Breeding Statistics

Breeding Statistics --- 2001

    Stallion        Mares Bred    Reports Received     Live Foals     Percent Live Foals    State
A Corking Limerick 1816950%LA
A Firm Seven 222100%NV
A H Heaven Sent 33267%FL
A Lee Rover 11000%IL
A Man of Class 83113%CO
A New Era 1000%UT
A P Ruler 111100%FL
A Real Holme 32267%FL
A. P Jet 13311610277%NY
A. V. Eight 31161445%AR
A.P. Indy 1271188769%KY
Aaron the Hat 44250%AL
Aaron's Concorde 95556%MD
Aaron's Gold 97778%VA
Abaginone 58443764%NY
Abahazy 66583%MI
Abilliz 1000%AZ
Able Buck 22150%TX
Abou El Abed 85563%PR
Absent Russian 15131173%FL
Abstract 43312456%OR
Abydos Gatsby 111100%ON
Academy Award 63423251%OH
Academyawardwinner 62233%AB
Acallade 43375%OK
Acaroid 111100%IA
Accelerator 85574351%KY
Acceptable 34271647%KY
Acceptance Final 32267%CA
Accoustical 21150%NM
Accused 1100%IL
Ace Eyes 55480%PA
Acecho (IRE) 93333%WA
Ackermann 111100%CA
Acquitted 72114%WA
Acrylic 4000%NM
Act Smart 1913632%MB
Activado (URU) 53360%ND
Activist 23171565%PA
Adams Trail 21171152%NM
Adcat 39222051%FL
Adhocracy 222100%FL
Adios Mundo 168744%NM
Admiral Indy 3000%CO
Adonis 43282558%NY
Advancing Ensign 22150%ID
Adventure Road 53240%WA
Advocate Training 1000%TX
Aegean's Bolger 1000%CA
Aferd 222100%ND
Afleet Prince 2000%MD
Afleetknowsasecret 94444%PA
Afternoon Deelites 1261047560%KY
Aggie Southpaw 128542%TX
Aggressive Chief 17141059%KY
Agitated Warrior 31133%CA
Ago 75457%IN
Agressive Hawk 51120%NM
Aide Memoire 21150%WY
Airdrie Apache 24222292%OR
Akado 92222%MB
Akram 77571%VA
Akureyri Kid 2000%IL
Al Mamoon 222100%CA
Al Sabin 19141158%OH
Ala Dante 21150%VA
Alamo Bandit 3000%OK
Alamo Road 32267%CA
Alamocitos 15217%OK
Alaskan Frost 50342448%IL
Albadou 222100%ON
Alcatraz 111100%GA
Aledo 64350%NM
Alex H 111100%ON
Alezan Dancer 53360%PR
Alfaari 198526%BC
Ali Afire 111100%WA
Ali Gaziba 217210%IN
Alive Forever 2200%NM
Aljabr 55503156%KY
All American Epic 111100%CO
All Done John 41125%VA
All for Free 1000%NC
All for Max 1000%NC
All Gone 99556%FL
All of a Sudden 5100%IA
All Storm 31133%OK
All Thee Power 14131393%CA
Alladin Rib 54360%OH
Allawinir 65583%NY
Alleged Account 41125%TN
Alleged Jr. 41125%OK
Alleged Risk 24000%OK
Alleged Stardom 1512853%TX
Allen Charge 218838%IL
Allen's Prospect 1261057963%MD
Allied Forces 41342663%KY
Almost a Ghost 222100%MN
Almost Lost 22150%IN
Alnaab 114327%WA
Aloha Prospector 35291749%FL
Aloma's Ruler 3100%IL
Alota Gator Bait 42250%OH
Alpha Psi 21150%AL
Alphabet Soup 96766366%KY
Alster 75571%MD
Always Fair 149750%NY
Always Silver 1000%FL
Aly Galore 55480%NY
Alybel 1000%KY
Alybenbo 111100%UT
Alybro 127758%BC
Alydarmer 52120%CO
Alydeed 37322568%ON
Alydot 1110436%OK
Alyfoe 93222%NY
Alyheart 111100%CA
Alyhuista 5000%NM
Alymah 33133%ID
Alymaine 22150%TX
Alyone 102110%SD
Alyshadeed 5100%CA
Alytanic 1000%SD
Alyten 1511960%PA
Amaruk 2000%BC
Amber Colero 63233%LA
Ambivalent 65233%CA
Ameri Valay 104330%MD
American Champ 33181855%TX
American Chance 72614563%KY
American Day 138538%CA
American General 1211758%AR
American Glory 111100%FL
American Minstrel 2000%CA
American Pro 8000%NM
American Promise 74343%CO
American Standard 108770%NY
American Tribute 17121165%MO
Amerrico Double 111100%TX
Amerrico's Bullet 222100%MD
Amicable 21150%TX
Amigo Menor (IRE) 2000%AZ
Amijaw 4100%OR
Amor Fati (FR) 111100%TN
Ancient Oaks 52240%WA
Andean Chasqui 21150%TX
Anees 87714653%KY
Anet 40322153%KY
Angel's Gold 222100%FL
Anjiz 24121250%FL
Annihilate 75571%ON
Anniversary M. 62233%TX
Announce 43393070%KY
Annual Tradition 2000%CO
Another Freespirit 92222%AR
Another Good Deed 75457%IA
Another Great Show 111100%FL
Another Reef 149857%MD
Anotherbuckforbcee 2100%KY
Answer Lively 3631925%KY
Anziyan 36302672%CA
Apache Company 43125%LA
Apollo 23181670%CA
Apollo's Fire 41125%ID
Appeal for Justice 32267%IA
Appealing Guy 42125%FL
Appealing Skier 39282256%FL
Appealtothechief 222100%PR
Applied Skill 111100%IN
Aquarian Prince 95556%PA
Araby Ace 65233%OK
Arch 75694965%KY
Archers Bay 65564468%ON
Arctic Blitz 72229%SK
Arctic Nacht 41125%LA
Ares Vallis 3000%AB
Aristocratic Cross 1000%TX
Aristotle 94333%NY
Armed Escort 32267%OR
Armed Truce 222100%WI
Arms and the Man 2100%MD
Arrested 1100%FL
Arrived (FR) 2000%VA
Arrived On Time 1000%AR
Arroyo 31133%FL
Artax 110957770%KY
Artema (IRE) 53360%OK
Arthur's Way 1000%OH
Artic Chill 4000%OH
Artic Twister 2100%AB
Artillerist Two 222100%WA
Arts and Toys 32267%KY
As the Bell Tolls 111100%WA
Asabashi 111100%TX
Ascension 2100%ID
Ascot Knight 66574974%ON
Asimov 6000%MB
Askmewhy 32267%CA
Aspen Prospector 5000%CO
Assault Cat 217629%TX
Assembly Dancer 147536%IN
Asurest 22150%NY
At Full Feather 72114%TX
At the Threshold 138646%IA
Athlon 41125%TN
Attaway to Go 1100%OH
Attesa 4000%NM
Atticus 55473055%KY
Attorney 30211550%PA
Au Point 111100%LA
Audited 66583%NJ
August Prince 2000%WA
Aurium 3100%OK
Aussie Lauder 111100%IL
Austin Powers (IRE) 43250%KY
Autocracy 12111083%LA
Autoroute 101110%MT
Avalli 87563%IN
Avenge 42250%PR
Avenue of Flags 43332763%CA
Avies Copy 178635%OK
Awad 45373067%MD
Awesome Again 104866563%KY
Awesome Cat 33221442%IL
Awesome Possome 3000%KY
Awfully Red 1000%TX
Axebandit 111100%OK
Aztec Native 3000%TX
B J's Red 111100%TX
B. C. Allen 1000%NJ
B. G.'s Drone 65467%NM
B. Hoedown 107550%CA
B. J.'s Lucky 444100%TX
B. J.'s Mark 11111091%LA
Baatish 1000%NM
Baba Ran 21150%NM
Babe'sgremlinpeace 111100%AR
Baby Slewy 84225%AB
Backoff Dude 106110%OK
Bad Actor 22150%FL
Bad Storm Comin' 5100%KY
Badge 32191341%FL
Bag 32272578%LA
Bagdad Road 64233%UT
Bagfull 111100%AB
Bahamian Star 42125%KY
Bahri 47412860%KY
Baja Fire 222100%CA
Balboa Native 1000%MO
Balboas Impressive 5000%CO
Balcony 27242489%PR
Ballard High 43125%IL
Ballindaggin 75571%ID
Ball's Bluff 21141467%VA
Ballyneety Saint 111100%FL
Bandit Bomber 106330%PR
Banjo 2911931%AB
Bank of Sharacco 222100%MO
Bankbook 129758%PA
Banker's Gold 63463759%KY
Banks Well 73229%OK
Banmyrh 111100%VA
Banuz (ARG) 4000%AZ
Bappa 92222%IN
Baquero 52373160%OR
Bar 31133%IA
Barberstown 76571%LA
Bareeq (GB) 44250%FL
Barkerville 1911947%KY
Baron de Vaux 23211357%BC
Baron O'Dublin 1100%OR
Barrera 4000%OK
Barrett's Bullet 43250%TX
Barricade 49363265%AZ
Barrow 222100%IN
Bartlettsunbridled 73343%KY
Bartok (IRE) 96837376%CA
Bashful Cloud 103330%AB
Basic 167531%KY
Basic Rate 117655%CO
Basket Weave 45383373%WA
Bastogne 52240%BC
Bates Motel 26191350%KY
Batonnier 65467%CA
Battle Creek 137538%AB
Battle Launch 1010440%LA
Battle Wise (FR) 31133%CA
Battlevenue 1000%CA
Bay Street Star 35352160%CA
Bayou Hebert 76686%LA
Bayou King 1100%ID
Be Ever So Bold 3000%NJ
Be Frank 129975%PR
Be Scenic 3000%IN
Bea Ray'z Gold 1000%MI
Beammeupsparky 222100%AR
Beanie Babe 43250%LA
Beat the Feet 85225%OK
Beau Genius 40353383%CA
Bedivere 64233%IN
Beefchopper 22181777%WA
Beeper 42250%WI
Beginnings 4000%MI
Behaviour (GB) 62117%KY
Behrens 52423363%KY
Belek 16161169%LA
Believe Dusty 2000%IN
Believe It 149643%FL
Believe It Doctor 1000%KY
Bello Horizonte (IRE) 2200%TX
Bellvoy 4300%NM
Belong to Me 105967370%KY
Benchmark 78585267%CA
Bengal Bay 169531%NE
Benton Creek 34292368%AZ
Beowulf 21150%LA
Bermuda Cedar 13218%LA
Bernstein 67563857%KY
Berry Parkway 21150%AL
Bertrando 107939185%CA
Bert's Bubbleator 85338%KY
Best Jest 31133%IN
Best Medicine 111100%TX
Best of Luck 88695259%KY
Bet the Omen 3000%AR
Better N Bear 2000%TX
Beyond the Mint 43250%PA
Bianconi 102765453%KY
Bidding Proud 1511747%IN
Bide a Wee Secret 111100%IN
Big Bad Blade 2000%OK
Big Bad Jack 111100%AZ
Big Chinook 10000%ND
Big Jewel 75457%FL
Big J's Order 111100%CA
Big Sal 87788%PR
Big Sky Chester 99889%AZ
Big Splash 97778%KS
Big Time Spender 53240%IN
Big Woods 75457%AR
Billionair 43375%VA
Biltmore 85563%TX
Binalong 25 (1)13936%MI
Bionic Morsec 222100%TX
Bionic Prospect 75457%TX
Bird Brown (BRZ) 55360%KY
Birdie's Kingdom 41125%TX
Birdonthewire 36271953%ON
Bit of Class 44125%VA
Bitter Rain 1000%FL
Bivouac 2000%OR
Black Jack Jason 111100%MI
Black Lord 2000%PA
Black Mackee 666100%OK
Blake 2000%CA
Blare of Trumpets 99889%FL
Blast of Ice 333100%NE
Blazing Fire 20141155%AB
Blazing Lionheart 2000%FL
Bless Beau 2000%FL
Blessedly Bold 1000%OR
Bleu Madura 32133%KS
Blind Man's Bluff 1110655%NM
Blitzz U S A 42250%PR
Bloomin' Tirade 2000%KY
Blowin de Turn 1010660%SK
Blue Beacon 222100%MT
Blue Ensign 129542%FL
Blue Grass Magic 76571%LA
Blue Moonofalaska 1000%WA
Bluejumparabbit 2100%AR
Bluffy 444100%OK
Blumin Affair 52251631%NE
Blushing Star 666100%MS
Blustery 1311969%PR
Bo Judged 42250%PR
Boanerges 157747%MB
Board Member 65583%IN
Boar'd'arc 5000%TX
Bobby Ben 2200%NM
Bob's Prospect 55360%AR
Boc 2000%GA
Bold Advice 1100%BC
Bold Anthony 39201744%AR
Bold Badgett 54 (1)504176%CA
Bold Dante 222100%OK
Bold David 83225%FL
Bold Executive 56403054%ON
Bold Greek 1000%TX
Bold Jag 65583%NY
Bold James 72114%WY
Bold Merc 111100%NY
Bold n' Flashy 90685258%ON
Bold Pac Man 52240%LA
Bold Revenue 1713635%IL
Bold Ribot 13000%ND
Bold Secretariat 2000%NY
Bold Strategy 32133%ON
Bold Target 3100%NE
Bombardier 1612850%PA
Bon Point (GB) 29201655%FL
Bonus Bucks 86450%AZ
Bonus Money (GB) 111100%CA
Bonus Time Cat 43272456%OK
Boomerang 116545%CA
Boone's Mill 28161243%TX
Bootsies Boy 1100%MT
Bordagaray 105220%IN
Border Patrol 72229%NM
Bormio (FR) 2000%MT
Born Wild 39282462%CA
Borodin 43125%CO
Boston Harbor 82634454%KY
Both Guns Blazing 3300%AZ
Boulder Dam 105440%CA
Bound by Honor 53360%OH
Boundary 81624556%KY
Boundless 98556%MN
Boundlessly 95333%IL
Bourbon St. Dancer 41125%WY
Boutinierre 74114%OR
Bowie County 6000%TX
Bowler's Wharf 43375%VA
Bowmans Express 44125%IA
Boy Done Good 62233%MD
Brandan's Bid 53240%TX
Brass Minister 25131248%AB
Brassy Wells 31133%AR
Brave Lad 75114%NM
Brave Romane 1312969%CA
Bravo Spirit 1000%FL
Bravoure 12118%IN
Brazoria 111100%AR
Breezy Meadow 33267%ON
Brenda's Boy 1100%KY
Brenda's Ziggy 111100%OK
Brents Colony 1000%OH
Brent's Victory 1000%OH
Brentwood Style 1000%NE
Brian B. 97778%ON
Brian Is Golden 31133%PA
Brian's Rose 95556%NY
Briar Wind 333100%BC
Briar's Beau 111100%BC
Brick House 75457%IN
Bridle and Bit 222100%WA
Brief Ruckus 32181650%FL
Bright Launch 52442548%KY
Bright White 32267%PA
Brilliant Blue 91111%ID
Brilliant Leader 111100%AZ
Brilliantly Bold 111100%MD
Bring To Light 107440%VA
Broad Brush 47422962%KY
Broadway Beau 65350%FL
Broadway Bullet 222100%AR
Broadway Harry 111100%PQ
Broadway Tommy 1000%TX
Broadway's Top Gun 2100%WA
Brogan 65583%VA
Brokers Dream 111100%PR
Brolly 666100%OH
Brooke Front 43375%GA
Brother Vinnie 111100%NJ
Broughthappiness 1000%AR
Bruces Son 77686%MO
Brunswick 117218%KY
Brushed On 38171539%NY
Brushing Up 111100%FL
Buck Forbes 1000%OH
Buck Strider 33301855%AZ
Buck Sweeper 111100%CA
Buckhar 87675%PA
Buckner 32267%LA
Buck'sinthebank 13121077%PA
Buckskin Mountain 111100%KY
Bucksplasher 93333%FL
Bucky Raj 222100%CA
Buddah Luke 2200%NM
Buddha Lou 555100%IL
Buddy 165425%LA
Buddy Breezin 32267%FL
Bud's Finest 81113%TX
Bugatti 15000%TX
Bugatti Reef (IRE) 24212083%NJ
Buie 1914737%MB
Built for Pleasure 98667%CA
Bull Inthe Heather 22111045%WA
Bull Marquetry 6000%AR
Bulverde 22150%TX
Bumbi (ARG) 21150%MD
Bumpy 1000%MT
Burbank 33241648%OK
Busterwaggley 147643%LA
Bustopher Jones 35211851%UT
Busy Banana (GB) 111100%CO
Butler's Revenge 16000%AZ
Buzz Saw 118655%IA
Buzzer 243313%NE
Byars 20181575%FL
C J.'s Roseneath 1000%IL
C Spot Go 222100%AZ
C. F. Power Lane 111100%PA
Cachanilla 22150%IL
Cache In 1110873%AB
Cachuma 129433%LA
Cactus Creole 108770%CA
Cafe Mocha 117764%LA
Cagey Bidder 109990%PR
Cahill Road 60474067%WA
Cairo 21150%TX
Cajun Charger 111100%LA
Cajun Flagman 43250%LA
Cajun Jack 21150%AL
Caldiero 444100%TX
Calflyer 2200%AZ
Call Home 31133%VI
Call Me Cat 65467%NM
Call Me Nastie 222100%AB
Call of the Wind 1000%CA
Call to Account 51120%PA
Caller I. D. 30281860%KY
Callin Baton Rouge 6000%MB
Calmandclear 66583%SD
Calumar 118655%AZ
Calypso Poet 32267%IA
Cambridge Phoenix 1000%OH
Camichin (MEX) 2000%TX
Camisite (GB) 2100%CA
Camp Izard 11319%OH
Camp Lydian 2100%OH
Can Can Me 111100%CA
Canadian Factor 222100%AB
Canadian Fighter 111100%ON
Canadian Kid 32133%GA
Canaska Dancer (IRE) 1000%ON
Canaveral 30171447%KY
Cancun 54360%OK
Candid Cameron 108880%AB
Candi's Gold 16141169%CA
Candyman Bee 12111192%CA
Cannon Zana 22150%OK
Can't Be Slew 86675%OR
Cantcatchmickey 111100%LA
Canvas 18131161%OH
Canyon Creek (IRE) 49332449%ON
Canyon Run 129650%IL
Cap Badgett 2000%MT
Cape Canaveral 82715871%KY
Cape Lazaref 444100%WA
Cape Light 5000%IL
Cape Storm 32201444%IA
Cape Town 85765969%KY
Capitalimprovement 33267%TX
Capitol South 33133%TX
Capote 42372457%KY
Capote's Folly 53240%LA
Capote's Promise 22150%CO
Capote's Prospect 27181037%TX
Cappuccio 32267%PA
Capricorn Son (IRE) 33133%KS
Capt. Flint 2000%PQ
Capt. Tiff's Beau 33267%LA
Captain Bash 2100%ID
Captain Bodgit 108694340%KY
Captain Capote 333100%PA
Captain Codex 7000%TX
Captain Collins (IRE) 1110764%BC
Captain Solo 2000%CA
Captain Sunburst 111100%OR
Captain Weird 1000%CO
Captive Force 5000%NE
Capture the Gold 49383163%FL
Car Dealer 111100%KY
Caracal 87563%NM
Caracey 13218%AR
Carborundum 1100%KY
Careless Secretary 2000%KY
Carey's Boy 8000%TX
Caribe 2000%OK
Carlisle Bay 145536%FL
Carmen's Baby 71114%ID
Carmen's Glory 444100%NM
Carnivalay 52402446%MD
Carolina Kid 24228%KY
Caros Love 43250%AZ
Caro's Sailor 2000%CO
Carr de Naskra 85225%KY
Carr Tech 333100%TX
Carressed 111100%NY
Carrie's Shadow 31133%KY
Carrowkeel (IRE) 64233%PA
Carry My Colors 117436%NY
Carryn the Bug 2000%IN
Carson City 1111027870%KY
Cartwright 77665268%IL
Cascadian 36262056%OR
Casey On Deck 179953%AL
Cash Deposit 36181542%CO
Cash the Kid 2000%TX
Castle Arms 62233%SK
Castle Combe 111100%NY
Castle Cove 32267%VA
Castle Guard 111100%NJ
Castle Howard 97556%ND
Cat Country 87563%MD
Cat Creek Slew 152213%KY
Cat Doctor 64350%KY
Cat in Town 13111077%MI
Cat Power 41231639%IN
Cat Strike 23161461%TX
Cat Thief 93785761%KY
Cat'amine 111100%VA
Catastrophic 32267%IN
Catchin Air 44125%OK
Category Five 37352876%CA
Cathedral Bells 126542%WA
Cathexis 73343%CO
Cathy's Regal Son 44250%MI
Catienus 66604467%KY
Catillac 154427%NM
Catkin Slew 1000%OK
Catonie Choke 33267%NM
Catrail 63552540%KY
Cat's Career 66574568%KY
Cat's Debut 102220%IA
Cat's Spats 444100%OH
Cattin 1000%TN
Cause for Pause 444100%LA
Cause We're Happy 3000%NE
Cec Fire 2000%UT
Ceejay 64233%MI
Cee's Tizzy 105959086%CA
Cefis 111100%VA
Center Cut 111100%WA
Ceramal 14000%PR
Chalahue 1000%OH
Chalmondilly 21150%FL
Champagneforashley 1310969%IA
Chanate 45373578%AZ
Chance Defreeze 111100%OK
Chance Fab 3000%AZ
Chance Spender 33133%FL
Change Takes Time 21111048%IA
Change to Cash 111100%MS
Chapel Creek 25131352%AB
Chapman's Charge 21150%OK
Character (GB) 2000%CA
Charging Through 119873%MN
Charismatic 108947469%KY
Charles Bridge 1000%KY
Charleys Ghost 2000%OK
Charlie Barley 25161144%IL
Charlie Sierra 2000%IL
Charlie's Beau 11000%LA
Charlie's Orphan 42250%IA
Charlie's Partner 2000%WV
Charlton 111100%ON
Charmin' Merlin 43375%IN
Chateaubay 4400%IA
Chatelain (ARG) 3000%CA
Chazerahy 62233%OK
Chelsey Cat 16161381%NC
Chelsie Square 2000%PA
Chenin Blanc 1410964%VA
Chequer 28231554%NY
Cherokee Colony 149750%CA
Cherokee Run 90785864%KY
Cherokee Runaway 2000%TX
Cherokee Saga 108660%IL
Chester House 88806270%KY
Chicago Bound 10000%PR
Chico's Proof 1000%TX
Chidester 222100%OK
Chief Advocate 1100%NM
Chief Kris 98889%OK
Chief of Dixieland 111100%LA
Chief Prospect 82113%OH
Chief Protocol 20181785%VA
Chief Seattle 109996661%KY
Chiefly Happy 52240%TX
Chief's Reward 23121252%OK
Chief's Tide 111100%CO
Chimes Band 39171026%KY
Chimineas 99889%CA
Chinati 1000%LA
Chinese Gold 333100%BC
Chiriaco 21150%CA
Chisos 115436%ID
Chispeando 222100%PR
Chivalrous (FR) 3000%IL
Chomp the Bit 2200%IL
Choosing Choice 43375%TX
Chopin 25151248%AZ
Chris the Dancer 1000%TX
Christmas Storm 115545%OK
Chromco 111100%TX
Chromite 44375%CA
Chubby Hubby 31133%MA
Chugach 3000%TX
Chullo (ARG) 11101091%CA
Chunkus T 74229%OK
Ciano Cat 55442647%AB
Cien Fuegos 26141038%TX
Cimarron Secret 30232377%FL
Cinnamon Creek 53252343%AR
Circle of Light 222100%FL
Circulating 19131263%MB
Circus Surprise 444100%MI
Cisco Road 20161365%WA
Citibanker 222100%CA
Citidancer 55402342%MD
Citislipper 19171684%WV
City by Night 45332658%IL
City Council (IRE) 32267%TX
City Nights (IRE) 14111071%LA
Claimjumper's Gold 6000%TX
Claramount 18151478%NY
Clash of Steel 106440%SK
Class Hero 21150%TX
Class of His Own 66467%NJ
Classi Envoy 86563%IL
Classic Account 14131071%IL
Classic Cat 26161246%FL
Classic Look 123217%TX
Classic Mistrial 32267%NY
Classic Punch 4300%UT
Classified Facts 22111045%IL
Classy Luck 1000%IN
Classy Prospector 16151063%IN
Claudius 15131387%TX
Clear Course 54240%MI
Clearfield 1100%KS
Cleve 111100%OK
Clever Allemont 2100%KS
Clever Champ 51120%MD
Clever Gold 3000%CA
Clever Leader 21150%TX
Clever Return 105440%TX
Clever Rick (IRE) 2000%MI
Clever Trick 45373067%KY
Close Up 24141458%NJ
Closing Fast 52240%AB
Cloud Cover 28161554%FL
Cloud's Forty Four 21150%PA
Coast Today 222100%OR
Coastal Voyage 153320%ID
Coax Me Chad 22141255%OH
Coaxing Matt 43375%OK
Cobra King 19141158%KY
Cocobuddy 111100%CA
Cocoroco 31133%VI
Code Talker 54360%TN
Code Word R. 31133%KY
Codex's Reflection 1100%WV
Codys Key 16151169%ND
Cognizant 444100%MB
Cohiba 32221856%FL
Cohoes Native 21150%AB
Cold Bid 1111873%TX
Cold Hearted Man 118545%TX
Cold n Calculating 118764%CA
Collateral 7000%ID
Collateral Attack 172212%MI
Collection Agent 3000%PA
College Green 21150%OR
Collegian 87788%OK
Collier 111100%TX
Colonel Bradley 66350%IN
Colonel Mosby 82225%KY
Colonel Stevens 2000%WA
Colony Light 48423777%FL
Color Bearer 43125%CO
Colorado Drive 5000%MS
Colorful Crew 64350%FL
Colorful Kid 4000%TX
Colossus 1000%IN
Colway Rally (GB) 31133%AB
Comanche Slew 4000%TX
Combat Ready 109550%LA
Come Bet 63233%OK
Come in Sunshine 111100%FL
Come Summer 83338%MN
Comedian 2200%IL
Comeonmom 118655%FL
Comet Shine 30222273%CA
Comic Strip 63453556%KY
Commanchero 33181545%TX
Commandperformance 83113%WA
Commemorate 23151148%IA
Commendable 58473357%KY
Commitisize 27221970%FL
Commitment 227627%CA
Committee Chairman 33267%IA
Community Interest 222100%NJ
Compadre 51312957%ON
Compelling Sound 75457%CA
Compliance Copy 222100%VA
Compo's Tempo 8000%NE
Composer 41271639%KY
Comstock Lode 41231741%KY
Con Artist 15131173%NM
Con Fool 5000%TX
Concern 40332460%MD
Concerto 51362753%FL
Concorde Cal 93333%OK
Concorde's Future 1100%MA
Concorde's Tune 65423452%FL
Confederate Hero 119545%OK
Confide 47383268%KY
Confirmed Bachelor 5000%TX
Connecticut 444100%IA
Conquer 10000%TX
Conquistador Cielo 69584261%KY
Conroe 42250%TX
Consigliere (GB) 1310754%WA
Constant Demand 18121056%KY
Constant Escort 21150%WV
Conte Di Savoya 22121045%IL
Contested Colors 126650%LA
Continental Morn 42250%ND
Continue to Fire 51120%CA
Contrary Contare 1000%WV
Convention (IRE) 22150%PQ
Conveyor 139754%FL
Cool Groom 6600%AB
Cool Halo 82225%BC
Cool Jazz 222100%FL
Cool Quaker 193316%OH
Cooleen Jack (IRE) 3000%MO
Coordinator 79433241%OK
Cope With Peace 44375%PA
Copelan's Pache 98667%NM
Copelans Revenge 7000%MT
Copper Light 3000%LA
Copper Man 222100%FL
Cordeeva 98667%OK
Cordova 3000%AZ
Cork (FR) 21150%CA
Coronado's Quest 74695270%KY
Corporate Landing 33133%NM
Corporate Report 179741%PA
Corslew 19161474%CA
Corwyn 49323061%LA
Corwyn Bay (IRE) 25151040%NM
Cossack Fighter (GB) 54360%ON
Coulon Kid 1000%TX
Count Mein Too 31133%OR
Count On Steve 107440%PA
Count the Time 69564058%KY
Count von Count 44250%MI
Country Elegance 1000%PA
Country Light 1713741%CA
Country Side 114327%TX
Country Squire 41125%NY
Country Store 126325%AR
Court Masque 222100%MT
Court Trial 43250%ID
Courtney's Native 222100%TX
Courtside 1000%TX
Coverallbases 2610935%CO
Covered Wagon 52120%OH
Cowboy Comet 1000%NE
Cox's Time 43125%AR
Coz 96556%WA
Cozar 98333%KY
Cozy Drive 20161575%NY
Cozzene 65594468%KY
Cozzene's Secret 1000%MS
Crafty 28211450%TX
Crafty Dude 64350%FL
Crafty Friend 1321078665%KY
Crafty Harold 1613744%CO
Crafty Mana 32267%PA
Crafty Prospector 78694558%KY
Crafty Ridan 21161257%SD
Creative 86675%MI
Creative Account 3000%MN
Creative Act 96222%WV
Creditworthy 88225%MN
Creole Prince 21150%TX
Cresta Powered 2000%OR
Cresting Water 111100%TX
Crimcino 2000%IL
Crimelord 21150%AB
Crimson Classic 137431%KY
Crimson Guard 117545%NY
Cristal Man 22150%NM
Cromwell 666100%CA
Cross City 2000%FL
Cross Country Kris 2100%CA
Crowd Pleaser 89685562%MD
Crown Ambassador 2213836%IN
Crown Attorney 57312544%ON
Crown Pleasure 124433%FL
Crowning Decision 113327%LA
Crowning Season (GB) 129758%OR
Crowning Storm 40342870%CA
Crown's Wish 43125%NY
Croydon 5200%AR
Crusader Sword 25181456%NY
Crush 1100%SC
Crypto Star 53382955%MD
Cryptoclearance 109776055%KY
Cryptoleen 3000%MD
Crystal Gazer 94444%UT
Crystal Pistol 33267%ON
Currency Kid 1100%IA
Current Pleasure 4000%WA
Custom Body 111100%NM
Cutladdy's Champ 1000%MD
Cutlass Fax 55480%FL
Cutlass Reality 98778%CA
Cuzzin Jeb 65350%OK
Cyberspace 136431%FL
Czar Nijinsky 1000%MO
D. C. Tenacious 126542%IN
D. J. Cat 22161359%FL
Dac Account 2100%IN
Daddy Bish 55360%OK
Daddy Watch 4000%MI
Daily Ballot 22150%IL
Dakota Pride 43375%LA
Dakotas Bold 111100%TX
Dam Handsome 333100%WV
Damone 1000%WA
Dance At Dinner 222100%WA
Dance Brightly 94725255%KY
Dance Centre 444100%AZ
Dance Floor 64544875%CA
Dance Like Fire 4000%KY
Dance Master 32272063%FL
Dance the Tarleton 41125%SC
Dancebel (GB) 1000%CA
Dancer's Bo Jin 22150%AB
Dancer's Boots 1000%FL
Dancer's Ghost 52240%TX
Dancing Crown 33133%TX
Dancing Glamour 74229%FL
Dancing Harlan 23161043%LA
Dancing Pirate 222100%CA
Dancing Torch 2000%UT
Dancingintheshower 2000%AZ
Dancinwiththedevil 97667%MD
Dandy's Best 111100%TX
Dandy's Secret 3100%IL
Danish Gold 21150%VA
Daniyar 3000%CA
Danjur 51383263%OR
Danotable 75571%TX
Dansil 7000%CO
Dantesque (IRE) 66467%AL
Danton 52240%KS
Danzatame 41272459%NY
Danzatore 26151246%NM
Danzig 48443879%KY
Dapper's Attache 43250%FL
Darby Creek Lance 44375%KY
Dare and Go 48261633%KY
Dare to Tap 2000%MD
Dargai 76571%MB
Dark Feather 2000%NM
Dark Hyacinth 1211975%MO
Dark Mystery 73343%PA
Darn That Alarm 18131161%FL
Dash Ahead 108660%CO
Dash for Cash 33133%MT
Dashing Lad 2000%OK
Dashing Writer 32267%WA
Daufuskie Pirate 65467%IN
Dave and Busters 99889%IL
Davenport 111100%FL
Dave's Man 2000%BC
Dave's Reality 54480%WA
David 13111077%FL
Dawn Flight 111100%OK
Dawn of Creation 222100%TX
Dawn Quixote 1610850%FL
Dawning Spirit 333100%TX
Daygata 1510853%NY
Dayjur 23201565%KY
Daylight Savings 86563%MI
Daytime Dancer 51120%NM
Dazzling Falls 87225%IA
De Braak 42125%OK
De Fuzzy 63233%OK
De Guerin 2419729%IA
De Hero 31133%OH
De March 1000%NM
De Niro 54332444%PA
Deadman's Curve 3000%FL
Deal an Ace 222100%OK
Deamon's Pouch 52240%LA
Dean Dill 43375%CA
Dearborn 31133%KY
Dearest Doctor 2000%MI
Debut 1000%OH
Decadent 222100%WI
Dee Lance 1510640%NM
Deep Saline 4000%LA
Deerhound 21181152%KY
Defender 63350%UT
Defense Witness 2017840%OH
Defensive Bid 98778%OK
Defensive Play 1511427%KY
Defrere 34251750%KY
Delineator 19181789%WA
Delinsky 54360%AZ
Delivermore 66583%PR
Delta Demon 88563%UT
Delta Wolf 55360%AR
Demaloot Demashoot 37302465%MI
Demidoff 3622719%KY
Demons Begone 40322460%WA
Demon's Crown 10000%CA
Demon's Revenge 52120%LA
Denouncer 74457%IL
Deodar 2115838%OK
Deposit Ticket 41322766%PA
Deputed Testamony 15111067%MD
Deputy Bodman 13121292%AB
Deputy Chief 111100%AL
Deputy Commander 73584764%KY
Deputy Diamond 67555075%LA
Deputy John 41125%CA
Deputy Minister 87755361%KY
Deputy Plan 111100%AB
Deputy Regent 33267%AB
Deputy Slew 86675%IA
Der Rosenkavalier 32267%CA
Derby Wish 75343%LA
Desert Classic 75343%CA
Desert God 1612956%NM
Desert Rival 97556%AZ
Desert Royalty 77571%TX
Desert Secret (IRE) 16121063%CA
Desert Wildcat 31133%TX
Desert Wine 235522%WA
Desperately 1511747%AB
Destiny's Gate 111100%AB
Detective Greer 22150%AZ
Detox 20181470%WA
Devil Begone 54413259%NM
Devil Diamond 18131372%NM
Devil His Due 1251048165%KY
Devil On Ice 189844%BC
Devil Power 32267%KY
Devilfish 32133%SD
Devil's Account 111100%MN
Devil's Bag 64554672%KY
Devil's Canyon 41125%MT
Devil's Cry 53240%LA
Devil's Deal 82113%TX
Devil's Delight 71114%PA
Devil's Flame 1000%AB
Devil's Joy 64467%IN
Devil's Luck 135431%OH
Devil's Rock 227732%TX
Devil's Share 2100%WV
Devil's Walk 111100%CA
Devious Course 21171571%TX
Devon Lane 52413669%CA
Devonwood 44363170%AB
Devoted to Me 4100%MS
Dewdle's Dancer 95333%IN
Dewie Stride 21150%OR
Diablo's Ridge 2000%TX
Diamond 57443561%MD
Diamond Bill 333100%MO
Diamond Drill 64467%UT
Diamond for King (FR) 111100%CA
Diamond K. K. 2000%TX
Diamond Sword 3000%BC
Diazo 31252065%IL
Dickerson 65467%IA
Dickerson's Gold 44125%CA
Dickie's C. D. 2000%MD
Diego Diablo (MEX) 32267%PR
Diesis (GB) 84725565%KY
Digamist 1413964%PA
Digging In 16101063%NM
Dignitas 2013945%IA
Dilatado (CHI) 1000%CO
Diligence 43302660%FL
Dinero Caliente 1000%TX
Din's Dancer 44363375%CA
Diogenes 116655%TX
Diplomatic Jet 84450%FL
Diplomatic Note 63233%BC
Direct Hit 28221864%LA
Disciple 91111%LA
Discos My Name 2000%TX
Discover 13131077%CA
Dismissed 222100%ID
Disruptor's Image 1000%NM
Distant View 82 (1)624454%KY
Distinct Smile 1000%OK
Distinctive Ben 32267%FL
Distinctive Cat 41322971%CA
Distinctive Pro 57464274%NY
Distorted Humor 95755356%KY
Divine Anointed 1100%AR
Divine Series 2000%AZ
Dixi Man 44125%OK
Dixie Brass 55463665%NY
Dixie Dancer 55480%MO
Dixie Jazz Band 1100%TX
Dixie Power 108660%FL
Dixie Road 111100%MN
Dixie Union 84735161%KY
Dixieland Band 82694859%KY
Dixieland Brass 33282267%BC
Dixieland Glo 184211%WA
Dixieland Heat 64472742%KY
Dixieland Sham 5400%TX
Dmitri 11000%TX
Doc Greeley 444100%KY
Doc's Leader 22150%KY
Doctor Roy A. 65583%NM
Dollar Chili 111100%IL
Domasca Dan 54360%ON
Dome Mountain 1000%TX
Domic 333100%ON
Dominant 5000%OK
Dominated 22150%NY
Dominated Debut 178847%CA
Don Goyo 83225%TX
Don Guido 44250%PR
Don Serafin 12118%PR
Doneraile Court 95704648%KY
Don't Frisk Me Now 21150%CA
Don't Hesitate 111100%IL
Dontletthebigonego 64233%NY
Doppler 124433%TN
Dot's Silver B. 2000%TX
Double Concorde 1000%PA
Double D. Slew 31133%OH
Double Diamond 1100%CA
Double Helping 32267%VA
Double Honor 101737170%FL
Double Leader 53360%AL
Double Niner 1910947%IL
Double Quote 1100%ID
Double Tuff Slew 32133%CO
Doughboy 3000%TX
Doug's My Doc 1010660%LA
Dove Hunt 35211749%FL
Down the Aisle 59352644%KY
Downtown Seattle 43375%CA
Dr J 76571%NY
Dr. Adagio 14101071%ON
Dr. Best 33267%MD
Dr. Castetter 31133%NM
Dr. Caton 52393160%FL
Dr. Dan Eyes 43250%ID
Dr. Danzig 96333%IA
Dr. Dave 3200%IL
Dr. Fagan 43125%MO
Dr. Giggles 83225%CA
Dr. Greenberg 43375%IL
Dr. Hoops 1000%IN
Dr. John's Queen 2000%IN
Dr. Messina 93333%CO
Dr. New 31133%BC
Dr. Root 75571%CA
Dr. Sprad 1000%TX
Dr. Victoria (MEX) 32267%TX
Dramatic Irony 22150%IN
Dream Valley 2100%OK
Dreamfield 1612744%OK
Dressed Up James 1000%CA
Drifter M 1000%TX
Droopy Stone 21150%MI
Drumboogie 1000%WA
Dry Gulch 1100%NM
Dubba Chek 2000%MA
Dubious Connection 44125%BC
Duluth 111100%NS
Dumaani 27211348%KY
Duncan 1000%WV
Dunsmuir 222100%TX
Dusty Screen 1913947%KY
Duty Officer 7000%FL
Duxster 73114%OK
Dynaformer 98 (1)795758%KY
E F Peanut Gallery 43375%OH
E. K. Spatz 32133%NJ
Eagle County 31133%OK
Eagle Eight 2100%MN
Eagle Pass 2000%MO
Eagle Station 117655%TX
Earl's Nijinsky 1000%ID
Early School 1100%AZ
Earth Colony 222100%FL
Earth Station 32133%KS
East of Easy 1100%SC
Eastern Echo 27231763%KY
Eastern Memories (IRE) 222100%TX
Eastern Money 86563%WA
Eastover Court 57272137%WV
Easy Cash 51120%ID
Easy Scoop 22150%IN
Easy Squeezy 99556%BC
Easy Trick 31133%IN
Echelon's Ice Man 3100%LA
Ecliptical 111100%UT
Ecstatic Ride 151000%OK
Edboy 111100%NJ
Edge of the Sword 2000%AL
Editor's Note 59442746%KY
Egocentric 42250%NM
Eight Letter Man 33267%TX
Eighty Below Zero 55360%MT
Einherjar 4100%ON
Eishin Storm 15101067%NM
El Amante 34221750%KY
El Angelo 1211433%KY
El Bold Senor 1000%BC
El Coloso 51120%PR
El Jibaro 84450%PR
El Joven 1000%MD
El Justo 54480%PR
El Mandingo 1000%LA
El Mayaguezano 1100%IL
El Prado (IRE) 86775665%KY
El Sacrificio 42250%TX
El Sancho 55480%TX
El Toreo 5000%NM
El Torre 41125%IN
El Virazon 5000%PR
Elajjud 14000%ON
Electric Blue 18216%IL
Elite Dragon 111100%WA
Eljjanah 77686%PR
Elk Horn Tavern 222100%MI
Elk's Uz 88675%NM
Elnadim 43291842%KY
Eloped Again 44250%IL
Eltish 45353067%FL
Elusive Quality 56473359%KY
Elysian Fields 3000%IA
Emancipator 124217%IL
Emerald Affair 43250%TX
Emerald Creme 1811739%CA
Emerald Fox 2000%CA
Emerald Jig 136538%CA
Emigrant Peak 97556%IL
Eminency 333100%TX
Eminent Son 31133%MT
Emphatic One 118655%LA
Empire Glory 43250%CA
En Tete 135323%KY
Encino 62117%CA
Endless Queue 106660%TX
Endow 106440%CA
Endured 3000%MO
England 43125%KY
Enough Reality 17111059%WV
Ensign Bering 95444%OK
Entropy 32267%PA
Epeneezer 111100%CT
Epic Honor 26221765%CA
Eqtesaad 50373774%PR
Eradicate (GB) 32267%WA
Erindrill 111100%NV
Erland 77686%PA
Eshu Be Elegua 1000%FL
Eskimo 1513960%FL
Esplanade Ridge 18171161%LA
Esteem 14317%AB
Etbauer 22171673%AR
Eternal Orage 43375%NY
Evansville Slew 105745149%KY
Even Faster 42250%OK
Evening Kris 99889%NJ
Event of the Year 99747071%CA
Excavate 31242374%LA
Excellent Secret 23171461%TX
Exceller Vice 116655%LA
Excess Is Good 666100%NM
Exclusive Dove 3300%NM
Exclusive Encore 85450%CA
Exclusive Energy 42250%FL
Exclusive Enough 43125%KY
Exclusive Era 138754%AB
Exclusive Zone 75571%TX
Exclusivengagement 95333%IA
Executive Order 2011420%IL
Exetera 86113%KY
Expanding Man 33267%TN
Expedition Moon 43125%KS
Expelled 42312048%KY
Expense Account 22151045%OK
Expensive Decision 44375%NY
Exploding Rainbow 119327%CO
Exploit 119937765%KY
Explorateur 3000%MI
Explosive Dancer 71114%FL
Explosive Red 86338%ON
Explosive Ridge 54240%AR
Explosive Wagon 111100%TX
Expressman 4000%NM
Eye Z Fine 333100%CO
Eyeoncentercourt 3000%WV
F. Scott 2000%KY
Fabre Bluff 111100%OK
Fabuleux Dancer 1000%CA
Fabulous Champ 30252273%CA
Fabulous Frolic 61474167%FL
Fabulous Patient 54360%MT
Fact Book 158533%IL
Fair American 1712635%NM
Fair Decor 7000%LA
Fair Skies 7400%OH
Fairly Affirmed 22150%CA
Fairway Topper 32133%NE
Falkenham (GB) 95556%OK
Falstaff 27232281%CA
Familiar Flare 64350%LA
Family Calling 101786160%FL
Fanatic Boy (ARG) 42250%LA
Fancy Example 42250%OK
Fantastic Exit 33133%ID
Fantastic Robber 73229%OH
Fappiano Road 53360%IA
Fappiano's Star 56443868%PR
Far Out Wadleigh 149643%LA
Fargo 33262164%CA
Farkle 3300%OH
Farms 6000%OH
Farofino 64467%CO
Farragut 1910737%IA
Fashion Find 26181350%TX
Fashionable Enough 103330%OK
Fashioned Gold 51120%TX
Fast Account 128650%AB
Fast Cure 333100%TX
Fast Ferdie 88675%IN
Fast Five Six 3000%MI
Fast 'n' Gold 41125%TX
Fast 'n Royal 14131179%FL
Fast Passage 1000%OK
Fast Play 41322049%KY
Faster Than Quick 72229%LA
Fastness (IRE) 1310646%KY
Fat Francis 53360%TX
Father Durrance 22150%FL
Father Roland 111100%VA
Fatih 167531%MT
Favorite Dancer 3300%TX
Favorite Trick 56483664%KY
Faygo 20101050%FL
Federal Court 5100%MT
Federal Funds 64233%CA
Feeling Gallant 6000%TX
Fenter 66583%LA
Fernridge 1000%MN
Ferrara 178635%NM
Festive 76457%FL
Festive Lad 5200%OK
Feu d'Enfer 3113826%BC
Fey Tru 53120%OH
Fibak 42250%MN
Fiddle Foot 222100%MT
Fiend 54240%TX
Fiery Best 54480%FL
Fiftysevenvette 1100%TX
Fight Over 5000%TX
Fighter Joe 62233%IN
Fighting Affair 1000%MT
Fighting Fantasy 129867%NE
Fighting Fit 42250%CA
Filipino Boy (ARG) 52240%IL
Finally Class 31133%GA
Financial Matter 248313%NY
Fine Island 1100%LA
Fine n' Majestic 21121257%CA
Finest Hour 71564462%LA
Fini Cassette 101110%PA
Fire Maker 31211445%TX
Firestar 21150%MD
Firey Jennifer 222100%OK
Firmlin 104220%ID
First and Only 65350%FL
First Beginning 43375%CA
First Bell 2000%MI
First Date 111100%TX
First One Up 2000%MD
First Patriot 41125%MD
Fiscal 197737%IN
Fit to Fight 65483452%KY
Fitz 44250%WA
Fitzhugh's Legacy 43375%IL
Flagman Ahead 95333%WA
Flame Boy 33133%CO
Flaming Chief 2000%TX
Flare Dancer 119764%MI
Flash Above 1100%FL
Fleet Native 111100%CO
Fleet Sudan 42125%MT
Fleethoof 3000%NY
Fleetwood's Bolero 31133%NY
Fleg 4000%PA
Flemish Slipper 31133%NM
Fletcher 222100%TX
Flight Forty Nine 2012840%OH
Florida Money 63117%FL
Fly a Kite (IRE) 4000%LA
Fly Cry 31133%IL
Fly So Free 92776065%KY
Fly Till Dawn 118655%KY
Flying Chevron 2215941%KY
Flying Continental 37292670%CA
Flying Down to Rio 44375%ON
Flying Endowment 62233%CA
Flying Flags 222100%CA
Flying Pidgeon 28211450%PA
Flying Stream 1000%VA
Flying Victor 44352761%CA
Flying With Eagles 26201765%WA
Fog Horn 75457%TX
Fogey's Paint 1000%OK
Foligno 1510853%PA
Fool the Experts 1100%AZ
Foolish Era 2200%PA
Foolish Flash 54240%TX
Foolish Intent 2000%NM
Foolish MacDuff 2200%MA
Foolish Ruler 111100%CO
For Really 23191774%CA
Forbidden Valley 52120%AR
Forceful Run 2000%ND
Foreign Holding 185317%TX
Forest Fire 42250%TN
Forest Gazelle 135538%OH
Forest Joy 1100%NM
Forest Wildcat 78685165%KY
Forestry 97876567%KY
Forever Dancer 33267%AR
Forever Silver 75457%NY
Forever Whirl 135323%FL
Formal Dinner 61453761%FL
Formal Gold 80534151%KY
Former 118873%WA
Fort Chaffee 1511533%KY
Fort Stanton 64467%IN
Fort Valley 6000%IA
Fort Wayne 1311862%NJ
Fortunate Heir 2000%PR
Fortunate Lisa 22150%OR
Fortunate Move 135538%FL
Fortunate Prospect 55403869%FL
Forty Won 16151381%LA
Fountain of Speed 44250%NJ
Foxtrail 103705957%ON
Fractional 75571%IL
Franc Coeur 143321%ON
Francis Nevil E. 65467%IL
Frasers Little Man 111100%LA
Fred Astaire 1911842%VA
Free and Equal 4000%WY
Free At Last 44342966%WA
Free Colony 54480%UT
Free House 44373580%CA
Freedom Bound 3100%CO
Freedom Found 111100%OH
Freezing Rain 21150%WA
French Accent 21150%MN
French Legionaire 27191867%OH
French Parliament 2411729%OK
French Sassafras (GB) 66583%CA
French Seventyfive 333100%OK
French Toy 111100%MI
Friendly Ed 51120%NE
Friendly Lover 85695666%KY
Frio River 51120%MB
Friscosilverdollar 1000%IL
Frisk Me Now 199842%KY
From Down Town 333100%CA
Frosted Spy 21150%CA
Frosty Lights 1000%MB
Frosty the Snowman 2100%FL
Fruition 33262576%CA
Fruitzig 3000%NE
Full Day 54240%PR
Full Dress Blues 222100%MA
Full of Fight 41125%MI
Full of Tricks 178529%OK
Full Quiver 63350%NY
Funboy 9000%BC
Funontherun 98889%CA
Furiously 1410429%KY
Fusaichi Pegasus 1511238657%KY
Future Storm 65494468%CA
Fuzzy 94444%CO
G F Fast N Fancy 111100%NB
G. P.'s Krugerrand 444100%NJ
G. W.'s Band 1000%MS
Gadzook 1100%IN
Gaelic Padraic 102220%SD
Gala Array 33267%BC
Gallant Deed 3000%KY
Gallant Mel 4000%ON
Gallant Step 132215%IN
Gallant Will 3000%TX
Galliari 1100%CO
Game Coin 42250%TX
Game Plan 48302960%CA
Gamini 64467%OK
Ganday 2000%PA
Garcon Gris 53240%CA
Gardone 32267%VA
Garibi 2000%AB
Garthorn 3000%OK
Garve 44375%KY
Gary Gumbo 1010990%TX
Gateway Road 21150%NY
Gato Del Sur 222100%FL
Gebbia 129650%LA
Gee Ryder 31133%NM
Gemini Dreamer 91111%KS
Gen Stormin'norman 84338%TX
General Gem 666100%CA
General Meeting 59363559%CA
General Royal 74574155%KY
Gentle Ben's 1000%CO
Gentle Kent 101110%LA
Gentle Patrick 222100%FL
Gentlemen (ARG) 80674050%KY
Genuine Bidder 1000%OH
Genuine Reward 83225%VA
Genuino 6500%PA
George Green 76571%MN
George Philips (IRE) 3100%WY
Georgeff 22150%IL
Georgia Two 65117%FL
Get Me Out 101110%SD
Get Well Soon 2000%TX
Gettin Over 1100%KS
Ghaza 91111%MT
Ghazi 34271338%KY
Ghibli 22150%FL
Ghost Ranch 107660%NM
Ghost Tension 259416%OK
Ghost Tune 222100%FL
Ghostly Moves 28171554%NM
Giant Asset 52240%CA
Gift of Gib 88675%LA
Gift of Kings 111100%WA
Gilded Crusader 2200%TX
Gilded Native 22150%PA
Gilded Time 104835957%KY
Giuseppe 117436%LA
Give Me Your Ear 53360%LA
Glaring 42125%LA
Glenview 136646%NE
Glib 1000%KY
Glitman 2016945%PR
Glittering Wolf 31133%AR
Glitterman 85664755%KY
Global View 2000%MO
Globe 1000%TX
Glomar 52240%AZ
Glorious Flag 2200%OK
Glyer 111100%KY
Gneiss 1612956%WV
Go Exclusive Go 1000%TX
Go for Gin 67564161%KY
Go for It Matt 65350%SD
Go Gary Go 25171040%AB
Go Go Gold 1100%NE
Go West 199947%SC
Goff's Native Son 1000%TX
Gogarty (IRE) 17516%IL
Gohmar 111100%AZ
Gold Alert 20161365%FL
Gold Bank 1000%TX
Gold Case 96775658%KY
Gold Decorum 1313215%NM
Gold Fever 74644966%KY
Gold Groovy 21150%IN
Gold Legend 50382550%KY
Gold Market 158853%OH
Gold Meridian 41282151%OR
Gold Pack 55240%CA
Gold Regent 34282059%TX
Gold Ruler 19151158%KS
Gold Saga 83338%WA
Gold Spats 71114%MN
Gold Spring (ARG) 74457%KY
Gold Token 35282160%NY
Gold Tribute 53312038%KY
Gold World 22150%LA
Golden Dart (NZ) 222100%TX
Golden Dodger 222100%OK
Golden Explosive 87563%GA
Golden Gear 42302150%KY
Golden Hero 3100%TX
Golden Legend 96667%KS
Golden Missile 105916663%KY
Golden Omen 17131059%MS
Golden Quiver 22150%CA
Golden Soldier 72114%CO
Golden Whirl 111100%WA
Goldlust 83225%WV
Goldmine (FR) 97333%TX
Goldminers Gold 26181662%NY
Goldwater 22151464%PR
Goliard 304413%IL
Gone East 147750%TX
Gone for Real 16141275%NY
Gone Hollywood 555100%NM
Gone West 80705063%KY
Gonzo's Mistake 1100%IL
Good and Tough 66483553%KY
Good Morning Houston 33267%IN
Good n' Dusty 3000%MI
Good Opinion 52240%FL
Goodbye Bob 152213%OK
Goodbye Doeny 43312865%LA
Goodbye Weekend 22150%CA
Gorjeador 2000%VA
Gorky Park (FR) 53360%NY
Gorli's Munster 1000%OH
Goshen's Glory 111100%KY
Gothic Revival 64233%TX
Gotzum 54240%ND
Gourami 97333%NE
Gracious Ghost 2000%OH
Gran Dancer 5000%MI
Grand Allegiance 65233%OK
Grand Cabrini 81113%FL
Grand Circus Park 18171794%MI
Grand Jewel 88450%TX
Grand Occasion 2000%AZ
Grand On Dave 77571%KS
Grand Passage 43375%AB
Grand Slam 1201076756%KY
Grande Jette 62233%MI
Gran's Halo 21150%GA
Gray County 52120%TX
Gray Raider 126650%NY
Gray Victory 31133%OK
Great Allegiance 117545%MI
Great Gladiator 3912615%ON
Great Negotiator 1100%ID
Great Ovation (IRE) 87788%TX
Greedy 18141267%PR
Green Alligator 43375%MD
Green Book 2000%MO
Greenwood Lake 67534263%FL
Greggie's Wheel 111100%NJ
Gremlin Grey 125217%AR
Grey Counter 109880%ON
Grey West 666100%MT
Grindstone 71533549%KY
Gringo Jim 42125%OK
Gringo Pilot 119655%TX
Gritty Time 111100%CA
Groom's Image 109660%KS
Groomstick 22191986%FL
Groovy 1100%KY
Groovy Jett 85563%TX
Ground Stroke 28191864%AB
Guarani 54480%CA
Guaranteed Gold 43375%ON
Guards 1000%IA
Guilford Lad 2000%UT
Gulch 68634465%KY
Gulch It 116655%MI
Gumboy 111100%WA
Gun Bay 84225%NM
Gunston Road 2000%ND
Gustoso 1100%GA
Guys From Space 129542%IN
Gypsy Express 111100%TX
H. E. Miller 76686%NM
H. J. Baker 2610415%IA
Habitony's Ace 1000%NM
Hacker 1000%WI
Hadif 43352763%TX
Hail Kamp 111100%
Hail the Ruckus 169531%AB
Hail Victorious 111100%BC
Haileys Tropic 32267%MO
Haillo 1100%CA
Haint 21171676%CA
Half a Year 333100%CA
Half Fast George 75571%TX
Half Term 1611425%CA
Halissee 111100%NY
Halory Hunter 1711741%KY
Halos and Horns 29191655%FL
Halo's Dream 5000%TX
Halo's Image 105867370%FL
Handkerchief (ARG) 134215%LA
Handsome Harold 222100%BC
Hanging Road 111100%FL
Hannibal Cat 1713953%IL
Hapigrin 33267%AR
Happy Bid 2100%FL
Happy Escort 54360%OK
Happy Trap 66467%BC
Happyasalark Tomas 222100%OK
Harbor Man 85563%VA
Harbour Bridge 1000%BC
Harbour Sunset 111100%CA
Hard Charger 17131376%PR
Hard Circle 87563%NY
Hard Habitat 55120%MD
Hard Wire 1310969%OH
Harley C. 6100%MB
Harmony Creek 21150%WA
Harperstown 128650%AR
Harriman 86450%OK
Harry 62233%AR
Harry K. 43250%NJ
Harry L. 22150%TX
Harry the Hat 26201662%PA
Harry's Dream 32267%OH
Hasten To Add 74457%CA
Hasten to Conquer 2000%ID
Hasty Growth 1100%AB
Have Fun 26181142%OK
Hawk's Brent 1000%OK
Hawks Eagle Flight 76343%CO
Hay Halo 45262147%VA
Haymaker 42125%MD
Haymarket (GB) 2212627%TX
Hazaam 41232049%FL
Heather's Prospect 101110%TX
Heavenly Wood 1000%TN
Heaven's Wish 32267%FL
Heir Nijinsky 6000%OK
Heir to Nijinsky 65233%BC
Helmsman 52393262%CA
Heniu 3000%MI
Her Majesty's Bid 51120%NJ
Here We Come 35201440%OK
Heres Your Trouble 31133%IL
Hermes 43375%CA
Heros Pastime 111100%FL
Heroshima 1000%OK
He's a Looker 1715847%NM
He's a Tough Cat 115545%IL
He's Got Gall 66350%VA
He's Tops 25222184%WA
Hesabull 41372663%FL
Hesaluckycat 162213%NE
Hestheman 42250%OK
Hey Rob 157640%ID
Heza Champion 222100%NM
Hezafastgold 21150%NM
Hi Plains Drifter 74457%LA
Hickleberry Creek 111100%KY
Hickory Not Harry 111100%KY
Hickory Ridge 95111%OK
Hidden Capital 4000%VA
Hidden Pass 1000%TX
Hidden Recital 111100%NJ
Hidden Vice 41125%OH
Hierarch 66467%ON
High Beam 111100%NJ
High Brite 79696481%CA
High Class Act 111100%KY
High Counsel 222100%UT
High Energy 125433%TX
High Places 1100%CA
High Risen 1000%SC
High Street 1000%TX
High Wire Acrobat 52240%TX
High Yield 1701419154%KY
Highball Willie 1100%TX
Highland Park 29181345%NM
Highland Ruckus 92614145%ON
Hill Street Jove 76343%AZ
His Excellence 25191248%MB
Hismajestyscolors 32267%VA
History Repeats 1000%BC
Hit the Roof 2510832%IN
Hode 32267%TX
Hoedown's Day 116655%NM
Hofre 55240%OH
Hold for Gold 1711953%KY
Hold On Chris 86450%FL
Holding Court 333100%CA
Hollywood Reporter 44125%AZ
Holme On Top 4000%FL
Holy Bull 1151027565%KY
Holy Mountain 38241745%FL
Holy Notes 1000%CA
Holzmeister 26161558%TX
Home At Last 16141063%KY
Home Run Trot 74343%ID
Homebuilder 34271029%LA
Hometown Favorite 74114%TX
Homo Sapiens 66350%MS
Honest Ensign 31 (1)272168%IA
Honest to God 32267%KS
Honest Words 22150%MD
Honeys Alibi Lad 111100%NM
Honkytonk Blaze 42250%TX
Honor Grades 112 (2)866356%KY
Honour and Glory 19217113168%KY
Hooky Pip 2000%AZ
Hoolie 172212%NM
Hopedale O. 222100%WY
Horizon Ruler 6000%SK
Horse Chestnut (SAF) 88 (4)715866%KY
Hoss 'N Ryder 111100%IL
Hot Oil 21150%IL
Hot Rock 222100%WV
Hotoffthepress 65467%ON
Hour Luck Changed 111100%MS
House of Blues 32267%CA
Houston 25242288%CA
Houston Sunrise 333100%WA
Houston Union 7000%SC
Howie Wowie 6000%IA
Hubble 146536%FL
Huckster 111100%CA
Huddle Up 333100%CA
Huff 31133%LA
Hugomeister 1000%CA
Humble Eleven 77571%AR
Humming 1312646%IA
Humpty's Hoedown 86450%BC
Hunter's Glory 1313754%CA
Hunter's Phone 1000%KY
Hunting Hard 56321934%FL
Hurlingham 108440%TX
Hurontario 62233%TX
Hurricane State 2000%VA
Hurry to Dinner 111100%GA
Husband 118655%VA
Hustle the Green 333100%FL
Hyperborean 76457%CO
I Am Not a Crook 555100%WA
I Can't Believe 36272056%ON
I Will Reign 111100%CA
I'am Cured 44250%AR
Iam the Iceman 15131173%CA
Iamateddytoo 2000%BC
Ian's Affair 1000%AB
Ice for Taulton 2000%WV
Ichybon 1000%AR
Icy Adonis 2000%ID
Icy Kevin 3000%OK
Idabel 1710953%AR
Ide 29242069%KY
Idle Son 33267%CA
Ihtimam 22171464%WA
Ikari 65467%LA
Ile de Jinsky 55480%TX
I'll Be Good 222100%CA
I'll Raise You One 19151368%OH
Illinois Storm 30241757%CA
I'm Glad (ARG) 21150%NM
Im Maheras 111100%TX
Ima Buck Too 2000%MD
Ima Good Gamble 75457%TX
I'ma Hell Raiser 31181652%LA
Imaginary Sword 65350%NJ
I'maninnocentmale 43250%NS
Impeachment 25211664%FL
Imperial Falcon 96333%FL
Impernade 111100%OK
Impish Gold 63350%KY
Imtoocool 175529%TX
In a Walk 1710741%LA
In Bold (MEX) 1100%TX
In Case 19131263%MD
In Excess (IRE) 79625671%CA
In Excessive Bull 79565063%NM
In the Headlights 222100%TX
In the Slammer 9000%MB
In the Swing 91111%CA
In the Zone 144214%KY
Inagroove 64350%OK
Inca Chief 187739%OK
Inca Chief Sap 111100%TX
Incinderator 22161255%AB
Incredible Slew 1000%NM
Indian Charlie 73564156%KY
Indian Faker 1000%NV
Indian Groom 222100%ON
Indian Trail 4000%FL
Individual Style 17151376%WA
Indy Film 42250%CA
Indy Mood 41241537%IN
Indy Talent 18161372%OK
Inexcess Express 42250%IL
Innkeeper 21150%MD
Insistent Beat 62233%SK
Inspired Prospect 18151267%ON
Intensity 777100%NJ
Interco 1000%CA
Intidab 1311862%KY
Iowa Best 3000%SD
Irabu 32267%AZ
Iran Sensational 2200%KY
Irgun 58494171%KY
Irish Bluff 76571%LA
Irish Coast 1100%ME
Irish Conquest 1811844%NY
Irish Dreamin 96444%AB
Irish Open 43302047%TX
Irish River (FR) 2019315%KY
Iron Cat 18161583%CA
Iron Social 333100%NC
Iron Soldier 111100%NM
Iroquois Park 95556%OH
Is It True 46362657%FL
Is Sveikatas 16141169%SC
Isaypete 96667%MO
Iskandar Elakbar 73343%ON
Islamabad 71114%KY
Island Storm 2000%MI
Island Swirl 33267%LA
Island Whirl 28211657%FL
Island's Edge 4200%KS
Islefaxyou 31181342%KY
Isnad 1210975%UT
Itaka 66583%MD
Itron 88675%TX
Its a Cinch 21150%WA
It's a Done Deal 333100%VA
Its Acedemic 86338%NY
It's Always You 61117%PA
It's Easy 42125%CO
It's True 6000%TN
Ivan's Mark 222100%OR
Ivory Dreams 88450%OK
Ivory Suite 3000%TX
Iz a Saros 42250%CA
J P Hamer 95444%KY
J. B. Magesty 1000%AL
J. C.'s Challenge 31133%KY
J. L. Sullivan 111100%BC
J. P.'s Boy 1000%UT
J. T. Hurst 111100%CA
Jack Livingston 1412964%NJ
Jack Wilson 12111083%NM
Jacksonport 33133%BC
Jacodra 117764%MI
Jacquelyn's Groom 22131359%IN
Jade Hunter 52392854%KY
Jager 76343%NY
Jam Up 1000%LA
Jama Jama 2000%OR
Jambalaya Jazz 45342147%KY
Jammed Gold 32267%ON
Jan's Kinsman 10000%TX
Japura's Pride 2000%PQ
Jaunatxo 33267%LA
Jawski 54360%OK
Jay Cee Slew 22150%OK
Jazzing Around 20161575%WA
Jazzland 41125%NC
Jd's Determination 31133%PA
Jealous Crusader 2000%SD
Jeblar 25141248%FL
Jeff's Companion 44250%OR
Jelly Roll Blues 84450%NY
Jerrio 111100%CA
Jerry's Dream 222100%OK
Jersey City 30151137%LA
Jessie Jet 22150%NJ
Jestic 1911632%ID
Jet K. 22150%OK
Jetamar 1000%UT
Jett Sett Joe 44250%WA
Jetting Along 1000%NC
Jetting Home 41125%AB
Jiltaloom 2100%TX
Jim Nui 42125%OK
Jitterbug Chief 1010770%LA
Joanie's Chief 64350%TX
Jodon Bay 1100%IL
Joe D 333100%OH
Joe Jones 75114%VA
Joe Lin's Son 42125%TX
Joe the Dancer 6000%LA
Joe Who (BRZ) 31231961%TX
Joey the Student 55360%NM
Jog 52120%IN
Johann Sebastian 44250%PA
John the Magician 32232063%AB
Johnny Blood 111100%FL
Johnny Jones 23191878%PR
Johnny Silverwings 1000%MI
John's Fool 33267%ID
John's Island 3100%LA
John's Sue 22150%KS
Joker 73343%NJ
Jolies Appeal 111100%FL
Jolie's Wild Again 43375%TX
Jolly Blade 107770%IL
Jolly Jouster 21150%WA
Jomonty 1000%ON
Jon Jon 2200%KY
Jonny Swinger 1000%KY
Jo's Eleven 222100%CO
Josalee'sboy 61117%WA
Joshua Knight 32133%UT
Jove Stone 134431%WV
Joyeux Danseur 49422551%KY
Joy's Report 53360%AR
Jr. Is Wright 111100%ON
Jr. Prospect 4000%IL
Judge Costa 54240%NY
Judge Foolish 2000%PA
Judge T C 88563%KY
Judge Vonsteubon 2100%IN
Jules 49363469%FL
Jumbo Star 111100%KY
Jumron (GB) 20161470%WA
Jungle Blade 102220%OK
Jungle Call 92222%MI
Jungle Express 1310969%IN
Just a Cat 51342243%KY
Just a Swangin 222100%IL
Just a Tune 13218%NM
Just Bobby 222100%CA
Just Did It 1000%OR
Just Like That 2200%IL
Just Right Mike 21150%OR
Justa Gray 111100%NM
Justice Supreme 1000%OH
Justinfamous 43375%CA
K One King 46352248%KY
K. O. Punch 43282047%KY
Kaaiigone 21150%KS
Kadiddy 21150%NE
Kahuna Jack 49403469%CA
Kandaly 113327%KY
Kanjinsky 9000%KY
Kansas City 149857%WA
Karate Kick 41125%OK
Karen's Cat 36272569%TX
Katahaula County 48231633%BC
Katowice 31252477%WA
Kayrawan 20161050%KY
Kazabaiyn 32133%NY
Keen Affair 111100%ON
Keen Falcon 111100%ME
Keep Dreaming 115545%FL
Keep It Down 51120%OH
Kell's Sea Captain 107440%TX
Kelly Kip 51402753%FL
Kelly S 111100%OK
Kelly's Gold 1000%LA
Kennedy Factor 1914842%CO
Kentucky Cookin 73343%OK
Kentucky Jazz 11111091%TX
Kerosene 32133%KY
Kessem Power (NZ) 21202095%CA
Key Contender 47322655%NY
Key Pilgrim 42250%MS
Keyway 33267%OK
Khalsa 555100%MT
Khan 1000%MD
Kicking Boot 15000%TX
Kid Toledo 4000%PR
Kidao's Kid 1000%CO
Kikkolad 222100%AB
Killarney Road 2000%FL
King Alobar 22150%NV
King Crypto 333100%OK
King George's Way 44250%CA
King Heir 4000%TX
King Mutesa 222100%CO
King of Cats 1210542%BC
King of Kings (IRE) 1251047560%KY
King of Scat 54453361%OK
King of Tap 105330%LA
King of the Heap 74343%FL
King of the Hunt 24181146%CA
King of the Nile 103110%OH
King Riviera 222100%ON
Kingdom City 42125%IN
Kingmambo 98886667%KY
King's Arrow 55480%NY
Kings Blood (IRE) 1313862%ID
King's Canyon 73343%TX
King's Crown 1100%PR
King's Gent 31133%WY
King's Grant 62233%NY
King's Nest 182211%AB
Kingsboro 109880%NY
Kingsburg Guy 111100%CA
Kipling 44362864%OK
Kipper Kelly 43252251%FL
Kiridashi 55473971%ON
Kiri's Clown 96444%KY
Kissin Kris 64534773%FL
Kissinsky 55360%CA
Kitty Sand 222100%FL
Kleven 66583%CA
Knick Press 333100%NJ
Knickerbocker Baby 4300%CA
Knight in Savannah 289414%MT
Knight Shelter 111100%TX
Knight Skiing 333100%WA
Knight Time Jig 3000%ON
Knights to Conquer 22150%BC
Knockadoon 29242276%PA
Knockon 1000%CT
Knyaz 31133%AB
Kodiack 222100%IL
Kokand 59472949%SC
Kopelman (FR) 111100%CA
Kosher Home 2100%NY
Kozak 19161368%CA
Kris Kross 43375%CA
Kris S. 55502647%KY
Kriskris (IRE) 116327%WA
Kuetch 86675%FL
Kunjar 333100%PR
Kuwaiti Brass 22150%OK
Kyleadar 43250%OH
Kyle's Our Man 55362851%IA
L. B. Damned 1000%KY
L. B. Jaklin 54360%CA
L. J. Express 54360%WA
La Avenger's Tip 32267%CO
La Danny Bella 3200%UT
La Pete 107660%MN
La Saboteur 32171341%WA
Laabity 23141148%KY
Labeeb (GB) 35281749%KY
Labrador 21150%PR
Lac Du Flambeau 222100%WI
Lac Ouimet 45382964%KY
Lacotte (IRE) 1311754%TX
Lady's Tramp 1100%BC
Laffer 222100%AR
Lago Mar 75571%TX
Lake George 75571%CA
Lake Holme 29201241%LA
Lake Nimrod 1000%OH
Lakeshore Road 28252071%MN
Lanbeedue 1000%IL
Lanburg 1100%OK
Lancaster Avenue 52240%NC
Landing Zone 93333%WV
Langfuhr 110806862%KY
Laramie's Deputy 54360%CA
Largo Libra 111100%TX
Larrupin' 42261843%MD
Larry the Legend 40363588%CA
Last Cover 1000%IA
Last Effort 666100%PR
Last King 3000%MD
Last Lion 26241558%CA
Lasting Approval 32292063%KY
Lasting Change 222100%IN
Lasting Legend 1000%NE
Late Act 96444%AR
Late Nite Louie 111100%OR
Latin American 74454155%CA
Latin Dancer 2000%WY
Latvia 86675%OH
Laubali 15151387%FL
Launch a Dream 66583%NM
Launch a Leader 1812950%OH
Laurentide 119982%PR
Lazaz 111100%CA
Lazy Rutherford 31133%NM
Lc Glowing Groom 2000%WA
Le Casque Gris 444100%IN
Le Ciel 53360%CA
Le Dome (IRE) 2100%OK
Le Gosse 1100%NE
Le Merle Blanc 31133%PA
Le Risky 4000%OK
Leading the Charge 222100%NJ
Leafy 98667%TX
Leah n Leah's Last 33133%IL
Lear Fan 65534265%KY
L'Eau Vivre 2000%TX
Leave Seattle 85450%MA
Lecture 31133%KY
Ledge of Night 41125%WI
Lee's Badger 64233%KY
Leestown 85716678%LA
Left Banker 108660%OH
Legal Maneuver 6000%WV
Legal Smile 111100%OK
Lektriklight 1000%ON
Lemming 1000%PR
Lemon Drop Kid 92816166%KY
Lenado Road 13118%AB
Lenmars Express 1000%MT
Lens 5000%TX
Leo Castelli 444100%TX
Let Freedom Ride 33133%TX
Let Goodtimes Roll 117436%NY
Let Him Go 155533%IL
Lethal Factor 111100%OK
Let's Bet Blue 1000%BC
Let's Go Blue 95444%BC
Letthebattlebegin 62233%SD
Letthedreambegin 33267%OK
Level Sands 25151144%KY
Level Shooter 1100%TN
Libanon 222100%CA
Liberalartsdiploma 65583%TX
Lieutenant Dad 1000%KY
Life Interest 116655%KS
Light Crude 31133%NC
Light Idea 55240%OH
Light of Mine 4000%BC
Light of Morn 83225%FL
Light Picture 65350%CA
Light Years Ahead 555100%FL
Lightning Al 83338%PR
Lightning Leap 95556%TX
Liginsky 135323%MO
Like a Soldier 22171045%LA
Lil E. Tee 36231953%KY
Lil Fappi 21150%NJ
Lil Honcho 63350%TX
Lil Tyler 35332880%CA
Lil's Lad 73604359%KY
Limit Out 23191565%FL
Lin 2000%MT
Lindsey's Roberto 1712953%CA
Line Dance 54480%WA
Line In The Sand 101665958%FL
Linear 85338%UT
Lines of Power 74343%TX
Linkage 1000%VA
Links Ruler 5100%CO
Lion Cavern 101845958%KY
Lion Hearted 70584869%MD
Lit de Justice 32201444%KY
Lite the Fuse 104795957%FL
Literati 444100%CA
Little Nureyev 71114%AB
Little Red Reb 33267%AR
Littlebitlively 70644666%FL
Live At the Met 1000%KY
Lived It Up 75343%OH
Llama Lover 99778%LA
Loach 113327%WV
Lockstockandhouse 85450%TX
Loft 111100%MI
Longevity 2000%TX
Longliner 77457%IL
Looks Good to Me 64233%PA
Lord At Law 98667%PA
Lord Avie 66564061%KY
Lord Billie D 2000%MO
Lord Calvert 1000%MO
Lord Carlos 32267%PA
Lord Carson 114926557%KY
Lord Charmer 103330%WA
Lord Concorde 31133%MD
Lord Franco (ARG) 333100%SC
Lord John 54480%NM
Lord Knight 21150%GA
Lord Lizard (ARG) 32267%SC
Lord of the Apes 88225%UT
Lord of the Field (GB) 55240%IL
Lord of Trillora 1100%SC
Lord Parham 87563%WV
Lord Pleasant 126542%IA
Lord Protector 4000%NV
Lord Triad 111100%NC
Lord Wallace 111100%OH
Lordhyexecutioner 43250%FL
Lose That 111100%NC
Lost Opportunity 228836%OK
Lost Soldier 99855859%FL
Lot o' Gold 102220%LA
Lot o' Rem 44125%IN
Lots to Avenge 44375%TX
Louis Quatorze 1621339659%KY
Louisiana Ego 32267%TX
Louisiana Slew 99667%CA
Lover's Cross 111100%ON
Lover's Trust 3000%AB
Lovett 1000%TX
Loyal Double 109660%CA
Loyal Pal 51120%VT
Lt. Gulch 111100%VA
Lucayan Prince 26251973%CA
Luciano P. 32267%FL
Luck's Reality 1000%GA
Lucky Addition 4200%IL
Lucky in America 1000%MA
Lucky l'Aiglon 53120%OK
Lucky Lionel 82655263%FL
Lucky North 20191260%FL
Lucky Sec 444100%TX
Lucky So n' So 34221132%TX
Lucky South 17116%MO
Luftpost 2000%KY
Luhuk 68512943%KY
Lummox 111100%PA
Lure 52 (11)33917%KY
Luv a Libra 33133%MI
Lycius 57403053%FL
Lyphaness 64467%ID
Lyphard Again 1100%KY
Lyscent 1100%WA
Lytrump 42250%NE
M. Double M. 111100%CA
M. P. Fancy Man 1000%WA
M.D.'s Relampago 15121387%PR
Macaso 2112733%IL
Macavity 30232273%PR
Mach One 107770%CA
Mackee the Mick 41125%MT
Macsen's Sword 43250%PA
Maddy's Waquoit 104440%OK
Made in U. S. A. 222100%FL
Maghnatis 87563%KY
Magic Cat 71554766%TX
Magic Flagship 139862%IN
Magic North 21150%TX
Magic Prospect 27201348%AB
Magloire 32133%IL
Magna 20171470%OK
Magnificent One 107440%OH
Mahogany Hall 1710741%KY
Majesterian 17111165%CA
Majestic Buck 9000%SD
Majestic Regent 1000%ON
Majestic Twoeleven 20151575%TX
Majestic Venture 41125%PR
Majesty's Imp 999100%MI
Majesty's Prince 53120%VA
Majesty's Time 44250%MD
Major Procida 108330%TX
Majority of One 92111%NE
Makaleha 29252069%CA
Make a Mess 2000%MO
Make Luck 1000%NJ
Make Your Choice 22150%IL
Makeitsnappyjack 111100%CA
Makhraj 25141456%CA
Makin 55332851%WV
Makin Money 21150%MD
Makula King 64467%CA
Malagra 46322963%LA
Malek (CHI) 42382867%CA
Malibu Moon 112866760%MD
Malibu Wesley 39322154%NY
Malmo 1611956%BC
Maltese Flag 32133%CA
Malthus 64350%TX
Mamaison 54240%CA
Mambo 1100%AR
Mambo Game 64350%OH
Man From Eldorado 114436%TX
Man in Motion 21150%NJ
Man o' Peace 2000%IL
Mandamus 2000%MO
Manificent Ruler 2100%NM
Manitonga Soutana 5000%TX
Manlove 17121165%NY
Mansura 32133%KY
Mantles Star (GB) 21141467%CA
Many a Wish 1711847%LA
Manzotti 2512936%TX
Mara o' Chino 32267%MS
Marcie's Ensign 44375%ID
Marco Bay 36241644%FL
Marfa Ace 21150%LA
Marfasfinesthour 2000%OK
Maria's Mon 1301148968%KY
Mariner 61117%MT
Mark of Nobility 111100%PR
Marked Tree 45231840%TX
Marks Hobby 41125%TX
Marlton 22150%NJ
Marquee Star 22150%TX
Marquet Watch 135538%TX
Marquetry 100805252%KY
Marsayas 111100%PR
Martha'srootboy 3000%MD
Master Bill 45343067%FL
Master Greg 1000%WA
Master Robery 75571%OK
Masterful Advocate 222100%CA
Masterfully 222100%CA
Master's Honey 43125%WV
Mat Bird 66467%TX
Match Trick 75229%MI
Matchlite 27181763%MI
Matricule 31262065%WA
Matter of Honor 18141267%ON
Matthews Keep 178635%MT
Mattress 7200%OH
Matty G 18141161%CA
Mausalama 111100%OK
Max Me One 1000%WA
Maximum Clearance 111100%CA
Maximum Wager 43375%OH
Mazel Trick 104936764%KY
Mc Carthy 1100%TN
Mc Chiso 222100%WA
McCallister's Risk 64350%SK
Meacham 112218%TX
Meadow Flight 20141155%FL
Meadow Monster 96725557%MD
Meadow Prayer 47261940%MI
Meadowlake 93774751%KY
Meadowtime 111100%NY
Mecke 29261552%FL
Media Starguest (IRE) 32133%IL
Medieval 31133%NM
Medieval Victory 2200%NJ
Medifast 84338%TX
Meena 108660%LA
Megas Vukefalos 111100%KY
Mellow Roll 555100%NY
Melodisk 222100%WV
Meloy 21150%TX
Memo (CHI) 81696175%CA
Memorized 6000%TX
Menifee 70644767%KY
Mercedes Won 32201856%IA
Mercer Mill 31222065%OH
Merchantville 1100%NJ
Merrimack T. J. 5000%MI
Mertzon 333100%AR
Meshach 5000%LA
Mesopotamia 1710953%NY
Metfield 35241543%FL
Mexican Bandit 108660%IN
Mi Selecto 72524157%OK
Michael and Herbie 333100%IN
Michael's Flyer 85563%CA
Michael's Star 63350%PA
Midbar 43250%TX
Middle Colony 5000%VA
Middle Man 66583%LA
Midnight Foxtrot (GB) 222100%CA
Midnitesummerdream 1000%PA
Miesque's Son 53372853%KY
Mighty 67493146%KY
Mighty Diamond 111100%WV
Mighty Forum (GB) 97778%VA
Mighty Magee 47312451%NY
Migrating Moon 47302349%FL
Mike Furlong 222100%FL
Mike's Little Man 1000%LA
Military 40332768%KY
Militron 222100%MA
Milkie's Desire 1000%CO
Millions 26161350%NY
Millonario 21150%PR
Mineral Ice 4000%IA
Miner's Mark 85493744%FL
Miner's Path 31133%NM
Minighosta 42250%FL
Mining for Money 222100%CA
Minister General 94333%VA
Minister's Mark 117655%OK
Minstrel Dancer 13121185%FL
Minted Gold 111100%IN
Miracle Heights 33252164%NE
Misbah 33267%KY
Mischievous Matt 1100%AZ
Misnomer 75571%FL
Mister Herbert 222100%LA
Mister Jolie 52352446%FL
Mister Slippers 111100%NM
Mister Sundance 1000%LA
Misty Is a Jewel 6000%MD
Misty Wind (IRE) 32267%WA
Miswaki 71 (1)593955%KY
Miswaki Bandit 10000%IN
Miswaki Gold 1211975%TX
Mitch 111100%WV
Mixed Emotions 54360%CT
Mizaj 55480%NM
Mocha Express 23141148%IA
Modern Day Moses 111100%MD
Mokhieba 33267%VA
Mombo Gambo 2000%BC
Moment of Crisis 77686%OK
Mommu 111100%CA
Momsfurrari 3200%KY
Mon Capitan 42125%KY
Mon Classique 1000%CA
Mon Petit Charite 111100%MO
Money Run 82113%OK
Mongol Warrior 108660%KY
Monsieur Wizard 111100%ON
Montana Mint 2000%OK
Montana Rick 222100%WY
Montbrook 87846372%FL
Montreal Red 22151359%FL
Moody's Prince 2000%LA
Moon Smile 1000%TX
Moon Up T. C. 66583%WA
Moonlight Dancer 20171155%LA
Moonlight Guy 102220%TN
Moon's Crest 222100%WI
More Opportunity 65233%OK
More Style 43375%CA
More Than Ready 95806265%KY
More to Tell 1511853%NE
Moro 12121083%OK
Moro Oro 25181456%IN
Morribeb 22150%LA
Morven Prince 3100%NM
Moscow Ballet 63473962%CA
Moudix Bleu 111100%NM
Mountain Bike (CHI) 555100%CA
Mountain Express 2000%VA
Mountain Metal 75229%NM
Mountain of Laws 97778%FL
Moving Shoulder 21151362%TX
Mr Ballew 111100%TX
Mr Frank M 21150%WA
Mr Purple 23201878%CA
Mr Tallyman 21150%NY
Mr. Atty. General 63233%OR
Mr. Beasley 111100%TN
Mr. Big L. 1000%OK
Mr. Brilliant 31133%LA
Mr. Broad Blade 108880%CA
Mr. Congenial 52240%OH
Mr. Cox's Diablo 84450%LA
Mr. Easy Money 20131155%WA
Mr. Eliseo 21150%PR
Mr. Executioner 222100%VA
Mr. Explosive 98889%PA
Mr. Expo 888100%CA
Mr. Flower Power 333100%CA
Mr. Goldust 66583%IA
Mr. Greeley 124 (1)1027661%KY
Mr. Groush 64233%KY
Mr. Integrity 222100%CA
Mr. J. C.'s Mons 1000%LA
Mr. Listo 62233%TX
Mr. Meadow 111100%MD
Mr. Minister 76686%PR
Mr. Native Sun 1100%OK
Mr. O. P. 1000%SD
Mr. Odd Dancer 111100%NY
Mr. Procrastinator 17141376%CA
Mr. Rhythm'n'blues 4100%NE
Mr. Roberts 12218%TX
Mr. Secretary 4300%LA
Mr. Shawklit 86675%FL
Mr. Sparkles 36261953%LA
Mr. Zill Bear 111100%MD
Mt. Livermore 84695161%KY
Mt. Magazine 225314%IL
Mt. Ruritania 111100%MI
Mud Route 61484370%CA
Mufti 3100%MN
Mula Gula 65233%WA
Muldoon 25201456%OK
Munch n' Nosh 17121059%NJ
Muqtarib 25191872%CA
Murray's Law 111100%AL
Music Express 64467%PR
Music Master 1000%CO
Music to My Ear 222100%CA
Musical Dreamer 76571%OH
Musical River 103330%VA
Musicat 75571%MD
Musing 145429%BC
Musique d'Enfer 9000%CA
Must Be War 64117%TX
Mustache 1000%FL
Mustang Aly 3000%LA
Mutah 2000%LA
Mutakddim 78523140%KY
Mute Dancer 111100%MI
My Boy Adam 59473559%WV
My Dapper Dan 111100%ID
My Dominion 2000%LA
My Ego 2000%NM
My Favorite Grub 31133%FL
My Friend Max 23151565%LA
My Grand Indy 1100%PA
My Imperial Slew 118873%ON
My Kentucky Home 1000%TX
My Kinda Guy 1000%AB
My King (GER) 14111179%CA
My Liege 268519%OK
My Man Tarzan 92111%MB
My Memoirs (GB) 77343%CO
My Mike 13121292%LA
My Prince Charming 1711953%NJ
Myrmidon 147643%TX
Mystery Storm 31 (1)251548%KY
Mystic Replica 222100%PA
Mythical Ruler 222100%ON
Mytimetodance 2000%NC
Naevus 30221757%TX
Naevus Star 74457%CA
Nahuel 3100%WA
Naroctive 6000%OK
Nasgame 53120%CO
Naskra Place 1000%TN
Naskra's Double 42125%CA
Naskra's Ferrari 111100%NY
Nassau Square 10000%MT
Nataraja 44375%KY
Nates M 2000%MD
Nather 138431%PR
Native Crow 52240%UT
Native Factor 18181689%MI
Native of Seattle 53360%BC
Native Regent 24201771%FL
Native Slew 18121056%WV
Native Storm 25161560%CA
Native Stuart 1000%VA
Native Tradition 2000%CA
Natural Bob 222100%CA
Naturals Grand 64467%TX
Navarone 65350%KY
Navy Admiral 1000%CO
Near the Limit 33267%VA
Neat'n Foolish 222100%ID
Neff Lake 26000%SD
Negative 1000%FL
Negotiate 111100%CA
Nelson 333100%LA
Nepal 43250%PA
Nephrite 51120%MB
Nerud 77571%ON
Net Asset 53120%BC
Nevada's Brass 4000%AB
Never Bend Better 42125%TX
Never Shamed 222100%CO
Never Subtle 1100%CA
Never Wavering 54480%FL
New Bond 1000%ID
New Regime 85338%ON
New Sovereign 1000%FL
New Way 24191979%OK
Newton's Law (IRE) 119982%CA
Next Wave 333100%TX
Nias 21150%ON
Nice and Easy 2000%VA
Nice Horizon 111100%AB
Nice Walker 111100%ID
Nicholas 33267%KY
Nicklelobe 54120%WA
Nicodemus Hill 111100%AR
Niganithat 555100%KY
Night Beat 25221248%TX
Night Ceremony 11219%OK
Night Fright 86225%NM
Night Runner 20161155%IA
Night Visitor 44250%NY
Nightofthegaelics 1000%BC
Nightsong Quay 222100%VA
Nijinsky's Secret 3000%IL
Nijinsky's Table 32267%CA
Nina's Boy 2000%TX
Nine Laughs 3100%CA
Nineeleven 333100%CA
Niner Bush 93111%NE
Nines Wild 2916931%NY
Nite Spot 111100%CA
No Bondage 87675%PA
No Budget 73229%LA
No Malice 12118%ON
No Marker 1000%BC
No Question Mark 1000%OH
No Upper Limit 22150%TX
Noactor 31191755%FL
Nobelium 31133%LA
Noble Assembly 54480%TX
Noble Cat 22191777%OH
Noble Houston 1000%MI
Noble Lyphard 7000%BC
Noble Novice 77229%IN
Noble Savage (IRE) 66233%TX
Noholme's Best 21150%TX
Noknowmercy 111100%CO
Nookachamps 111100%WA
Noon Prospect 13121077%OH
Nooo Problema 88675%IL
Nordic Quest 1000%OH
North City 4000%IN
North Dallas 111100%OK
North Prospect 24181146%MN
North Woodsman 555100%MI
Northern Account 44250%SK
Northern Afleet 70524361%FL
Northern Andy 333100%ND
Northern Baby 94222%KY
Northern Charm 111100%MD
Northern Crook 32267%PA
Northern Devil 21141152%CA
Northern Horizon 43250%AB
Northern Jay 41125%OK
Northern Kick 2100%SK
Northern Magus 51120%LA
Northern Mel 111100%AR
Northern Minuet 2000%AB
Northern Niner 18111056%LA
Northern No Trump 2818932%KY
Northern Play 222100%TX
Northern Presence 3000%BC
Northern Spur (IRE) 167638%KY
Northern Strike 111100%ON
Northern Supremo 21150%WA
Northern Symphony 167531%OH
Northern Trend 1514960%FL
Northern Wolf 102110%WV
Northernhemisphere 103330%NY
Northstar Prospect 51120%TX
Norway Gray 111100%OH
Not a Role Model 111100%AR
Not Affordable 111100%LA
Not For Love 72624968%MD
Not So Fast 92222%NE
Not Surprised 42250%NC
Not Tricky 21121048%CA
Notable Cat 112944%OK
Notebook 59483966%FL
Notorious 21150%TX
Novel Nashua 111100%NY
Nowi'veseenitall 22150%OH
Nowork all Play 21150%MO
Nozomie 5000%LA
Nucay 77686%OR
Nuit's Dandy 1000%IL
Numchuek 21150%WI
Numerous 23161252%KY
Nureyev 44 (5)4037%KY
O. K. by You 55360%PA
Obligato 15117%NY
O'Brannigan 149964%NE
Observatory (IRE) 2000%FL
Obstructed 146643%PA
Ocala Slew 1210867%FL
Ocean Native (MEX) 43375%LA
Ocean Splash 73343%PA
Ocean Trick 111100%BC
Octo Native 22150%ID
October Gold 33133%LA
Odyle 146643%NY
Officer of Court 17161059%OK
Official Plan 21150%CA
Ogydoug 43250%KY
Oh Bye Golly 61117%OH
Oh Say 64467%MD
Oka Revolt 42250%BC
Olaf 1510853%MN
Old Chapel 116436%NM
Old Kingsport 111100%TN
Old Stories 21150%WA
Old Topper 53444177%CA
Old Trieste 1181017059%KY
Ole' 23171461%CA
Ole Black Magic 2000%CA
Oliver's Twist 1610638%FL
Olmos 114436%TX
Oly Ogy 55360%IA
Olympio 89755461%CA
Omali's Buckaroo 6200%IA
Omar Khayyam 84450%MB
On Target 30201757%BC
On the Lawn 99556%CA
On the Sauce 26242077%LA
Once a Sailor 16141063%TX
Once Ivor 159853%PR
Once Wild 86563%FL
One Drink 3000%TX
One for A. B. 1100%TN
One Golf Sierra 33133%MD
One Great Native 51120%OK
One in a Mil 22150%AZ
One Little Hustler 44250%IL
One Man Army 111100%CA
One More Power 222100%VA
One Slew Over 21150%FL
One That Got Away 2000%ON
One Tuff Oop 1100%MD
Onefinesilverbuck 51120%LA
Onemore Desire 31133%MD
Ongoing Mister 85338%NM
Ono Eagle Joe 1000%WA
Oops a Complice 1000%LA
Open Forum 117825749%FL
Opies Bundle 44250%SD
Ops Smile 33292267%MD
Optic Nerve 109770%NY
Optic Odyssey 87563%SK
Orange Ticket 1000%ON
Orbit's Scene 111100%TX
Orchid's Devil 18131267%BC
Order 32133%CA
Ordway 18151267%KY
Ore Deal 61117%TX
Ore Grade 21131257%WA
Organizers Cousin 21150%WV
Ormonte 1000%NE
Ormsby 42250%NY
Oronero 92222%PQ
Othello 65233%KY
Our Covenant 33133%CA
Our Emblem 31232065%KY
Our Flag 2000%KY
Our Frankie 66583%NY
Our Gary 22150%IA
Our Gatsby 8000%TX
Our Henry 111100%NC
Our Irish Beau 1000%NM
Our Recital 1000%OK
Our Silver Knight 2000%AR
Our Valley View 88338%WV
Ourcurtaincall 106440%MT
Out of Place 98836061%KY
Out of the Crisis 1000%KY
Out On the Town 1000%AB
Outdoor Celebrity 2000%AZ
Outflanker 60474372%FL
Outstanding Pro 3000%ON
Over Light 3000%MI
Overly Glib 5000%NE
Overnight Express 99778%IN
P. T. Indy 73343%ON
Pachinko 52240%BC
Pacific Waves 1515960%OH
Pair of Deuces 85450%PR
Palance 333100%FL
Palmister 2111943%IL
Pana Brass 3000%MD
Pancho Press (ARG) 85338%IA
Pancho Villa 74564257%TX
Pangbourne 22150%BC
Papa Banks 33267%IL
Papa G.'s Pride 111100%FL
Parade Ground 80624556%KY
Paramount Jet 66350%TX
Paramour 109660%NM
Paranoide (ARG) 18141267%CA
Parentheses 43250%NM
Parfaitement 114327%IA
Parlay Me 1713529%AB
Part the Waters 108880%FL
Partager 33133%OK
Parting the Sea 19151053%NM
Partner's Hero 56453664%MD
Party Manners 29191448%KY
Paskanell 444100%SK
Pass Em Quick 1100%TX
Pass Fail 2000%OH
Pass the Line 75571%FL
Paster's Caper 333100%CA
Pastor 111100%WV
Patriot Strike 132215%ND
Patsyprospect 2313835%NM
Patton 46332350%PA
Pauliano 27231659%MI
Pave the Way 6000%MN
Paxos 76686%CA
Payoffthemortgage 2200%IN
Payroll Deposit 2000%IA
Peace Baby 111100%ON
Peace Prize (IRE) 108660%OK
Peaceful Go 61117%KS
Peaks and Valleys 113896860%KY
Pecos River 87563%KY
Pele's Smile 136431%TX
Pembroke 34241750%KY
Pentelicus 49413980%FL
Percifal 32267%ID
Perdition's Son 172212%OK
Peremptory 52120%IL
Perfect 1311969%NJ
Perfect Mandate 119982%CA
Perfect Thoughts 111100%MT
Perfect Vision 37232157%KY
Perfecting 72114%MD
Perforce 77343%AZ
Perkin Warbeck 31133%MI
Perry Road 115436%MT
Perryman Place 111100%ID
Persian Star 74343%BC
Personable Joe 36242261%WA
Personal 42250%KY
Personal Five 75457%TX
Personal Flag 73574460%NY
Personal Matter 136431%MA
Peruvian 119764%KY
Peterhof 1310538%WA
Petersburg 28211657%WA
Pete's Sake 13118%ON
Peteski 1000%PA
Petionville 62554674%KY
Petite Rouge 111100%VA
Petra Forbes 22150%TX
Pettibone Prince 21150%OH
Petty Crime 22150%MO
Peyrano (ARG) 77571%CA
Phantom Jet 88788%NY
Pharisien (FR) 1111873%CA
Phil Barrera 2000%UT
Philadream 101110%IN
Phoenician 1000%OR
Phone Fantasy 209735%TX
Phone Prince 1000%TX
Phone Randy 3100%OK
Phone Roberto 25211664%CA
Phone Saga 24231667%CA
Phone Trick 71 (1)573752%KY
Phonetics 13131077%CA
Pic Iron 55120%CO
Picabo Too 111100%OK
Piccolino 18151267%FL
Pick Up Lunch 1100%TX
Picnicker 1000%OH
Pillar of Wisdom 5000%NE
Pin Stripe 1711953%PA
Pinckney 111100%CO
Pine Bluff 84725464%KY
Pine Ridge 21150%KY
Pioneer Spirit 1000%FL
Pioneering 98785960%KY
Pipe Peddler 333100%TN
Pipes Pride 2000%AB
Pirate Stronghold 99556%IL
Pistols and Roses 26121038%KY
Pitt City Slew 4100%CA
Pivot 31133%MT
Placid Fund 23191774%LA
Plano Pleasure 99778%PR
Play Both Ends 125542%SC
Play for Time 43375%ON
Play With Satan 2000%TX
Playboy Tony 1000%AZ
Playing for Ashes 51120%NH
Pleasant Dancer 1311754%VA
Pleasant Line 54480%IN
Pleasant Pope 44375%ID
Pleasant Tap 86765766%KY
Pleasantprospector 118545%KY
Plenty Chilly 95556%IN
Plentyofit 77686%OK
Plucky Dancer (FR) 1000%CA
Pocket Book 52240%OK
Pocket of Talent 1100%TN
Pocket Phone 111100%AR
Point in Time 84450%TX
Pok Ta Pok 2412938%PA
Pole Position 149964%SK
Poles Apart 1515853%NM
Polish Navy 68472841%KY
Polish Numbers 55463564%MD
Polish Payola 222100%MD
Polish Pro 1610744%NY
Political Folly 1713847%OH
Political Move 2100%KY
Political Whit 137538%TX
Polka 145214%MB
Pollock's Luck 34271956%TX
Poly Test (FR) 1100%CA
Ponche 93333%FL
Popspartner 5000%MN
Porcupine Ridge 2000%TX
Porto Foricos 42281945%ON
Porto Varas 33267%KY
Post Up 2100%OK
Potentiate 1000%MA
Potowatomi 1000%MI
Powderityourself 32267%AB
Power Break 111100%ND
Power by Far 26181454%PA
Power of Mind 2315835%PA
Power Storm 18151056%TX
Powerful Goer 52240%IL
Powerful Venue 22150%UT
Powers That Be 111100%CA
Pragmatic 333100%NM
Preacherman 1613744%NY
Precise End 93685963%NY
Precocity 39362974%FL
Predecessor 12518%MI
Prefabricate 41125%WA
Preferences 64350%OK
Premier Coup 1000%ID
Premiership 20171365%FL
Premium Spirits 2000%IN
Prems Parr 2000%ID
Prenup 36171336%VA
Presailist 333100%FL
Present Value 188211%ID
Presently 27141141%IL
Presidential Order 2514832%IN
Presidents Summit 333100%NV
Pressure 21150%OK
Preston Road 2100%OK
Pretensor 3000%OK
Pride of Burkaan 1814950%OH
Prime Magic 43375%TX
Primordial 66583%IL
Prince Anomar 111100%CA
Prince Azim 222100%OK
Prince Bobby B. 75457%OK
Prince Burkaan (VEN) 76343%KY
Prince Cox 1000%IL
Prince Graustark 42250%OK
Prince Guistino 62233%IN
Prince Jolie 21150%MD
Prince Nureyev 41125%TN
Prince of Fame 15100%NM
Prince of Strides 111100%CA
Prince of the Mt. 35302777%LA
Prince of the Wild 22150%WA
Prince Spellbound 111100%OK
Prince Stanley 666100%OR
Prince Valid 33267%IA
Prince Zotti 22150%OK
Private Chieftain 444100%NM
Private Dream 51120%TX
Private Interview 26181662%NJ
Private Key 54360%MD
Private Policy 222100%CA
Private School 3615925%OH
Private Suspicion 74457%WV
Private Talk 86563%FL
Private Terms 53412751%KY
Private Venture 1000%NJ
Prized 48331838%KY
Prized Bo 75457%UT
Prized Son 21150%TX
Pro Chapeau 107550%ID
Pro Ransom 1000%IL
Probable 76457%OK
Progression 1000%TX
Promise of Dawn 2000%AR
Prompt Payment 1000%VA
Proof 52240%PA
Proper Reality 1712741%OK
Proper Texan 66467%WV
Prospect Bay 36292261%KY
Prospect Feature 138754%IA
Prospect North 175318%KS
Prospector Jones 31232271%NM
Prospectors Comet 33133%AZ
Prospectors Gamble 1511853%KY
Prospector's Music 9300%KY
Prospectorsfantasy 1100%NJ
Prosper Fager 54480%NY
Proud and True 45332556%FL
Proud Buffalo 222100%TX
Proud Dhabi 44375%NM
Proud Exchange 5000%AB
Proud Giant 22150%LA
Proud Irish 46434189%CA
Proud Politician 111100%OH
Proud Shot 41125%VA
Proudest Romeo 23212087%FL
Prudent Manner (IRE) 137646%KY
Prune 2100%IL
Prussian Blue 111100%VT
Public Finance 83225%CO
Puchilingui 333100%MI
Puerto Madero (CHI) 28221346%KY
Pug's Hart 3100%NE
Pulling Punches 51423161%LA
Pulpit 76725370%KY
Pulverizing 2000%MD
Pumpkin House 91111%TX
Pumpkin Time 21150%TX
Purdue King 22171464%IA
Purdue's Double 32133%CA
Pure Excess 1100%CA
Purple Comet 52240%VA
Purple Passion 118764%MD
Pyramid Peak 61503354%KY
Pyrite 62233%CA
Quadratic 1100%VA
Quadratic's Pride 111100%OK
Quaker Hill 18111161%MN
Quaker Quick 33133%OK
Quaker Ridge 42242150%FL
Quarry 32221650%PA
Queen's Gray Bee 31133%OK
Que's Black Ice 21150%CA
Quibble 21150%FL
Quick and Dirty 16000%MI
Quick and Nervous 55360%NM
Quick Cut 39281949%MN
Quick Style 32267%TX
Quiero Dinero 1100%NM
Quiet American 59523559%KY
Quiet Enjoyment 20141365%MI
Quiet Revenge 1000%ID
Quietly Delayed 21150%WY
Quilloly 6000%TX
Quintillion (IRE) 3000%MO
Quite a Fighter 2000%GA
Quite Special 75571%AB
R F F Crown Prince 21150%TX
R Js Harri 41125%TX
R W's Prize 111100%CO
R. Cooper 86675%FL
R. Payday 1613744%NM
Racey Remarque 108770%AZ
Racing Jeans 1000%UT
Racing Rhinocerous 86563%TX
Rackety 21150%MT
Radigation 22150%NJ
Radio Daze 63233%IN
Raeggae Dancer 222100%TX
Raffie's Majesty 28232071%NY
Raft 42250%MD
Rage 13111185%NY
Raheeb 62233%KY
Rahy 106 (5)946460%KY
Raider 1000%AZ
Rail 17121059%LA
Railroad Man 111100%NC
Railway Cat 73343%OH
Rainbow Blues 1100%CA
Rainbow Blues (IRE) 73343%CA
Rainbow Prospect 2000%OK
Rainwater 1100%TX
Rainy Bay 1000%KY
Raise a Champion 53240%CA
Raise a Govenor 196632%TX
Raise a Man 42250%NY
Raise a Rascal 74457%OK
Raise My Ego 43375%AB
Raise the Price 3100%WA
Raise Your Hope 32133%MN
Raisor Smart 111100%AL
Raja's Best Boy 19171263%TX
Raja's Charter 41125%NE
Raja's Revenge 42125%CA
Raji 97778%CA
Raleigh Road 21150%IL
Rambling Prince 111100%TX
Random Sensation 1000%WI
Randy Regent 13101077%ON
Ranger (FR) 1811528%AB
Ransom Calling 1000%LA
Rapacity 2000%IL
Rare Brick 23141357%TX
Rare Red 1000%TX
Rastra 1000%PA
Rather Well 111100%ON
Rattenburys Bank 111100%CO
Ravenwood 66583%CA
Rawafed 3000%NY
Raykour (IRE) 64233%GA
Ray's Word 14517%TX
Raz Lea 111100%CA
Reack Boldly 82225%MS
Ready to Order 66350%CA
Reaffirming 5000%TX
Real Partner 96444%MA
Real Quiet 99665354%KY
Real Way 42250%KY
Real West 94444%BC
Realitos 8200%IN
Reality Road 1712847%FL
Reality's Conquest 65467%KS
Really a Rainbow 96444%NM
Really Golden 21150%WA
Really Honest 44375%CA
Reavealing Gold 3000%OK
Rebel Pleasure 222100%NY
Rebmec 29231448%AB
Recessible 22150%LA
Recind 1000%OR
Reckless Boy 111100%TX
Reclassify 32267%UT
Recognized 32267%LA
Red 32171547%CA
Red Chip 6100%ID
Red Clay Country 2000%OH
Red Hammer Red 1100%AL
Red Prairie 84225%NM
Red Ransom 86816070%KY
Red River Gorge 97667%OK
Red Rooster 5000%OK
Red Scamper 21150%MA
Red Screen 2100%IA
Reds Lazarus 53360%WY
Reel On Reel 1412964%OK
Reel Performer 1000%LA
Refuse to Lose 1000%VA
Regal Affair 87788%CA
Regal American 44250%MD
Regal Brek 333100%OH
Regal Classic 77574862%NY
Regal Code 73229%IL
Regal Discovery 17101059%ON
Regal Flier 4000%BC
Regal Flight 21150%ON
Regal Humor 166638%FL
Regal Intention 62423760%BC
Regal Kris 32267%OK
Regal Remark 18131161%BC
Regal Secret 111100%NC
Regal Snow 111100%MN
Regalstaff 94444%OK
Regent Act 8000%CA
Regent Minister 31133%TX
Regreta 72229%LA
Reign Road 157533%NY
Reigning King 43375%PA
Reincarnate 87788%MI
Relagate 105440%TX
Relaunch a Tune 17111165%AZ
Relic Relic Relic 44375%FL
Reno City 2000%ID
Renteria 21171362%ID
Reparations 26161558%FL
Repeal 44250%NY
Repletion 2000%BC
Report On Rain 2000%TX
Repriced 73 (2)543953%KY
Reprized 21151571%FL
Reputed Testamony 3000%VT
Research 2011735%MI
Respect for Mom 22150%LA
Restless Con 21150%CA
Retsina Run 15141067%NM
Reve Du 73229%BC
Revelrout 76571%OK
Reversal 65583%AZ
Reverse Mulligan 2100%IN
Rewana 51120%OK
Rff King's Ransom 333100%TX
Rhoadseo 4100%IN
Rhodes 129867%OH
Rhythm 50372856%CA
Ribot Land 222100%CA
Rich Doctor 52120%OR
Richland Native 33133%TX
Richter Scale 80674050%KY
Rick de Naskra 111100%CO
Ricoxino (BRZ) 2200%KY
Ridan Clarion 31133%OK
Ride the Storm 26201142%SC
Ride to Win 1000%OR
Ridgeway Ruler 111100%ON
Riflery 1916947%IN
Rigging 88563%IL
Right Jab 135538%LA
Rine's Hope 42125%IN
Ring 62233%SC
Ring of Mordor 3000%ID
Ringside 136646%BC
Rinka Das 2211941%MD
Rio Verde 33302988%CA
Rio's Lark 53240%WA
Rip C 3000%TX
Rip Cat 99333%PA
Rip Entry 54480%AL
Ripley's Class Act 32267%OK
Rising Ruff 111100%UT
Riva Pass 21150%IN
River Battle 21150%MI
River Flyer 1312969%CA
River Keen (IRE) 46353270%NY
River Squall 26201350%TX
Rivercraft 2000%TN
Rivergo 1100%OK
Rixby 87675%LA
Rizzi 96725658%FL
Road Rush 43250%TX
Roamin Cowboy 111100%CO
Roanoke 50362346%PA
Roar 59483254%KY
Roaring Camp 26211765%GA
Rob an Plunder 31133%OR
Rob 'n Gin 1411964%NY
Robannier 17111059%CA
Robb 27121244%WV
Roberto Retorno 31133%IL
Rob's Freeze 72229%LA
Robyn Dancer 113877465%FL
Rock Band 6300%CA
Rock Point 24141146%VA
Rockamundo 119545%KY
Rocky D 1000%TX
Rocky Mountain 114327%FL
Rocky T Gun 44375%CO
Rocky Top Bob 3000%FL
Rod and Staff 189739%KY
Rodeo 91695662%NY
Roglee 73343%NM
Rojo Dinero 333100%OK
Rokeby (GB) 1312646%AB
Roll Again 92222%SC
Roll Label 54480%OH
Rolls Aly 3000%CA
Roman Bend 1000%NC
Roman Image 87675%CA
Roman Night 2000%NY
Romanov (IRE) 30241550%KY
Romans Big Gun 1000%FL
Romantico 64467%NC
Romo 53240%SC
Roo Art 73343%TX
Root Boy 1211867%MD
Rouge Clover 33267%PA
Rouse the Louse 43250%MD
Roving Soldier 222100%UT
Rowdy Regal 22150%AZ
Rowdy Rowdy Rowdy 54360%AR
Roxbury Park 222100%WV
Royal 1100%NM
Royal Academy 119976252%KY
Royal Accord 111100%TN
Royal Albert Hall 31133%BC
Royal Anthem 1341078160%KY
Royal Canaska (GB) 1000%ON
Royal Dixie 43125%BC
Royal Empire 26181662%AL
Royal Gardener 2000%IA
Royal Hibernian 1000%AZ
Royal Link 111100%NJ
Royal Merlot 35313086%PR
Royal Monarchy 111100%OH
Royal Mover 33267%MT
Royal Quiz 17111059%SK
Royal Regatta (IRE) 1110982%CA
Royal Roberto 98667%IL
Royal Rumpus 102220%AB
Royal Senoir 88450%MI
Royal Spectacle 33267%ID
Royal Terrorizer 64350%IL
Royal Thunderbolt 3000%LA
Royale Future 333100%LA
Royality Bend 1000%WA
Royalty Case 111100%TX
Rubiano 99786061%KY
Rubiyat 2515936%MD
Ruby Beads 2000%WY
Ruckus Hosner 43375%KY
Ruffacttofollow 21150%CO
Rugged Angel 6000%BC
Ruhlmann 129975%TX
Rule On It 1000%MT
Rum Isle 222100%LA
Rumbo 32267%OK
Rumlum Star 2000%ON
Rum'n Cope 54240%LA
Run Paul Run 119436%NM
Run Softly 20141050%KY
Run to Daylight 53240%TX
Run Turn 18131267%PR
Runaway Groom 66554162%KY
Runaway Macho 145321%WV
Runaway Prince 111100%VA
Running Memories 111100%AB
Running Rangle 3000%PA
Running Stag 1141018070%FL
Rush 55480%TX
Rush a Bid 2000%NC
Rushaway Groom 42250%TX
Russellthemussell 1111655%WA
Russian Connection 53240%TX
Russian Sword 21150%MN
Rustic Dance 31133%TX
Rustic Light 32267%TX
Rydin and Wishin 42125%TX
Saber Blade 1000%CA
Sabona 43250%KY
Sacks Man 111100%FL
Sadler Slew 27141348%NM
Safe Ground 54480%OH
Safe Plot 111100%NJ
Safe Prospect 53240%KY
Safely's Mark 142214%MA
Sahm 37261746%KY
Sail Me Again 32267%IA
Sailor's Pass 222100%WA
Sailorstakewarning 32133%VA
Saint Ballado 110 (4)978073%KY
Saint Reddie 75571%AR
Saint Tropez 5000%NE
Saintry 222100%CA
Salem Drive 86563%KY
Salmon Boy 1000%KY
Salt Dome 62233%TX
Salt Lake 69624565%KY
Salty Shoes 1010880%WA
Sam Again 32267%TX
Sam Huff 222100%SC
Sampson 93333%WA
Sam's Sunny Hour 107770%FL
San Rafael Pass 13000%CO
San Romano 125433%TX
Sanctuary 32267%LA
Sandia Slew 333100%NM
Sandpile 111100%NY
Sandpit (BRZ) 63403352%KY
Sandrigo 74457%WA
Sanill 6000%OH
San's Shadow 1000%GA
Santiago Red 66467%MD
Sara's Silvercharm 54360%AB
Saratoga Express 14117%MB
Saratoga Six 32261547%KY
Sasha's Prospect 42252252%FL
Sask Watch 555100%SK
Sassafras Tea 88338%OR
Satan Sleeps 32267%AR
Satan's Account 1000%NY
Satellite Signal 84113%SK
Satellite Sun 13000%NY
Sato 222100%ON
Saucy Token 86450%PA
Savin Eyes 86675%OH
Savings 163319%LA
Saxton 42125%TX
Say Dora 1100%PA
Say Guv 76686%LA
Say Uncle 31133%MA
Scarlet Ibis 24151563%NY
Scarlet 'n Gray 77457%IL
Scatmandu 74523243%KY
Scent Wise 44375%IN
Schaufuss 111100%OK
Schembechler 85563%AL
Scherando 22181777%CA
Schizoid 1110545%NM
Score Early 5000%CA
Score Quick 142214%CA
Scott's Dream 1000%CO
Scott's Scoundrel 2310626%LA
Scottsville 146321%LA
Scratching Post 32133%SK
Screen Trick 33267%MA
Scrunchy 111100%CA
Sea of Secrets 39 (2)342667%KY
Sea Salute 30161343%NY
Sea Twister 98667%KS
Sea Wall 86563%ON
Seacliff 33211545%FL
Seartic Sailor 1000%ON
Season Screen 22150%KY
Seattle Battle 53360%TX
Seattle Bound 39292359%CA
Seattle High 44125%KY
Seattle Morn 35302263%IL
Seattle Pattern 146643%TX
Seattle Proud 54480%CA
Seattle Rob 127542%IN
Seattle Sea 6100%WA
Seattle Shuffle 33267%GA
Seattle Sleet 25191144%KY
Seattle Slew 63593657%KY
Seattle Sun 106330%OK
Sebrof 44375%ID
Seclusive Music 1000%KY
Second Childhood 111100%NY
Second Episode 2100%MA
Second Lieutenant 111100%PA
Secreniner 2612727%KY
Secret Bounty 1100%KY
Secret Claim 1110545%TX
Secret Firm 24191771%MD
Secret Hello 45322453%VA
Secret Odds 186528%LA
Secretariats Ghost 1000%FL
Secretary Forli 111100%CA
Secretary General 3000%IL
Secretito 111100%KY
Secuaz Del Patan 66233%OR
See Me Com'en 31133%OH
Seeker's Journey 72229%BC
Seeking the Crown 31161548%WV
Seeking the Gold 81786074%KY
Sefapiano 40342255%KY
Seine Minstrel 1100%MO
Sejm 27212074%PR
Select Session 5000%NC
Select Star 111100%CO
Semi Northern 2000%ON
Seminole Wind 555100%IN
Semoran 53352649%FL
Seneca Jones 32322578%TX
Senor Conquistador 96444%MA
Senor Larry 1000%TX
Senor Lear 444100%TX
Senor Speedy 26161558%KY
Senor Vermonti 33133%LA
Sensitive Copy 111100%CA
Sentinal Paradice 30133%KY
Sentinel Star 666100%CA
Serves Em Right 128542%OK
Service Stripe 57 (1)282035%KY
Set in Stone 1000%AB
Seven Rivers 18161478%CA
Seven Zero 31133%BC
Seward Junction 222100%TX
Sewickley 111100%MD
Shadeed 159427%KY
Shadeeds Prospect 4000%MI
Shadow in the Dark 5000%TN
Shadow Launcher 84450%IL
Shadow Show 22150%PA
Shady Sable 22150%TX
Shaegra 3100%UT
Shaheen 18131056%SK
Shakeel 23221774%IL
Shanekite 111100%CA
Shaquin 333100%TX
Sharkey 32242063%IA
Sharp Frosty 26171765%LA
Sharp Runner 111100%MA
Sharp Terdankim 2000%IN
Sharp Victor 31133%CA
Shawaf 37231438%KY
Shawklit Player 1111655%NE
Shecky Iron 22150%VA
Sheikh Adel 118436%GA
Shelly's Charmer 75343%NJ
Shelter Half 76457%MD
Shelton 102220%LA
Shergar's Best (IRE) 118764%ID
Sheryar 62233%NJ
Shining Spring 15000%PR
Shoot Again 43375%VA
Shot Block 53360%AL
Shotgun John 51120%TX
Shotiche 20161260%IA
Shrike 108550%MB
Shuailaan 34251750%KY
Shut Down 2000%TX
Shuttleman 2000%TX
Siberian Pine 95333%AR
Siberian Summer 31211961%CA
Siberian Tiger 8000%IN
Siebe 104220%TX
Signal 1810422%SC
Signal Tap 2114838%NY
Signoretto (FR) 4000%MT
Silent Era 1000%MI
Silent Generation 7000%ID
Silent King 65583%LA
Silent Landing 111100%MA
Silesia Flash 1000%MT
Silic (FR) 60 (1)432338%KY
Silk Lightning 65583%UT
Silk Song 76686%MN
Silken Reality 21150%AZ
Silver Bluff 54360%ON
Silver Canyon 21150%AZ
Silver Charm 113987566%KY
Silver Deputy 82634454%KY
Silver Desire 22150%AZ
Silver Element 111100%AL
Silver Fox 32201753%BC
Silver Ghost 52463975%KY
Silver Goblet 111100%CA
Silver Hawk 57504172%KY
Silver Knave 3000%MD
Silver Launch 38261950%NE
Silver Leader 21150%PA
Silver Music 149429%NY
Silver of Silver 43375%AB
Silver Ray 129975%CA
Silver Surfer 21150%NM
Simbalu 1000%VA
Simi Dancer 444100%UT
Simon Lord Lovat 42125%KY
Simple Savage 2000%OR
Simply Majestic 128758%CA
Sinceilostmybaby 168531%CO
Sinful Persuasion 111100%VA
Sing It Sam 22150%TX
Singing Cowboy 111100%TX
Siouxperheart 21150%WV
Siphon (BRZ) 102 (2)886261%KY
Sir Ap 155427%AB
Sir Cat 59422949%KY
Sir Dennis 64350%CA
Sir Eric 127758%PA
Sir Fir 1000%CA
Sir Leon 222100%FL
Sir Mala Mala 21150%CA
Sir Opus 22150%CA
Sir Riddle 117764%IN
Sir Spectator 2000%OK
Sir Spellbinder 777100%IL
Sir Stout 1000%CA
Sir Teddy 21150%CA
Sir V. 43375%CA
Sir Wayma 4000%TN
Six Below 47403983%CA
Six Speed 127542%TX
Sixteen Flags 22150%ID
Sixthreeniner 111100%MI
Sixto G 75571%IN
Siyah Kalem 61117%CA
Skip Away 121986251%KY
Skip Trial 28221657%FL
Skip West 222100%MS
Sky Classic 106 (11)886561%KY
Sky Tracer 1000%IL
Sky White 147429%BC
Skywalker 62564674%KY
Slavic 189739%VA
Sleepless Morn 2000%NM
Slerp 21150%CA
Slew City Slew 79604253%KY
Slew Express 66467%SK
Slew Gin Fizz 116 (3)1018170%FL
Slew Mood 73229%AZ
Slew o' Gold 2317522%KY
Slew of Angels 77686%CA
Slew O'Quoit 229941%WV
Slew the Bride 1713953%CA
Slew the Coup 42125%OK
Slew the Message 52240%FL
Slew the Slewor 33267%GA
Slew the Surgeon 36272261%LA
Slew You 54480%TX
Slewabration 111100%TX
Slewariat 111100%CO
Slewd 31133%WA
Slewdledo 80615366%WA
Slewly Yours 111100%FL
Slewpy 26171662%CA
Slews Gold 5000%CO
Slew's Guy 2000%AZ
Slew's Royalty 65467%CA
Slew's Verdict 1000%LA
Slewvescent 24221979%CA
Slewy Jet 21150%CA
Slice of Reality 116655%NY
Slick Prince 32267%OK
Slide to the Left 33267%KY
Slu Time 1000%NE
Sluggard 1100%TX
Sly Bear 1000%KY
Smart Alec 51120%MD
Smart Guy 222100%MD
Smart Magician 65583%TX
Smart Strike 76614762%KY
Smartinsky 1000%WV
Smelly 2000%MD
Smile and Be Happy 85450%NM
Smilin Singin Sam 36161644%CO
Smithfield 108440%LA
Smoke 51120%ON
Smoke Glacken 94744952%KY
Smoken Tobin 111100%WA
Smokester 40342973%CA
Smokin Mel 106660%IL
Smokin' Satan 22150%IA
Smoking Gun 54480%TX
Smoldering Sumac 111100%MO
Smooth Runner 1612850%CA
Snake Doctor 76571%NM
Snake Oil Stevie 4000%MA
Sneaker's Seeker 111100%CA
Snow Chief 65583%CA
Snow 'em 44375%CA
Snow Empire (URU) 111100%PA
Snowbound 50232142%WA
So Ever Clever 129758%KS
So La Me 666100%LA
So Private 66350%IA
Soaking Smoking 94333%ON
Social Diamond 42125%LA
Social Freeze 1000%KY
Social Wizard 31133%ON
Socially Shaded 92222%OK
Society Max 75343%AZ
Soft and Sly 21150%TX
Soft Gold (BRZ) 53360%CA
Solar Jack 42125%FL
Solar Launch 2000%OK
Solo Chorus 1000%NY
Solo Drummer 111100%PA
Solvency 1000%TX
Someplace Fast 12000%NM
Something Lucky 66467%CA
Somethingcontare 42250%VA
Somethingprincely 1100%CA
Son of a Roman 43375%VA
Son of Briartic 134431%WA
Son of Savage 222100%LA
Songhay 1000%NM
Song's Son 222100%LA
Sonny and Me 21150%OH
Sonny's Solo Halo 4000%OR
Son's Corona 21150%WA
Sound of Rhythm 2000%OR
South Boy (JPN) 55480%AZ
South Pass 65467%OK
South Salem 91111%LA
Southbysouthwest 1000%AZ
Southern Approach 33133%TX
Southern Cross Sky 1000%AB
Southern Forest 127542%AR
Southern Halo 81654252%KY
Southern Hobo 222100%ON
Southern Illusion 22150%TX
Southern Rhythm 25151248%PA
Southern Romance 76686%TX
Southern Sign 44250%WA
Southern Squire 21150%MO
Southerner 42250%TX
Souvenir Copy 84755060%KY
Sovereign Leader 111100%AR
Soviet State 127542%OK
Spanish Drummer 37191849%IL
Sparkling Blade 85450%NM
Spark's Flying 3000%KY
Spartan Victory 65583%VA
Speak 24171250%OK
Special Agent 22150%KS
Special Attack 21150%CO
Special Forli 111100%AZ
Special Invention 52240%SD
Spectacular Bend 2000%OR
Spectacular Bid 22 (1)131150%NY
Spectaculardynasty 32267%NY
Speed Merchant 44375%AZ
Speeding Moment 91111%NM
Speedy Cure 126650%MI
Speedy Nijinsky 126650%KS
Speedy Strong 61117%PR
Spend a Buck 29251966%LA
Spinning World 84664655%KY
Spirit Voices 43375%OH
Spiritbound 65467%LA
Sport Hunter 85450%LA
Sport Royal 32267%LA
Sportful 4000%NM
Sportin' Jack 222100%CO
Spot Pocket 21150%ON
Spreadthealarm 5000%NM
Spreadtheword 111100%LA
Sprizzo 21150%WV
Spruce Bouquet 1111982%LA
Spruce Gum 32267%AZ
Spudknac 1000%UT
Spunky Rascal 75571%OH
Spy Signal 43375%IL
Squadron Leader 117545%KY
St. Alydar 42250%GA
St. Jovite 64350%KY
St. Valentine 333100%OH
Stack 13121292%FL
Stacked Pack 222100%NY
Staff Riot 2000%TX
Stage Colony 13101077%CA
Staged Attraction 111100%KS
Stake a Claim 97667%NM
Stake Procpect 16121275%PR
Stalwart 31201239%KY
Stalwart Boy 55360%UT
Standing On Edge 24111146%WV
Star of Halo 3200%AR
Star of Ransom 222100%PA
Star of the Crop 63350%KY
Star of Valor 29261759%FL
Star Programmer 72473751%TX
Starbird Glacier 4000%MT
Stark Ridge 87788%FL
Starzaam 33133%CA
State Affair 1000%ON
State Craft 133323%KY
State Dancer 1000%MD
State Dinner 33267%AR
State Performer 13131077%CA
Stately Cielo 222100%CA
Stately Slew 229314%LA
Statesmanship 117655%FL
Stauder 124217%OK
Steel Robbing 144429%MO
Steel Ruhlr 21150%OR
Steinlen (GB) 21150%CA
Stephanotis 44322659%BC
Stephen Got Even 95815861%KY
Stephene Mon Amour 87338%TX
Stevie Ruckus 65467%AB
Sticks and Bricks 54120%SC
Stolen Gold 22191568%WA
Stone Boy 22150%SK
Stop At the Mint 111100%NJ
Stop the Fighting (IRE)102110%MT
Stop the Stage 53240%SK
Storada 1110764%ND
Storm and a Half 77504052%AR
Storm Ashore 75571%CA
Storm Blast 24141354%WA
Storm Boot 79714658%KY
Storm Brewing 106660%KY
Storm Brick 1000%LA
Storm Broker 47332962%MD
Storm Cat 1161027161%KY
Storm Center 186528%WV
Storm Creek 103866765%KY
Storm God 22191777%PR
Storm of Angels 41231844%NY
Storm of the Night 35113%SD
Storm Ruler 12000%OK
Storm Time 3000%TX
Storm Trick 111100%KY
Stormin Fever 1241067258%KY
Storms Eye 1100%KY
Stormville 126325%SC
Stormy Atlantic 129998969%FL
Stormy Balcony 21150%OK
Stormy Crown T 75571%PR
Straight Man 114937566%FL
Strategic Intent 174424%LA
Strategize 54120%LA
Stravinsky 105917067%KY
Streaker Gotchey 43125%MT
Stress Related 33267%PA
Strike a Gold Mine 21150%ON
Strike Gold 15131067%CA
Strike the Anvil 44375%FL
Strong Minded 1513640%MT
Strong Performance 72229%TX
Struggler (GB) 1911842%FL
Stuffed Que 333100%WY
Stylish Senor 333100%KY
Suave Prospect 55383564%FL
Subcomandante (MEX) 2000%TX
Subordination 80584759%KY
Successful Appeal 77554558%FL
Sudden Hush 42125%ID
Sudden Storm 156640%TX
Suddenly Rich 1100%IL
Sugar Barley 1000%ON
Suggest 139969%CA
Sultan's Dream 42250%CA
Sultans Hammer 2000%TX
Sultry Song 34282471%KY
Sumba Wine 31133%OR
Sumkind of Game 111100%AR
Summer Cloud 85563%IL
Summer Squall 50412142%KY
Summing 87675%CA
Sun Bull 1000%KY
Sun Catcher 33267%AB
Sun Master 43125%OH
Sundance Ridge 118764%MA
Sunday Minister 97667%NM
Sunny Embrace 6000%MB
Sunny of Course 2100%LA
Sunny Splash 22150%MA
Sunny Sunshine 111100%TX
Sunny's Halo 80 (1)473949%TX
Sunrise Shower 106660%OK
Sunset Ridge 11000%MB
Sunshine Jimmy 98667%PR
Sunshine Mikey 53360%TX
Sunshine Money 31133%FL
Super Code 444100%AR
Super Gun 55480%WV
Super Native (IRE) 2000%LA
Super Prize 111100%PR
Super Special 85338%NM
Super Squall 2000%OH
Superior Success 101110%OR
Supermec 77571%CA
Supposition 111100%AR
Supremo 27151141%VA
Surachai 35292263%CA
Surf Lord 3000%MI
Sutters Pond 109880%PR
Swain (IRE) 73643751%KY
Swandale Joe 111100%MN
Swear by Dixie 1413857%MD
Sweetsouthernsaint 90745157%FL
Swift Crusader 192211%OH
Swift n' Lucky 2000%OK
Swing and Miss 30 (1)14930%WA
Swing Shift (GB) 222100%IL
Swingin Sway 4000%MO
Swiss Account 10000%WA
Swiss Mirage 94222%IN
Swiss Trick 158853%IN
Swiss Yodeler 113938777%CA
Sword Dance (IRE) 80645468%FL
Sylvester Stone 32133%NY
Synastry 15131280%CA
Synastry Express 1210975%ON
Syrian Spirit 222100%TN
Sysco Ridge 1000%PA
T. G. Millennium 32267%VA
T. H. Fappiano 137538%IN
T. K. Chance 111100%SK
T. U. Slew 1100%ID
T. V. Alliance 21150%PA
T. V. Wizard 1000%PA
Tabib 91111%SD
Tabledancinpyrite 2000%AZ
Taconic Road 64467%OK
Tactical Advantage 61423557%FL
Tactical Cat 77634862%KY
Tactical Heir 1010220%CA
Tagish 32133%WV
Tahoe (FR) 1010110%VA
Tahoe City 17101059%CA
Tail Toss 21150%UT
Taj Alriyadh 74343%WA
Take Me Out 54373361%NY
Takur 1510960%MN
Tale of the Cat 107957368%KY
Talk O Slew 5400%OK
Talkin Man 1512747%ON
Tamayaz 17151482%MD
Tamhid 98444%PR
Tamourad 4000%WA
Tam's Armada 62233%MD
Tandem 111100%NM
Tank 31211961%WV
Tank's Glory 3000%TX
Tank's Number 15121280%NY
Tanveer 111100%CA
Tanyosho 3000%CA
Tap N Snap 2213836%NM
Tarakam 26131038%OK
Tara's Time (NZ) 3000%CA
Tarr Road 4000%OK
Tartarus 1000%TX
Taskmaster 76343%CA
Tatibah (IRE) 4400%MD
Tatsfield (IRE) 2200%NE
Tattinger 1000%TN
Tatum Canyon 65233%AZ
Tax Amour 21150%KY
Tax Appeal 1000%WI
Tax Collection 1413750%AZ
Taylor 31133%BC
Taylor's Crane 111100%TX
Taylor's Share 222100%VA
Taylor's Special 204210%WA
Tejabo 76686%ON
Tejano Red 74343%ON
Tejano Run 65473046%KY
Tella Fib 21150%MT
Temperence Two 111100%AB
Temple Special 111100%CO
Tempolake 31133%ON
Temujin 1610638%IA
Ten Sins 74343%LA
Ten Star Fleet 72229%WV
Tenagain 51120%MO
Tepee Creek 66467%CO
Terry's Gray 1000%IN
Tethra 47141226%ON
Texas City 43241433%TX
Texas Fuel 222100%IN
Texas Heatwave 33133%TX
Texas Road Runner 42125%ND
Texas Terror 77686%TX
Thank the Bank 83225%LA
That's a Nice 63233%FL
Thats Our Buck 79534253%FL
The Axe Falls 43375%LA
The Corps 22150%IN
The Danzig Kid 148857%NV
The Deputy (IRE) 86604451%KY
The Good Life 17111059%CA
The Great Carl 111100%SK
The Great Prize 111100%PR
The Jandy Man 111100%CA
The Kinneman Edge 2200%WI
The L S G Special 1000%ID
The Last Like 33267%TX
The Name's Jimmy 49301837%KY
The Prime Minister 30261757%TX
The Red Rolls 62233%OH
The Rufus 44375%CO
The Silver Move 26 (1)191454%FL
The Twain 4000%CA
The Wicked North 2412938%NY
Theatrical (IRE) 78684659%KY
Thedreams Cometrue 111100%VA
Thill a Sec 44375%WY
Thingamajig 4000%OK
This Bulls for You 32133%PA
This Picture 34141338%AR
Thisjudgeisaprinc 64233%AR
Thisnearlywasmine 137431%FL
Thorn Dance 43250%CA
Thousand Ores 52240%KY
Three Royal K's 1000%ID
Thrice Excalibur 1000%BC
Thriller 51120%NY
Throw Down 64467%TX
Thug 41125%FL
Thuggy 111100%AR
Thunder Falcon 10000%UT
Thunder Gulch 21618213362%KY
Thunder Puddles 63350%NY
Thunder Rumble 86450%VA
Thunder Thumper 1000%CO
Thunder Within 43375%BC
Thunderah 1413857%ID
Ti Omie 21150%MT
Ti Valley 73343%OK
Tibrack 96667%ON
Tidehaven 1010550%WV
Tiffany Ice 127650%OR
Tiger Ridge 110886761%FL
Tiger Star 1100%IL
Tiger Talk 13131185%IA
Tiger Tiger 44375%AR
Tiger's Finest 4000%KY
Time After Time 2000%PA
Time Bandit 30211757%FL
Time Capsule 2000%WI
Time for a Dance 2000%NC
Timeless Native 111100%CA
Timely Roberto 42250%TX
Tingle Tern 2000%NY
Tinners Way 22171777%CA
Tirade 129975%LA
Tiz Sly 32267%CA
To a Wild Kris 32267%TX
To the Inch 1000%AZ
To the Line Magus 111100%LA
Tobi D 3000%MT
Tobycapote 2100%OR
Toddy T. 2000%OH
Toll Key 42250%PR
Tom Cobbley 52240%VA
Tom Cruiser 44375%CA
Tommy's World 4000%WY
Tomorrows Cat 102826463%NY
Tomorrow's Slew 82225%WA
Tonga Boy 21150%CA
Toolighttoquit 22211673%FL
Toot'n Tudor 2000%NM
Top Account 63413048%FL
Top Figure (ARG) 2200%VA
Top Gear 111100%OH
Top Secret Formula 74343%AB
Top Villa 41125%CO
Torcher 43250%OH
Torey Ridge 155427%KS
Toronto Ridge 222100%ON
Torontonian 63350%OK
Torrential 31221548%KY
Tory Hole 64467%TX
Tossofthecoin 75457%CA
Total Reality 1000%MD
Totem and Taboo 138754%TX
Touch Gold 94856367%KY
Tough Call 146536%KY
Tough Knight 25161456%WA
Toughness 21150%CA
Tour d'Or 73585271%FL
Touring Dancer 999100%TX
Town Caper 31271961%CA
Toy Sargeant 4000%OK
Track Barron 1712635%OK
Track Rebel 96444%LA
Tracys' Unicorn 55240%MI
Traffic Zack 1000%PA
Trail City 52413873%CA
Traitor 33261958%FL
Trancus 19121053%TX
Transworld 76343%CO
Trapeze Dancer 4000%BC
Trapp Mountain 148643%TX
Trask 21150%OR
Treasure Cove 30221963%NY
Tree 14121179%NJ
Treetopper 2000%TX
Tres Hombres 53360%AB
Tresor du Mesnil (FR) 53360%CA
Tri for the Gold 2000%PA
Tri Four Us 1000%NC
Tri Line 128867%NY
Tribal Unity 2000%OR
Trick Me 75571%NY
Tricky Creek 21161257%CA
Tricky Fun 15121067%NM
Tricky Mister 1710635%PA
Tricky Six 84338%AR
Tricky Tab 2000%NC
Tricky Tower 222100%UT
Tricolor 72114%IN
Tricon 249833%IN
Tricuit 2100%TX
Trident 222100%CA
Troglodyte 111100%ON
Trophy Hunter 49333061%LA
Tropic Lightning 23151252%WA
Troppo 2000%
Trouble Onthe Line 1010550%OK
Troublesome Road 4400%AL
Truce Maker 1813950%AZ
Truckee 51473976%CA
Truculent Schular 30191550%WV
Trudeau 1000%LA
True Confidence 39342872%OR
Truluck 33171442%TX
Truly Met 164213%CA
Truman C. 33267%WY
Trump an Ace 44125%IA
Trust and Respect 43250%OR
Trust No Lawyer 2100%AR
Trust the Kid 111100%NE
Try the Sky 3000%FL
Tuck's Honey Bear 111100%LA
Tudor Supreme 1000%ND
Tuesday's Special 17111165%TX
Tuggles 111100%AZ
Tulsa War Hero 1000%OK
Tunbridge Wells 65233%NY
Turbulant World 111100%NM
Turbulent Kris 176635%BC
Tureen of Gold 21150%PA
Turkey Trot 111100%PA
Turkodancer 111100%OK
Turkoman 74554155%CA
Turkomatic 1000%UT
Turkonoir 22150%LA
Turn Out 31133%KY
Turn West 107550%VA
Turnberry 2100%ND
Turnitintagold 1000%VI
Tuxedo Suit 33267%OR
Twice Burned 21150%KS
Twice Friends 54360%FL
Twice Rumored 61117%NY
Twilight Agenda 44282045%TX
Twin Bridges 6000%WV
Twin Halo 1010770%FL
Twin Rocket Power 52240%TX
Twin Spires 57484782%CA
Two Davids 64467%PA
Two Halves 111100%AZ
Two Plus 14000%PA
Two Punch 86765362%MD
Two Smart 19131263%VA
Two's a Plenty 3100%FL
Tychonic (GB) 56383257%CA
Tyler Jennings 3000%IL
Tyler Wayne 66467%TX
Tyrant's Trial 53240%PA
U Folks 119545%IL
U R My Friend 1000%IL
U. S. Flag 55480%PA
Ulan 222100%TX
Ulises 189844%MI
Ultimate Pleasure 21150%ID
Ultra Dawn 15000%MT
Umrigar 333100%ON
Unaccounted For 55463156%KY
Unbridled 85806071%KY
Unbridled Desire 94333%MT
Unbridled Jet 104826260%MD
Unbridled Success 106330%IL
Unbridled's Risk 1611850%AR
Unbridled's Song 107967368%KY
Uncle Woger 3000%ON
Undeniable 1211650%OK
Under David's Wing 19161684%TX
Undulating 2000%UT
Unite 19121158%IL
Unlimited Sky 111100%FL
Unlisted Mint 1000%TX
Uno Elite 65467%CO
Unome 156427%OK
Unpredictable 43250%AB
Unreal Zeal 67543755%IL
Unsecured 2000%IN
Untold Gold 82225%NM
Untuttable 31242271%FL
Unusual Heat 35302571%CA
Unusual Performer 44125%OH
Unzipped 32267%FL
Upping the Ante 20161365%LA
Valay Gorgeous 3000%VA
Valdali (IRE) 111100%CA
Valiant Lark 87450%SC
Valiant Nature 2517832%KY
Valiant Scout 111100%UT
Valid Expectations 107947873%TX
Valid Indy 1810844%WV
Valid Request 66350%PA
Valid Slew 21150%TX
Valid Space 1100%IL
Valid Vengeance 62233%IL
Valid Victorious 148643%MS
Valid Wager 71575679%CA
Valley Crossing 27231970%MD
Valley's Rounder 2000%ID
Van Go 1000%WV
Varadavour (IRE) 1000%CA
Variety Road 3000%ID
Vaudeville 46353270%CA
Veep 333100%PR
Velimir 1000%WI
Vencedor 1000%IL
Ventriloquist 158747%CA
Verbatim Run 32267%NY
Verge's Jericho 5000%MD
Verification 41125%WV
Vermont 62233%CA
Vernon Castle 1000%CA
Versify 111100%ME
Vest Bett 111100%MO
Via Lombardia (IRE) 20171785%CA
Vicar 103946361%KY
Vice Chancellor 1000%ON
Vicki's Shadow 3000%CA
Vicksburg 222100%FL
Vicrid 4100%FL
Victorian Line 81113%NM
Victorious 66233%MO
Victor's Gent 107550%MN
Victory Gallop 86695362%KY
Victory Speech 56423155%KY
Victory Voyage 2200%UT
Videographic 32267%CA
Vigors Commander 111100%OK
Vilzak 22151045%AB
Vindictive Silence 333100%TX
Virtua Cop 21181886%PR
Vitello 21150%OH
Viva Deputy 98778%TX
Viva Slew 222100%CA
Vixens Native 1000%AZ
Vizard 3000%TX
Voyamerican 111100%MD
Voyeur One 2000%MI
Vying Victor 56393054%BC
W. D. Jacks 1000%TX
Wa Bert 63233%KY
Wabasha 1000%TX
Wacheetah 1000%NM
Waco Connection 1311862%TX
Wagon Limit 35321646%KY
Wajir 32131238%TX
Waki Bob 118655%NM
Waki Warrior 26221662%IN
Walesa 22150%TX
Walnut Grove 65467%OH
Walnut Hall 43375%LA
Walsh 1000%MB
Walter Willy (IRE) 41125%CA
Waltzing Along 32267%KY
Wandering 54480%BC
Wanpum 199947%CA
Waquoit 33262164%MD
War 74457%TX
War Chant 78 (2)705469%KY
War Deputy 129758%ON
War Flash 21150%PA
War Machine 99667%OK
War Poet 1000%IN
War Secretary 94222%FL
Warfield 85450%TX
Warlaunch 32267%VA
Warning Time (GB) 111100%CA
Warpath 222100%TX
Warrantor 111100%FL
Warrinsky 33267%UT
Wasa 1000%KS
Watch Me Mom 1000%PA
Watch Time Go 1100%NM
Water Bank 86338%CA
Watermark 111100%GA
Wavering Amigo 75343%TX
Wavering Monarch 53332343%KY
Way West (FR) 38333079%FL
Way Wild 6200%OK
Wayne County (IRE) 30232170%MD
Wayne's Crane 20141260%TX
Wayzata 444100%FL
Wealthy Seamen 222100%BC
Wee Thunder 1710847%MA
Weekend Guest 42302252%AB
Weekend Truce 22150%CA
Weird Al 111100%CA
Weiss Rennen 222100%UT
Wekiva Springs 47402962%KY
Welbred Fred 12121083%ON
Well Decorated 3619925%KY
Well Honed 73343%OK
Wertaloona 44375%OK
Weshaam 27201244%WV
West Acre 43291944%FL
West Buoyant 24214%IA
Western Borders 29181448%FL
Western Cat 49292551%FL
Western Challenge (GB) 146643%TX
Western City 239939%TX
Western Echo 1611744%PA
Western Expression 70605173%NY
Western Fame 39373385%CA
Western Front 41125%LA
Western Gentleman 1000%VA
Western Miner 88450%PA
Western Playboy 29211345%IL
Western Trader 17121165%TX
Western Trick 229523%BC
Westminster 145214%KY
Westport Landing 5000%LA
Whadjathink 222100%IL
Wharf 32267%FL
What a Brandon 75571%TX
What a Spell 115545%CA
What a Trick 2000%UT
What an Affair 22150%NM
Whatataire 1000%NY
Wheatly Hall 54360%CA
Wheaton 1401079669%FL
Whirl a Round 1100%TN
Whiskey Bayou 8000%WA
Whiskey Fever 2000%KY
Whiskey Wisdom 55484073%ON
Whisky Creek 84450%SC
White Spade (GB) 54360%LA
White Tie Tryst 111100%WA
Whitebrush 42250%NM
Whitey's Knight 1100%OR
Whitney Tower 27161348%FL
Whodam 32133%CO
Who's for Dinner 21150%PA
Who's John Galt 111100%OK
Who's Your Daddy 62117%MD
Whosinfront 4300%IL
Why Change 169850%TX
Wild Again 64 (1)493047%KY
Wild Bill 1000%OK
Wild Colony 208630%OK
Wild Deputy 33302267%CA
Wild Escapade 37302362%FL
Wild Event 69544058%FL
Wild Gambler 118873%IL
Wild Gold 41292561%CA
Wild Hackett To 11219%TN
Wild Invader 31191652%IA
Wild Johnny 64467%OH
Wild Kiss 66583%PA
Wild Phantom 111100%TX
Wild Rush 95836467%KY
Wild Syn 1814844%KY
Wild Too 21150%WA
Wild Wonder 87615057%FL
Wild Zone 116797060%TX
Will Be Dancing 555100%MI
Will Cut 2000%TX
Willard Scott 111100%MD
Williamstown 39352974%NY
Willing Worker 1000%CA
Willowy Ambassador 44375%KY
Will's Way 36302158%KY
Win Lose Or Draw 20 (1)141470%ND
Win M All 222100%FL
Wind Chill 111100%MI
Wind Flyer 1000%IA
Wind Whipper 61383557%FL
Windsor Blaze 2000%TX
Windsor of Shadan 111100%CA
Windundermywings 1000%NJ
Windwood Prospect 222100%CA
Windy'slittleman 52240%TX
Winged Universe 55360%VA
Wings of Wyoming 1000%WY
Wink If Its True 21150%FL
Winning Chief 2000%TX
Winning With Pride 31133%OK
Winninginexcess 65233%OH
Winter Halo 25201768%LA
Winthrop 26241973%OH
Wire Me Collect 36242261%LA
Wised Up 42373071%FL
Wistful Roberto 4000%SC
With Approval 74624054%KY
Wolf Power (SAF) 53362343%KY
Wolf Prince 32133%VA
Wolf Touch 66583%OK
Wolfire 1000%OK
Won Song 77571%TX
Wonder Bird 27242489%PR
Wonneberg 26191558%ON
Wood 41125%GA
Wood Reply 33133%MO
Woodman 102895958%KY
Woodman's Image 86450%FL
Woody Win 108770%CO
World Stage (IRE) 6913812%FL
Worldly 53240%WA
Worldly Manner 65392742%FL
Worldwide (IRE) 43375%TX
Worthingtonhills 85450%TX
Wouldn't We All 128867%UT
Wren Card 31133%OK
Wynslew 42125%VA
Xray 43375%CA
Yaak River 1310215%AB
Yankee Fan 197526%IA
Yankee Victor 1171008371%KY
Yappy 41125%TX
Yaros 5100%IN
Yarrow Brae 65524468%MD
Yates 1000%KY
Yellow Creek 73343%ON
Yes Indeed 1000%KY
Yes It's True 105806966%FL
Yeti 42250%OH
Yoh May Kenta 92222%MD
Yoonevano 35252366%BC
You and I 65503249%KY
You Know How It Is 1512427%NM
Youmadeyourpoint 53360%FL
Young Devil 54480%AB
Young Native 33267%OK
Young Turk 4100%ON
Your Fired 33133%MT
Yourplaceormine 21150%GA
Yukon Son 7000%AB
Z Z Cat 27151348%IL
Zafarrancho (ARG) 64467%FL
Zagor 17141059%IL
Zalipour 76571%GA
Zamindar 81 (2)604859%FL
Zanferrier 64467%CA
Zapped 32267%WA
Zarbyev 38343284%LA
Zealot 111100%NY
Zede 1916947%LA
Zeeruler 149536%TX
Zen's Hang Up 1000%KY
Zent Pet 21150%IA
Zero Tolerance 2000%OK
Zig n' Zag 6000%TX
Zignew 18151161%MD
Zigtrick (FR) 222100%AZ
Zing the Amazing 21150%SK
Zocor 32133%KY
Zone Lord 33267%CA
Zuppardo's Future 54480%AB
Zuppardo's Prince 25201872%LA
Zuppardos Prospect 65583%FL

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(Note: Figures in parentheses next to Mares Bred indicate the number of mares bred to the stallion on Southern Hemisphere time.)

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