ID
Boundless 6000%MN
Bourbon Courage 69524768%MD
Bower's Point 43250%AR
Box Score 132215%CA
Boys At Tosconova 31133%NY
Bradester 27191970%TX
Brahms 135431%AR
Brandon's Oboe 5000%SK
Brave 66467%PR
Brave Cat 105550%CA
Brave Dave 1810633%LA
Brave 'n Away 111100%IL
Brave Victory 111100%CA
Break Up 1000%LA
Brethren 67393451%FL
Bricktown Cat 1100%OK
Bright Face 1000%GA
Bright Valour 2000%BC
Brilliant Intuiten 111100%VA
Broad Rule 74457%PA
Broadway Minister 2000%SK
Brody's Cause 101826968%KY
Broken Vow 62504573%KY
Brooks 'n Down 31133%FL
Buffum 145536%MD
Bug a Boo Ben 1100%TX
Bull Krazy 31133%NM
Bullet Train (GB) 148857%KY
Bullsbay 36222056%PA
Burning Roma 1000%FL
Bushwacker 73343%WY
Bustin Stones 40302665%NY
Bye Bye Crafty 31133%IN
C Denaly 1000%CO
Cage Fighter 41125%MD
Cairo Prince 14913412081%KY
Cajun Breeze 28161554%FL
Cajun Conquest 52240%OK
Cal Nation 14117%PA
Caleb's Posse 149857%KY
Calibrachoa 114436%LA
California Chrome 14512010572%KY
Calimonco 74457%CA
Call Me George 21150%LA
Callide Valley 222100%OH
Cameo Appearance 1410750%LA
Can the Man 74525169%KY
Candy Dandy 14000%OK
Candy Ride (ARG) 16014813081%KY
Cape Canaveral 36131336%AB
Capital Account 1810633%CA
Capitol Guy 222100%NM
Capo Bastone 107770%KY
Captain Bodgit 93333%ND
Captain Countdown 115545%TX
Car Talk (IRE) 62233%OR
Carnacks Choice 63350%OH
Carpe Diem (1) 14512110874%KY
Casanova Star 19191789%PR
Cashel Castle 43250%IN
Caspian 51120%NE
Casual Al 1000%TX
Cat Genius 42250%WV
Catomize 111100%NY
Cause to Believe 72229%BC
Cavvy 33133%OK
Central Banker 79605468%NY
Chain of Command 1000%NM
Chainy 222100%ON
Champ Pegasus 128827559%CA
Channeled 54480%KY
Charlie the Boss 1000%PR
Charming Assassin 555100%AB
Chart Topper 142214%ON
Chatain 1511960%LA
Cheap Red Wine 111100%ID
Chelsey Cat 64467%NC
Cherokee Country 123325%AB
Cherokee Quest 31133%OK
Cherokee's Boy 21150%MD
Chester's Choice 111100%AZ
Chief Big Heart 21150%OK
Chief White Fox 2200%KY
Chips Are Down 1000%NJ
Chipshot 54480%NM
Chitoz 43375%OK
Chitu 74443953%FL
Choir Leader 1000%OK
Chosen Deputy 2000%IL
Chumaree 7000%CO
Cigar Street 16131381%KY
Cinco Charlie 98696667%KY
Cinnamon Creek 73343%AR
Circumference (IRE) 39262462%CA
Citidellino 1000%MT
City Sharpster 666100%PA
City Weekend 43375%OH
City Wolf 126650%KY
City Zippin 71114%MI
Clark Kent 1000%OK
Classic Alliance 21150%LA
Classic Chrys 71114%CO
Classy Gent 42250%MN
Clever Cal 4000%FL
Closing Argument 32181650%LA
Clubhouse Ride 42282764%CA
C'Mon Tiger 21150%TX
Coach Billy G. 116436%PR
Coach Bob 41125%CA
Coal Cutter 24000%SD
Coast Guard 40272563%WA
Coastal Storm 12000%OR
Cocky 41125%MO
Cogito 111100%CA
Coil 21151362%CA
Comedy Show 2000%MI
Comic Strip 42250%CA
Coming by Ya Now (AUS) 111100%ID
Commander's Shoes 105550%AR
Commissioner 119756756%KY
Competitive Edge 69514667%KY
Concierto Alegre 42250%PR
Congaree 18121056%TX
Congrats 113948575%KY
Congressionalhonor 1000%NY
Conquest Curlinate 24121042%ON
Console 34212059%PR
Constitution 14312811379%KY
Contemporary 7000%TX
Contreve 414100%BC
Conveyance 56423054%KY
Copelan Too 2000%WV
Corfu 21150%FL
Corinthian 96667%PA
Corollary 111100%SC
Cosa Vera 222100%VA
Cosmic Snowman 1000%IL
Costa Rising 72114%LA
Cougar Cat 73229%NE
Council Member 74457%WA
Country Be Gold 82113%IL
Country Day 189739%KY
Country Only 111100%WV
Courageous Cat 82225%NY
Court of the Realm 111100%ON
Court Vision 86413642%LA
Couture Colors 43250%TN
Cowtown Cat 24141042%OH
Coyote Gold 2000%TX
Cozar 7000%PA
Cracker Jackson 1000%LA
Crash Course 64467%OK
Creative 1000%MI
Creative Cause 96806871%KY
Crepuscolo 54480%FL
Crider 31133%LA
Crimsovertimeflyer 31133%MI
Cross Traffic 71484563%KY
Crossbow 105550%TX
Crowned King 1000%LA
Cryptolight 65583%OH
Csaba 114436%FL
Cuba 64467%MD
Curlin 14313412084%KY
Curlin to Mischief 60413863%CA
Currency Swap 169956%FL
Custom for Carlos 90585460%LA
Cut Boy 51120%WI
Cyber Secret 198842%AR
Cyclotron 74457%CA
D' Funnybone 128650%NY
D Mac 2000%IA
Da Stoops 288518%OK
Daaher 27201556%KY
Daareb 52240%OK
Daddy Nose Best 42343481%CA
Dads Caps 2821518%CA
Dan and Sheila 1000%NJ
Danza 84544452%KY
Danzig Bay 44375%OK
Daraybi (FR) 41125%CA
Daredevil 113888172%KY
Daredevil Adam 111100%NY
Dark Kestrel 32267%OH
Darrin's Dilemma 21150%FL
Data Link 49403673%KY
Day of Destiny 104440%SK
Day of the Cat 1000%TX
Decarchy 20131365%CA
Decibel 333100%AR
Decisive Moment 86563%FL
Declan's Warrior 93333%WV
Declaration of War (6) 1341059571%KY
Declassify 24111146%AB
Delano 21150%MT
Delhomme 32267%NM
Delighted Season 22150%ON
Delivered 1000%FL
Demacmorton 1100%PR
Demon Warlock 31133%WA
Denis of Cork 35221954%WV
Den's Legacy 38222258%OK
Deposit Note 32267%LA
Deputy Director 2100%ON
Deputy Storm 62233%IN
Desert Code 169850%CA
Desert Dancer (ARG) 5000%MI
Desert Party 178635%NY
Despite the Odds 119873%MD
Devil Hunter 41125%IL
Diabolical 1612638%NM
Dialed In 23119217475%KY
Diamond 41125%OK
Diamond Lou 111100%TN
Diamond Strike 22150%MI
Directs Unique One 3000%OK
Distorted Humor (1) 1141059684%KY
Distorted Reality 222100%AZ
Dixie Banner 5000%IA
Dixie Chatter 65583%CA
Dixie Motion 52240%AR
Dixie Topaz 10000%NM
Dixieland Cash 41125%NM
Dixie's Prodigy 43375%PA
Dnieper 62233%TX
Do the Roar 33267%FL
Doc N Bubba G 222100%AL
Doctor Chit 153320%OK
Doctor Romane 43250%TX
Dome 62233%NM
Domestic Dispute 1000%IN
Dominique's Cat 65583%NM
Dominus 14511710673%KY
Don Gato 21150%TX
Don Lux 3000%NM
Don Paco 138862%PR
Don Six 61117%NJ
Done Talking 169956%SC
Doneraile Court 3000%FL
Dontmesswithkitten 3000%WA
Don'tsellmeshort 118873%CA
Double Irish 228732%AR
Double Talk 1000%LA
Dowsing (JPN) 28121139%IN
Dr Large 105550%NY
Dr. Mojo 31133%TX
Dr. Rockett 43375%MA
Dr. Skimming 333100%UT
Dr. Smarty Jack 65583%NM
Draft Age 31133%PA
Dramedy 19131158%KY
Dreamsrunwild 222100%LA
Drill 36181747%FL
Drinkwiththedevil 4000%IN
Dublin 2100%NY
Duc d'Orleans 5000%TX
Due Date 116655%LA
Duke of Mischief 53360%FL
Duke of the City 4200%NJ
During 41125%WV
D'wildcat 2411938%LA
Dynamic Sky 17131271%ON
Dynamite Bob 222100%OH
E Z Glory 111100%LA
E Z's Gentleman 62117%OH
Early Flyer 1410964%TX
Earths Vain Shadow 8000%OK
Eckelson 73343%IN
Eclipticalspraline 777100%PA
Eddington 18141478%CA
Edison 346412%SK
Effinex 110484137%NY
Einstein (BRZ) 17111165%CA
El Amante 22150%TX
El Caballo 105440%NE
El Campo 2200%TX
El Kingdom 111100%KY
El Medwar 134431%IL
El Mirage 111100%AZ
El Padrino 55383564%PA
El Puma 111100%TN
El Roblar 97667%CO
El Romeo 15121280%KY
El Steve a Reno 21150%OR
El Suri 43250%PR
Elite Squadron 222100%IN
Elkanah 111100%OK
Ellerton 2000%OK
Ellusive Quest 21150%AZ
Elnaawi 105550%IN
Elusive Bluff 115436%IN
Elusive Hour 64467%MI
Elusive Journey 86675%CA
Elusive Quality 32262063%KY
Elusive Story 2200%PA
Elusive Warning 138862%CA
Embezzlement 52240%WY
Emcee 21171467%NY
Emeritus 5100%CA
Emperor Tiberius 102220%PA
Empire Maker (11) 13811710576%KY
Empire of d'Nile 31133%CA
Empire Way 49292857%CA
Encaustic 199947%NY
Energetico 41125%AB
English Channel (1) 85706273%KY
Entourage 1000%IA
Ents Dream 32267%LA
Equality 125433%MI
Erlton 111100%TX
Eslin 32267%MT
Estevan 74457%SK
Etbauer 109770%LA
Etched 31133%MD
Etesaal 105550%TX
Ethnic Dance 18131372%CA
Euroears 51282651%OK
Eurosaint 82225%NY
Even the Score 21131152%KY
Evil Minister 43250%TX
Ex Marks the Cop 1000%CA
Exaggerator (1) 16313812677%KY
Excalibur Fox 21150%BC
Excaper 21151362%OK
Excess Power 21150%CA
Excessive Passion 65583%NM
Exciting Metro 21150%NM
Exclusive Quality 158747%FL
Exhi 41242151%AB
Expect a Lot 333100%TX
Exploratory 4000%SK
Eye of the Leopard 111100%KY
Ez Dreamer 32133%AZ
Ez Effort 22161673%AZ
Factum 21150%FL
Fairbanks 21150%PA
Fan the Flame 1000%AR
Fantasmagorico 111100%WV
Fast Anna 78625874%KY
Fast Freight 5000%AZ
Favorite Bid 1100%OH
Fed Biz (1) 15813211673%KY
Feels All Right (IRE) 95556%FL
Fiber Sonde 77464255%WV
Fiddlers Afleet 111100%NY
Fidelito 31133%CA
Field Commission 36232364%FL
Fifteen Love 444100%KY
Fighting Hussar 75571%CA
Finale 16141488%NM
Finality 137646%BC
Finnegans Wake 86338%CA
Finn's Quest 53360%PR
Firing Line 73373244%KY
First Cornerstone (IRE)22151255%NY
First Dude 66393655%FL
First Payment Flip 111100%TX
First Samurai 98837172%KY
Five Iron 64467%AR
Flagship 43375%OH
Flashback 109757064%KY
Flashpoint 20131155%LA
Flashstorm 16131169%FL
Flashy Wise Cat 111100%LA
Flat Out 17811510660%KY
Flatter 90837381%KY
Flightofalifetime 3000%IA
Flintshire (GB) 1211039881%KY
Fly Me to the Moon 1000%CO
Flying Baron 1000%OK
Flying Cheetah 8000%KS
Flying Kris 1000%TX
Ford Every Stream 43375%MN
Foreclosed 666100%IL
Foreign Policy 14117%OK
Forest Attack 283311%IL
Forest Command 109990%CA
Forest Meadow 42250%ON
Forest Peace 31133%CO
Forestry Type 41125%OH
Formal Gold 3000%SK
Formidable 148857%IA
Fornasetti 3000%CO
Fort Larned 53454483%KY
Fort Loudon 16111063%FL
Fort Prado 158747%IN
Forty Grams 15111173%FL
Forty Tales 27161452%NY
Frac Daddy 34191853%ON
Franchise Player 333100%OH
Free World 21150%KY
Freedom Child 115545%MD
Freesgood 111100%OK
Freud 48363165%NY
Friend Or Foe 11101091%VA
Friesan Fire 144321%MD
Frost Giant 15141280%NY
Frosted 15614112681%KY
Fun and Fancy Free 1000%VA
Funds 1000%OK
Fury Kapcori 35242263%FL
Fusaichi Pegasus 17131059%KY
Fusaichi Zenon (JPN) 92222%NM
Future 21150%KY
G F Fast N Fancy 1000%NB
G. W.'s d'Oro 85563%LA
G. W.'s Skippie 77686%AR
Gabriel Charles 75571%CA
Gainango 2200%OH
Galapagos 33133%PA
Gallant Son 159960%CA
Galloway Paige 111100%AB
Galvan 86675%PR
Gamble's Exchange 222100%ON
Game A. P. 64350%CA
Game Played 111100%KY
Gandhi 64467%MD
Garnered 61117%WV
Gattopardo 149964%WV
Gauntlet 444100%KY
Gayego 27121244%AB
Gazebo 31133%WI
Gem Heist 127758%CA
Gemologist 14212110977%KY
General Mike 1000%TX
Gentle Tap 10000%OK
Gervinho 24201875%CA
Get Stormy 61514574%KY
Ghaaleb 1512747%IL
Ghost Mountain 4000%NM
Ghostly Minister 333100%WV
Ghostzapper 1341159873%KY
Giacomo 1810950%OR
Giant Fun 111100%LA
Giant Gizmo 72564461%ON
Giant Hit 4000%LA
Giant Surprise 34232162%NY
Giant's Causeway 31261548%KY
Gig Harbor 15111067%CA
Gin Fizz 63350%AB
Gio Ponti 39232154%KY
Girolamo 52373465%KY
Glacier Bay 21150%FL
Glasnost 144429%IN
Global Power 118873%OH
Global Response 85563%FL
Go Lionel Go 1000%IN
Go Now 1000%TX
Go Red Go 3000%TX
Going Commando 1710953%MB
Gold Aly 3000%WA
Gold Finish 43375%VA
Gold for Cash 43375%NE
Gold Gift 75571%PR
Gold Prospector 3000%CA
Gold Ranger 81113%TX
Gold Schleiger 41125%NE
Gold Tribute 75571%LA
Golddigger's Boy 97667%PA
Golden Balls (IRE) 85563%CA
Golden Child 111100%CA
Golden Lad 91645965%MD
Golden Missile 21150%NY
Golden Ticket 27181659%NY
Golden Years 16131169%WV
Goldencents 1351009772%KY
Goldon 1000%TX
Gone Astray 74423851%FL
Gone Clubbing 32267%VA
Gone Looking 222100%PR
Good Opinion 9000%FL
Gospel Tiz Key 82225%OK
Got the Last Laugh 333100%PA
Gotham City 222100%WA
Gottcha Gold 19111158%AB
Govenor Charlie 57262646%CA
Grace Upon Grace 61117%CA
Grammy's Legacy 111100%KY
Grand Capitol 21150%UT
Grand Minstrel 96667%CO
Grand Reserve 21150%
Grasshopper 20161680%TX
Gray Meteor 91111%SD
Graydar 67464060%KY
Grazen 101767271%CA
Great Exuma 111100%ND
Great Notion 87544855%MD
Greatness 31133%FL
Greeley's Conquest 5000%WY
Greeley's Galaxy 22171045%LA
Grey Swallow (IRE) 21201362%KY
Greytap 92222%IL
Griffinite 2100%NY
Grindstone 41125%OR
Guaranteed Gold 62233%WA
Guest Star 63117%IL
Guilt Trip 40201948%LA
Gun Power 104440%MI
Guys Reward 1000%IN
Habayeb 43375%AR
Haimish Hy 222100%CA
Hakassan (CHI) 118873%KY
Half Ours 77595673%LA
Hamazing Destiny 106660%AR
Hampton Court (AUS) 2613935%KY
Handsome Mike 30191860%FL
Hangover Kid 84450%MD
Harbor the Gold 39282462%OR
Harborage 43375%LA
Hard Spun (1) 15913712277%KY
Harlan's Hello 1000%NY
Harlan's Pure 20121260%PR
Harris 111111100%NM
Harry's Holiday 28222279%KY
Hat Trick (JPN) 19131263%KY
Haynesfield 55474480%CA
He Be Fire N Ice 26151246%CA
Head Chopper 33267%ON
Hear No Evil 1210867%FL
Heat Shield 777100%CA
Heat Shimmer 104440%IN
Heavenly Chorus 83338%AB
Heaven's Glory (JPN) 139969%MD
Heavy Breathing 43375%NY
Heavy Surge 5000%TX
Heir Joe 21150%ID
Hello Broadway 118764%FL
Here's Zealous 53360%NY
Hero of Order 1312862%KY
Hero's Tribute 3000%AB
Hervy 42125%LA
He's Had Enough 52322752%FL
He's So Chic 44125%AL
Hey Chub 86675%NJ
Hey Mister 52240%FL
Hidden Blessing 75571%CA
High Cascade 21150%AR
High Constable 43375%KY
High Cotton 37191746%FL
High Descent 111100%CO
Highball 2000%KY
Hightail 29111034%AR
Highway to Fame 111100%TX
Hit It a Bomb 48363369%KY
Hit the Road Lee 222100%LA
Hockenheim 45302964%PR
Hogskin 21150%TX
Hold Me Back 18131161%NY
Holiday Justice 97778%NE
Holiday Promise 43375%KY
Hollow Creek 222100%IL
Holmes 66350%NM
Holy One of Israel 22150%FL
Home of the Brave 40242358%OK
Hon. de Leon 222100%PR
Honor Code 15312810770%KY
Honorable Dillon 176635%NY
Honour Devil (ARG) 11119%MB
Hook Em 12118%NM
Hooks Crossing 32267%LA
Hooper 32267%OK
Hoorayforhollywood 73229%CA
Hostile Takeover 106660%OH
Houseofroyalhearts 73343%WA
How Coool Is He 111100%FL
Hunt Crossing 83338%WV
Hunters Bay 157640%ON
Hunting Hard 1000%IL
Hyper 29181862%ON
I Spent It 20115%OK
I Want Revenge 28171346%KY
Ice Box 333100%KY
Icon Ike 53240%AR
Ide Like a Double 222100%LA
Idiot Proof 43282456%CA
Il Postino 111100%NJ
Il Villano 333100%PA
I'm So Lucky 2000%IN
Imagining 66444365%MD
Imperialism 218838%AB
In Speight Ofitall 22150%VA
In Summation 155533%FL
In the Impossible 1000%WV
In the Woods 1000%PA
In Trouble 333100%KY
Include 36292364%KY
Incognito Bandito 91111%MN
Incredibullmrbiggs 111100%FL
Incriminate 3000%AL
Indian Council 1000%CO
Indian Evening 23161252%CA
Indian Express 73343%OH
Indian Firewater 26191973%NM
Indian Gods 32267%CA
Indian Ocean 139969%MA
Indies (GB) 21150%NM
Indy 32267%AL
Indy Express 21131048%NM
Indy Pacific 43375%CA
Indy Snow (GB) 21150%IL
Indy Time 1000%WA
Indy Wind 73343%OH
Infinite Resource 7000%NM
Informed 1511960%CA
Ingot 7000%SK
Interactif 209840%LA
Interest Rate 3000%LA
Intimidator 555100%TX
Into Mischief (29) 26422620176%KY
Invasus 2000%IN
Ipaid 21150%IL
Iqbaal 19121263%FL
Irish Emperor 42250%FL
Irish Road 21150%IN
Ironicus 43363377%KY
Island Peak 6000%PA
Istan 77343%KY
Itiswhatitistoday 2000%LA
It's No Joke 2812621%AB
Itsmyluckyday 60413762%KY
Itsthesameoldsong 43375%OH
Izzie's Halo 32267%LA
Izzy's Proud Man 42125%KY
J J's Lucky Train 1000%VA
J P Jammer 222100%CA
J P's Gusto 87788%FL
J. R. Stormy 1000%NE
Jack Milton 74474257%KY
Jacob's Run 333100%PA
Jac's Fact 32267%OH
Jafmil 53360%IA
Jake La Gold 1000%WA
James Street 32111031%CA
Jam'n Jackson 52240%NM
Japan 2710933%NY
Java's War 23181148%ON
Jeffries Bay 10000%NM
Jeranimo 40262665%CA
Jersey Town 32201856%KY
Jess's Dream 122827461%FL
Jimmy Creed 67423451%KY
Jimmy Windows 99556%IN
Jim's Decision 3000%CO
Joey Franco 33267%MN
Joey's Mizzen Mast 1100%LA
Jonesboro 72229%AR
Ju Jitsu Jax 22000%ON
Juba 62312744%WV
Judge Bill 43375%NE
Jump Start 72454258%PA
Jungle Beat (IRE) 7000%FL
Just a Coincidence 136646%AR
Justanoseonawire 1000%CA
Justifier 2000%FL
Justin Phillip 65473858%KY
K One King 1210975%KY
K. O. Punch 2000%NM
Kafwain 54480%CA
Kahuna Jack 111100%CA
Kaibo (GB) 1000%KY
Kantharos 15512610467%KY
Kaput 92222%OK
Karakontie (JPN) 57454274%KY
Karun (VEN) 137754%KY
Kate's Event 111100%CA
Katz My Song 21121257%FL
Keep Up 444100%KY
Keeps' Caballero 1000%SK
Keep's Red Rogue 2000%SK
Kel Kel Karterbug 41125%OH
Kela 159533%MN
Kendalls Bear 111100%MD
Kenji's Journey 1000%CA
Kennedy 75571%OK
Kentucky Bear 777100%ON
Kentucky Dane 146429%OH
Kettle Corn 21141257%OH
Khozan 75635877%FL
Kick On 11100%OK
Killargue 32133%FL
King Bull 128542%NM
King Cha Cha 11119%ND
King of California 1000%CA
King of Jazz (ARG) 128867%CA
King of the Roxy 1100%OH
King Puma 6000%NJ
King's Crown 333100%PR
King's Empire 104330%IL
Kipling 21150%OK
Kirkendahl 43250%IA
Kiss the Kid 73229%OH
Kitten's Joy (1) 17814213375%KY
Klinsman (IRE) 1100%OR
Koh I Noor 168850%LA
Kumiva 55360%KS
Lake George 111100%CA
Lakerville 22151464%CA
Langfuhr 24171354%KY
Lantana Mob 84450%IN
Laoban 122918066%NY
Last Draw 222100%CA
Last Gunfighter 189950%PA
Last Prayer 2000%MT
Latent Heat 16111169%OK
Latigo Shore 76571%NM
Laugh Track 55292953%NM
Laughing Charlie 42125%CO
Launch Commander 2100%IA
Laurie's Rocket 37131335%AR
Law Enforcement 95556%MN
Lea 46393270%KY
Legal Jousting (IRE) 1000%ON
Legal Move 6000%ON
Lemon Drop Kid 66585076%KY
Lemon Drop Mousse 73343%SK
Lent 30121240%BC
Lentenor 93333%IN
Leonnatus Anteas 96556%ON
Lewis Michael 31232168%LA
Liaison 97656466%KY
Liam's Map 15814312378%KY
Liberty Gold 333100%WA
Liege Victor 51120%MO
Light Sentence 1000%IA
Light Up the Score 1000%TX
Lightnin N Thunder 74343%OH
Limehouse 40221743%WV
Linchpin 205525%WA
Line of David 111100%LA
Line of Heat 44125%AB
Lion's Ransom 21150%LA
Liquor Cabinet (IRE) 85563%OK
Listed Mint 111100%TX
Little Lute 333100%OH
Littleexpectations 111100%TX
Live From Appollo 111100%IL
Lo Maximo 75457%PR
Lockout 65583%OK
Lone Star Special 28212175%LA
Lookin At Lucky 76595471%KY
Lord of Greatness 1000%FL
Lord Shanakill 209840%PA
Lost Canyon (GB) 15000%AB
Lost Duce 2000%TX
Lotsa Mischief 21171676%AZ
Louie Villain 2000%OH
Louisa's Gift 111100%ON
Louisiana Glory 222100%LA
Love Bully 1100%AL
Lucky Pulpit 111100%CA
Luftikus 52240%WV
Lunarpal 95556%TX
Lutes Gift 74457%WA
Luxembourg 55480%AB
Ma I'm Home 111100%AZ
Machen 18141267%WV
Macho Rocket 99889%AR
Macho Uno (2) 50383570%KY
Maclean's Music 18115013575%KY
Magic Cat 96667%MN
Magical Eight 5000%TX
Magician (IRE) (3) 63484673%KY
Magna Graduate 1412964%OK
Magnificent Max (GB) 1000%OH
Magnus Star 1100%PA
Maimonides 24131354%OK
Majestic City 52312956%NY
Majestic Harbor 24191563%IN
Majesticperfection 62474065%KY
Major Big Time 3000%CO
Make Music for Me 93333%CA
Make Reservations 51120%NY
Malad 86563%MN
Malibu Moon (6) 13712010577%KY
Malibu Wave 3000%IN
Maltese Dog 2000%PR
Man in Motion 1000%TX
Man Law 1000%MB
Man of Faith 2000%OR
Man On the Street 63117%OK
Mank 95556%AB
Many Rivers 1810950%CA
March Twelth 21150%MN
Margie's Wildcat 64350%AZ
Marine Landing 12118%AB
Marino Marini 54240%CA
Mark Valeski 34272368%KY
Marking 65343046%NM
Marlin Pass 54360%OH
Marsh Side 22150%NY
Marstons Mills 222100%PA
Mass Market 1000%BC
Mass Media 74457%LA
Mast Track 126542%CA
Master James 33267%NY
Master Rick 229836%WV
Matthewsburg 32267%TX
Matt's Broken Vow 96556%MN
Matzoh Toga 65583%LA
Maverick 4000%LA
Max Forever 31133%AB
Maxamax 21150%WV
Maybry's Boy 5100%AZ
McKenna's Justice 21150%NM
Mean Season 145536%LA
Medaglia d'Oro 13812610979%KY
Medal Count 38201950%KY
Medallist 61117%PA
Meetmeatthebar 1000%WA
Melbas Slew 111100%MN
Memories Last 333100%TX
Merit Man 107770%CA
Mesa Sunrise 14000%NM
Mesa Thunder 3000%CA
Metaboss 18141267%CA
Mexikoma 111100%TX
Mickey's Mirage 2000%TX
Micromanage 35252366%NY
Midnight Crooner 3000%CO
Midnight Lute 56434071%KY
Midnight Officer 444100%AZ
Midnight's Child 111100%WV
Midshipman (2) 14911310570%KY
Mighty Vow 84450%SK
Mikimoto's Mojo 222100%WV
Milwaukee Brew (3) 36282672%ON
Mine Train 5000%SC
Miners Back 1100%SC
Mineshaft 14712711075%KY
Minister of Fire 2000%TX
Ministers Wild Cat 56414071%CA
Mio d'Oro 555100%WV
Miraculous Hand 222100%ID
Miraculousmo 1000%TX
Misremembered 32221856%CA
Missing Element 71114%FL
Mission Impazible 37302773%NY
Mister Dance 333100%LA
Mister Trickster 111100%WA
Misty'sgoldentouch 222100%CA
Mixmaster 73343%OH
Mizzen Mast 88656068%KY
Mo for the Money 35161543%AR
Mobil 18151372%OH
Monba 259936%IN
Mondavi 71114%IN
Monhocracy 63350%NE
Monterey Jazz 20171785%NM
Moonshine Mullin 22141150%AR
More Than Ready 1181098975%KY
Morning Line 45373680%KY
Moro Tap 49383878%TX
Mosler 102757170%MD
Mosquito 31133%AL
Motovato 1000%KY
Mr Charlypotatoes 1000%NM
Mr Sneed 111100%OK
Mr. Alvin Peter 4000%PR
Mr. Besilu 167744%TX
Mr. Big 64565383%CA
Mr. Broad Blade 1000%CA
Mr. Determined 31133%FL
Mr. Fleet Feet 1000%CO
Mr. Gold Mover 205420%NM
Mr. Harry O 75571%NM
Mr. Indy 222100%PR
Mr. Nightlinger 30161550%OK
Mr. Noname 2000%IN
Mr. Prankster 42125%WV
Mr. Rancho Vista 111100%WA
Mr. Scotty 14000%ON
Mr. Sidney 126650%KY
Mr. Sinatra 32267%IN
Mr. Talley 65583%TX
Mr. Trieste 43375%NM
Mshawish 117948976%KY
Mt Dhauli 111100%MT
Mt Pro 31133%AR
Mt Waverly 53360%IL
Much the Best 109770%OH
Mucho Macho Man 35222160%KY
Mula Gula 63117%TX
Munasaaq 111100%PR
Munnings (1) 17914612872%KY
Musaiter 257728%NM
Music City 85563%OH
Musical Lightning 1000%WI
Musical Marque 111100%VA
Musketier (GER) (1) 20161365%KY
Mustanfar 102220%IN
Mustang Jock 1000%OK
My Charlie Brown 1000%NM
My Pal Charlie 30201963%LA
Myfavorite Place 106660%PR
Mykindacandy 258416%AR
Mynameisike 1000%KY
Mysterious Peintre (FR)111100%SC
Mystic Replica 222100%PA
Mystic Wood 444100%WA
Nacheezmo 76571%WA
Nacimiento 444100%NM
Narrative (IRE) 95556%TX
National Anthem (GB) 111100%PA
Nationhood 116436%WA
Native Ruler 146643%IA
Naughty New Yorker 41125%ON
Naval Strike 222100%ON
Navarro 1000%MO
Nephrite (GB) 43375%ON
Never Idle 44375%TN
New Year's Day 32222166%KY
Newport 82225%IA
Niagara Causeway 81113%KY
Niagara Falls 42250%CA
Nicanor 21150%MD
Nicki's Winston 31133%NM
Nile Runner 1000%SC
Nite Light 88788%PR
No Hesitation 2000%AB
Noble Mission (GB) 110948073%KY
Noble's Promise 93333%IN
Nonios 73343%ON
Nonno's Boy 44125%MS
Noosito 156640%WA
Norfield 96333%OK
Normandy Invasion 43313070%NY
North Light (IRE) 111100%KY
Northern Account 111100%SK
Northern Afleet 40222153%KY
Northern Causeway 36272775%CA
Northern Soldier 54360%WY
Norumbega 19111053%MD
Not Abroad 42250%MD
Not Bourbon 29231966%ON
Not This Time 14512611881%KY
Notable Cat 3000%KS
Notional 22101045%IN
Nownownow 18111161%LA
Numaany 83338%BC
Nyquist 15313010367%KY
O J's Grey Cat 51120%OK
Officer Rocket (GB) 1110982%WV
Oh Tanner 55240%CA
Old Forester 54312750%ON
Old Topper 148857%CA
Ole Rebel 63350%LA
Oliver's Twist 5200%CO
Omega Code 207735%AB
On Board Again 125542%AB
Onebadshark 75343%WY
Oops No Name 111100%IN
O'Prado Again 1000%AB
Optimizer 32292681%KY
Orb 12511010584%KY
Ordained 126650%AR
Orientate 20171680%MD
Orthodox 333100%LA
Otto's Echo 21150%WA
Our Celebration 2000%FL
Our Darby Dan 111100%BC
Our Entourage 31133%WV
Outflanker 63233%MD
Outlash 21150%CO
Outrageous Limit 32267%ID
Outrageouslyfunny 22150%OH
Outwork 16814012273%KY
Overanalyze 120807663%KY
Overdriven 114327%FL
Oxbow 18716413170%KY
Paddy O'Prado 20141260%KY
Painting Freedom 111100%NC
Palace 93686368%KY
Palace Malice 117999279%KY
Pancho R. 31133%PR
Panicum 2000%MI
Papa Clem 43375%CA
Parents' Reward 41125%OH
Parker's Storm Cat 3000%WA
Partner's Hero 31133%PA
Pass Rush 118655%IN
Pataky Kid 116655%IN
Paynter 103767472%KY
Peace and Justice 38252258%PA
Pearl Fisher 2000%NM
Peppered Cat 106550%CA
Perfect Circle 10000%MI
Perfect Soul (IRE) 21151257%KY
Personal Interest 119873%FL
Pete's Wonder 21150%OK
Petionville 128867%MD
Phantom Light 7000%TN
Phantom Wildcat 38262566%CA
Pharaoh Bob 666100%FL
Phone Home 64467%NM
Phoneforchampagne 111100%LA
Pick of the Litter 54480%LA
Pick Six 32267%TX
Pimpernel 139969%LA
Pioneerof the Nile 1271189978%KY
Pivot 31133%VA
Platinum Pharaoh 4000%NM
Plea Agreement 4000%OK
Podium 61117%LA
Point Defiance 4000%WY
Point Given 72114%KY
Point of Entry (1) 98746263%KY
Polished Brass 1000%AL
Pollard's Vision 43262251%OK
Pomatini 1000%AR
Pooff 21150%NM
Pool Play 11319%ON
Poor Iggy 5000%AB
Pop Artist 42250%BC
Poseidons Gift 4000%SK
Poseidon's Warrior 38222053%FL
Power Broker 138754%KY
Power by Far 21150%PA
Power Storm 111100%TX
Pragmatic 2200%NM
Prayer for Relief 22121045%FL
Prayer On a Wing 3000%OH
Preachinatthebar 6000%WA
Preferred Issue 31133%TX
Premeditation 94444%NM
Premium Wine 1000%NY
Primal Instinct 4000%WA
Prince Doblique 21150%TX
Prince Grand 2000%MS
Prince T. 51120%LA
Princeps Senatus 222100%ON
Private Gold 62117%WA
Private Scandal 54480%MD
Prized Poach 111100%MI
Pro Prado 222100%NM
Probation Ready 1100%IN
Producer (GB) 1010770%KY
Professor Fate 2000%OH
Prom Shoes 222100%AR
Prominence 111100%FL
Proper Conquest 21150%IN
Proper Empire 15000%AL
Prospective 47272553%FL
Protonico 34211956%KY
Proud Tower Too 92222%CA
Proudinsky (GER) 86563%LA
Publican 3000%KS
Puchis Pride 2000%AB
Puck 222100%LA
Punctuate 24111042%NM
Pure White Gold 54480%FL
Purely Guilty 222100%NM
Pvt. Lynch 222100%ID
Python 106550%WA
Quality Road 15213511676%KY
Quebracho 222100%OK
Quest 139969%MB
Quick Change 666100%OH
Quick Kid 55480%ON
Quick Prospector 111100%TX
Quien 73343%IN
Quindici Man 1100%CA
Quinton's Gold 63467%NM
Quite a Handful 62117%IN
R H F Golden Globe 99889%TN
R H F Harlequin 99889%TN
R H F Incandescent 111100%UT
Race Day 96645557%KY
Radio Relay 111100%MI
Rahy's Secret 6000%LA
Raise Suzuran 111100%ID
Raise the Bluff 52240%WA
Raison d'Etat 71665070%KY
Rallying Cry 156640%WA
Ransom Demanded 111100%CA
Rapper S S 14131393%NM
Rascal Cat 54480%OK
Rascal Flash 31133%OK
Rat Tuff 111100%MI
Rattlesnake Bridge 43272558%FL
Read the Footnotes 96667%OK
Ready's Image 42250%KY
Real Dandy 1000%NM
Real Estate 71114%WV
Real Quiet Cat 1000%TX
Real Solution 105440%KY
Rebel Alliance 43375%NM
Red Citi Diamond 111100%SC
Red Rocks (IRE) 15141067%KY
Red Vine 53272649%PA
Redding Colliery 24161354%LA
Redeemed 17101059%MD
Regal Regalia 111100%CA
Reload 67524466%ON
Remarquez 111100%VA
Rene's Prospector 21000%LA
Repetoire 1100%AZ
Retreive 111100%FL
Reversal 1000%ID
Revoluta 5000%WA
Revolutionary 61434066%KY
Reward the Cat 42250%FL
Rff Golden Justice 111100%CA
Rff Palominoprince 222100%NY
Richard's Kid 21181781%CA
Ride On Curlin 64302641%FL
Ride the Lightning 43375%IL
Ride the Times 111100%TX
Right Rigger 28121243%NM
Rimrod 82113%PA
Rising Legend (GB) 21150%KY
Risk and Return 55360%IL
Risky Asset 86225%AR
Risky Trick 1000%OK
Risque Remarque 555100%KY
River Squall 111100%TX
Road Ruler 72229%IL
Rock Hampton 8000%FL
Rock Pulpit 24000%IN
Rocky Bar 16101063%AZ
Roger That 222100%LA
Roi Charmant 97778%CA
Roll Hennessy Roll 127433%NM
Roman Scout 51120%PR
Ronridge Will 7000%TX
Rookie Sensation 127650%ON
Rorick Connection 1100%OK
Rossini 111100%LA
Roundup 21150%FL
Rousing Sermon 25151560%CA
Royal Challenger 25228%ND
Royal Unite 111100%KS
Royal Walk 111100%UT
Rule by Night 555100%PA
Ruler King 21150%WV
Ruler's Court 64467%LA
Run Away and Hide 65555077%KY
Run Brother Ron 108880%CA
Run It 75571%CA
Run Like Fire 3000%MO
Run Production 21131257%LA
Runaround 2000%CA
Runhappy 1271109676%KY
Runin for Donnie 222100%TX
Running Tap 66350%WA
Ryan's Thunder 1100%IN
Sabercat 22191568%LA
Sadie's Soldier 1511747%LA
Sahara Sky 165425%IN
Saint Afleet 44375%TX
Saints n' Sinners 32267%TX
Saketini 21150%KY
Salt Water 87450%WA
Sam Lord's Castle 52240%MN
Same As 2000%OH
Sam's Struttin 111100%ON
San Pablo 20141470%KY
Sangaree 136215%IN
Sanger Silver 43250%CA
Santiva 21150%IN
Saphire Sandy 62233%ND
Sapphire Cat 32267%CA
Sasha's Prospect 44250%OK
Saturday Hero 333100%AL
Save Big Money 95556%OK
Saving Stardust 6000%LA
Savu 107660%PR
Scatman 222100%NY
Schramsberg 1711847%AB
Scipion 21150%MD
Scots Pine 21150%BC
Sea Candy Ride 4000%WA
Seattle Proud 111100%IA
Sebastian County 112218%OK
Second in Command 24121250%BC
Secret Circle 33191855%KY
Secret Run 65583%LA
Seeking the Cat 31133%NM
Self Control 21150%IA
Senor 1000%ON
Senor Amigo 76571%OH
Senor Hambone 1000%OK
Senor Swinger 71114%FL
Sequoia Grove 1000%TX
Sequoyah 62233%IN
Serendip 43375%AR
Seventysevenstreet 5100%FL
Seville (GER) 65434163%MD
Shackleford 16211611370%KY
Shadow Hawk 52240%NE
Shady Grove 105550%AR
Shaheen 1000%SK
Shakin It Up 43242353%KY
Shame On Charlie 12000%NM
Shanghai Bobby 14412010069%KY
Shermanesque 109660%TX
Shimmering Forest 333100%NY
Shooter 444100%NM
Short Timer 111100%OK
Shot of Gold 1000%MN
Show Tune 555100%PA
Side Road 14111071%PR
Siente El Trueno 65350%WV
Sierra Sunset 165531%CA
Signature Red 23191878%ON
Sikorsky 2000%TX
Silent Name (JPN) 66453858%ON
Silent Pleasure 54480%LA
Silentio 106660%TX
Silk Broker 63117%MA
Silver Country 4000%AR
Silver Craft 1000%GA
Silver Haze 72229%OK
Silver Max 42262560%ON
Silver Mountain 81113%IN
Silver Saint 72229%CO
Silver Tree 222100%FL
Silver Wagon 63350%NM
Sing Baby Sing 25111040%IA
Singing Saint 75571%ON
Sir Whimsey 111100%NY
Sitonya's Cape 222100%OK
Sixthirteen 24121042%OR
Skipshot 37332876%KY
Sky Approval 111100%MI
Sky Kingdom 53343260%KY
Sky Mesa 101817574%KY
Skylord 24141354%IN
Slam My Heart 2000%MI
Slewquero 43250%OR
Slews Addiction 2000%WA
Slew's Pot of Gold 85563%NM
Slew's Saga 43375%OR
Slew's Tiznow 32242475%CA
Slewship 111100%OK
Sligo Bay (IRE) 20151155%ON
Slipped One's Mind 111100%NM
Slumber (GB) 21211990%KY
Smart Bid 42232355%CA
Smart Sherif 42250%LA
Smarty Boy 111100%FL
Smarty Jones 35242160%KY
Smiling Tiger 89686674%CA
Smitty 666100%WV
Smoked Gold 222100%MI
Smokin Glock 4000%KS
Smooth Jazz 2000%LA
Snapy Halo (ARG) 21150%KY
Snowbound Rio 21150%MT
Snowbound Whisper 3000%WA
Snowy River 111100%VA
Snuck In 222100%LA
So Smokin Hot 2000%MT
Soaring Empire 20111155%NY
Soaring Sun 94444%LA
Social Inclusion 55312851%FL
Society's Chairman 47282553%ON
Sock Hop 5000%MO
Sok Sok 111100%IL
Sol Invictus 42250%MT
Soldat 39262667%FL
Song of Navarone 21150%NM
Song of the Sword 102110%OK
Songandaprayer 35161646%LA
Sonny Dom's Day 1000%AR
Soul of Ekati 52240%IL
Sound the Alarm 75457%LA
Souper Speedy 49272551%ON
South of Broad 41125%LA
Southern Image 96556%CA
Southern Success 111100%PA
Sovereign Pride 111100%UT
Spaniard 52120%IA
Spankey Come Home 9000%NM
Special Rate 137754%OK
Speed Limit 143321%LA
Speed Ring 108880%FL
Speighter Man 63350%LA
Speightful Ways 2000%
Speightster 17414312773%KY
Speightstown 1151028574%KY
Spellbinder 44375%TX
Spendabuck's Luck 21150%OK
Spinning Touch 76571%NM
Sporting 33267%OK
Sports Talk 62233%NE
Spotsgone 111100%AR
Sprika 1000%LA
Spring Warrior 2000%OR
Square Eddie 49443367%CA
St. Dehere 1000%OK
Stage Street 6000%LA
Stamp de Gold 1000%AB
Stand for Glory 111100%WY
Star Cat 63350%IN
Star Guitar 41333278%LA
Star Harbour 222100%FL
Star of David 3000%LA
Star Programmer 3000%OK
Star Rocker 3000%ID
Starstone 7000%CO
State City 82225%OK
State Line 53120%OH
State Your Case 31133%TX
Statement 42250%LA
Stay Thirsty 65423858%KY
Stellar Rain 114436%NM
Stephanoatsee 114327%NY
Stephanotis 21150%BC
Steppin Honor 111100%FL
Stimulus Plan 1000%CA
Stonesider 129975%TX
Stoneyer 54480%PR
Storm and a Half 5000%AR
Storm Charmer 1000%SK
Storm Harbor 76343%PR
Storm Military (ARG) 222100%AB
Storm Snow 111100%OH
Storm Victory 3000%BC
Storm Wolf 13121292%FL
Stormberg 53360%CA
Storm's Eye 111100%IN
Stormster 3000%LA
Stormy Atlantic 18171478%KY
Stormy Business 32267%MN
Stormy Date 5000%SD
Stormy Jack 73343%CA
Stormy's Majesty 31133%WV
Straight Line 444100%KY
Straight Talking 125542%SC
Street Boss 115969078%KY
Street George 147750%CA
Street Life 32191959%CA
Street Magician 156640%MD
Street Sense (1) 1311099270%KY
Street Strategy 30212067%AR
Street Talk'n Man 1000%OH
Stroll 39212051%IA
Strong Contender 72229%IN
Strong Hope 85563%IN
Strong Mandate 88646372%KY
Suances (GB) 73343%CA
Successful Appeal 42272662%KY
Sudden Thunder 25231768%PR
Sum of the Parts 46252350%LA
Sum Trick 3000%WA
Summer Front 119988975%KY
Summer Movie 1000%CA
Sun Tzu 3200%TX
Sundarban 129867%CA
Sungold 239835%BC
Suns Out Guns Out 32267%FL
Suntracer 54240%FL
Supah Blitz 111100%AZ
Super Ninety Nine 40252358%MD
Super Saver 15413811977%KY
Superestrella 32133%NY
Surf Cat 149964%CA
Sushiwood 61117%UT
Swagger Jack 21150%PA
Sway Away 73343%NM
Sweet Return (GB) 103330%IN
Swiss Yodeler 73343%WV
Swissle Stick 54480%NM
Syncline 41125%MI
T Boy Joy 1000%AR
T F Classic Twist 222100%WV
Tactical Cat 246625%OK
Tailfromthecrypt 111100%NM
Taken by the Storm 54240%PA
Tale of Ekati 91706268%KY
Tale of the Cat (1) 32282475%KY
Talent Search 13101077%PA
Tales Not Told 5000%OK
Tales of the Wild 71114%SD
Tamarando 18131372%CA
Tamarkuz 38312976%KY
Tannersmyman 52240%CA
Tanzanite Cat 333100%AR
Tap the Vault 1000%CO
Tapin Mojo 8100%NY
Tapit 12711310280%KY
Tapitgold 83338%FL
Tapiture 16513212375%KY
Tapizar (1) 85646172%KY
Taprize 27141452%IN
Taste of Paradise 53360%KY
Tawfeer 43375%LA
Tawqeet 31292581%PR
Teeman 13118%AB
Teide 41125%BC
Tejas Kid 222100%TX
Tekton 85563%AR
Telling 94444%FL
Temple City (2) 18815514376%KY
Ten a Penny 111100%NM
Tencendur 116655%NY
Tenga Cat 42250%CA
Tenpins 15111173%LA
Terrific Storm 111100%GA
Teton Forest 222100%LA
Teuflesberg 26171765%NY
Texas Bling 172212%TX
Texas Red 81555163%KY
Texas Wildcatter 115545%BC
Tez Azadi 111100%OK
Thabit 44250%KY
That's Rich 66467%WV
The Big Beast 72383751%FL
The Bold Bruiser 72229%IL
The Brain 55480%NM
The Daddy 1000%AR
The Dawn of Solo 111100%FL
The Factor 105827370%KY
The Fifth Sun 5000%FL
The Gift Is Mine 3300%MI
The Green Monkey 1000%FL
The Hunk 107660%TX
The Lady's Groom 51120%WV
The Twain 1000%CA
The Visualiser 113327%OK
The Way Home 3000%NM
Thecurlyhaireddude 4000%CA
There Is No Other 111100%TX
Thief River 3000%OK
Thoreau 222100%CA
Three Chopt Road 333100%WV
Three Hour Nap 98556%IL
Threeandoh 111100%FL
Ticketless 1000%NM
Tidal Storm 2000%SD
Tidal Volume 54282648%OH
Tidal Wave 2000%LA
Tigah (GB) 5000%CA
Tight Grip 136646%LA
Timber Legend 3000%MN
Timbre 21150%MT
Time Bandit 27231141%LA
Time to Get Even 18131267%CA
Tippity Tap 2000%NY
Tiz a Minister 43375%CA
Tizbud 23111043%CA
Tizdejavu 21150%KY
Tiznow (1) 1251048770%KY
Tiznow My Way 91111%NE
Tizway 54403667%KY
To Honor and Serve 148643%KY
To Teras 41125%NM
Tom Shy 111100%
Tom's Tribute 31222168%CA
Tonalist 115998675%KY
Tonito M. 2000%AZ
Too Much Bling 68484363%TX
Toodles Timetofly 2000%MO
Top Hit 54480%AZ
Top Side Secret 1000%AL
Total Bull 42250%CO
Touchdown Ky 1000%NM
Tourist 1341069470%KY
Town Prize 41125%ON
Transept 4000%NE
Trappe Shot 39262462%KY
Traqueteo 222100%PR
Treasure Beach (GB) 69404058%FL
Treasure Ride 52240%CA
Treasured Gift 32267%WA
Trend Setter 2000%OK
Trickey Trevor 61117%WA
Trickmeister 111100%NY
Trinniberg 21151571%NY
True Sense 25201768%MB
Truest Legend 54480%CA
Tulsa Te 65583%CO
Turbo Compressor 146536%IN
Turfiste 222100%ON
Turnbolt 4000%NM
Twentyfour Kt Gold 61117%CO
Twice as Bad 107330%OK
Twice the Appeal 107220%CA
Twinspired 85450%OH
Twirling Candy 15213412079%KY
Two Point Two Mill 32267%KY
Two Step Salsa 49232347%FL
Typhoon Slew 222100%CA
U S Ranger 37262568%CA
Uh Oh Bango 84450%AZ
Ultimate Eagle 30212067%CA
Unbridled Energy 20131365%MI
Unbridled Express 22141359%IN
Unbridled Sheriff 32267%TX
Unbridled Trust 4200%NM
Unbridledsensation 103330%LA
Uncaptured 140908057%FL
Uncle Abbie 4000%TX
Uncle Lino 103655957%PA
Uncle Mo (3) 20718816278%KY
Uncle Vinny 2311939%FL
Under Caution 43375%CA
Understatement 97667%OR
Unfettered 3000%MD
Union Rags 16015213584%KY
Unionize 139969%CA
Universal Form 22150%AR
Unusual Heatwave 16101063%CA
Unusual Pride 111100%CA
Upstart 14611710471%KY
Uptown Rythem 444100%CA
Uptowncharlybrown 27232385%PA
V. E. Day 158640%NY
Value Plus 124325%BC
Vancouver (AUS) 1661259758%KY
Vaporetto 96667%PR
Vaquero 94444%OH
Vegas Street 21150%CA
Vengeful Wildcat 187739%MB
Ventana 51120%IN
Verrazano 15912411572%KY
Vertiformer 125542%OH
Vibank 3000%IN
Victor's Cry 3010930%IN
Victory Isle 1000%PA
Vindgari 64467%SK
Vindicate It 111100%AZ
Vinyards Dream 22150%VA
Violence 18713912466%KY
Vronsky 60444372%CA
Waiting Game 5000%WA
War Dancer 102807574%NY
War Eagle 53360%LA
War Front 106917975%KY
Warrior's Reward 41262049%KY
Warrior's Ridge 31133%TX
Wartime 97667%CA
Waupaca 111100%OK
We All Believe 1000%WV
We Miss Artie 34232265%ON
Weave It to Me 138862%WV
Weigelia 42232150%PA
Well Noted 42250%NY
Well Positioned 73343%IL
Well Said 42250%WV
Well Spelled 189950%PA
West Express 22150%NE
West Ranger 124325%IL
Western Expression 139969%OK
Western Pride 25161560%OH
Westover Wildcat 61117%MN
What a Laser 111100%AZ
What Now 64350%IN
Where's the Ring 188844%ON
Whirlwindofangels 1000%AL
White Magic 44250%CA
White Mercedes 5100%PA
Why Not Be Perfect 33267%OR
Wicked Rich 32267%NY
Wicked Strong 1391049669%KY
Wicked Tune 66583%FL
Wilburn 35252263%OK
Wild About Jon 1000%VA
Wild Nevada Sage 1000%NV
Wild Sierra 1000%NV
Wild Thought 3000%TX
Wildcat Brief 222100%PA
Will Geer Road 222100%NY
Will Take Charge 13711510577%KY
William's Kitten 106660%OH
Wimbledon 86675%TX
Winchill 114436%WV
Window Boy 107770%PR
Windsor Castle 51322957%WV
Winning Cause 33232164%CA
Winslow Homer 40181743%FL
Winter Glitter 111100%TX
Wise River 43250%IN
Wishful Tomcat 9000%WA
With Distinction 176424%FL
Woke Up Dreamin 3011930%IA
Wolfcamp 42250%IN
Worker Man 1000%NM
World Renowned 114436%CA
Wrote (IRE) 35201851%FL
Xenodon 21150%VA
Xixixi 20111155%PA
Y. C. Rail 1000%SK
Yankee Gentleman 118655%LA
Yellow Meadow 7200%LA
Yellowhands Quanah 21150%TX
Yes We Can 222100%FL
You Luckie Mann 16000%FL
Young Brian 87788%FL
Z Lucky 31133%IN
Zamperini 1000%TN
Zede 222100%LA
Zee Bros 31133%CO
Zimmer 44250%OH
Zip It Up 2000%CA
Zip Quik 208735%CO
Zivo 18101056%NY
Zong 33191958%LA
Zulu Magic 137646%MI

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(Note: Figures in parentheses next to Mares Bred indicate the number of mares bred to the stallion on Southern Hemisphere time.)

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