Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
Fall of Troy 111100%TX
Far From Over 27191763%CA
Farlan 111100%WA
Fast Anna 65504671%KY
Fast Freight 2000%AZ
Faversham 41125%CA
Fear the Cowboy 42250%OK
Fear the Kitten 65583%NM
Fearless Eagle 111100%TX
Fed Biz 75571%KY
Feels All Right (IRE) 21150%FL
Fiber Sonde 41191946%WV
Field Commission 76571%FL
Fighting Hussar 31133%CA
Final Row (GB) 111100%TX
Finale 1910842%FL
Finality 555100%BC
Fine Print 111100%FL
Finn's Quest 31133%PR
Firespike 75343%AB
Firing Line 40282563%KY
First Dude (3) 47252349%FL
First Mondays 333100%MD
First Place Flirt 3000%OK
First Samurai 24202083%KY
Five Iron 95556%AR
Flameaway 18313311462%KY
Flashback 28171761%PA
Flashpoint 87788%LA
Flashstorm 111100%FL
Flat Out 85474351%OK
Flatter 81766277%KY
Flight West 44250%IA
Flightofalifetime 222100%IA
Flintshire (GB) 38312668%KY
Focal Point 1000%CO
Fontanella 21150%CA
Force the Pass 57373358%MD
Foreign Policy 5000%OK
Forest Attack 15100%IL
Forest Command 54480%CA
Forest Meadow 32267%ON
Forest Peace 2000%CO
Forever d'Oro 167638%IN
Forever d'Oro 1100%KY
Fornasetti 3000%CO
Fort Larned 22131255%OH
Fort Loudon 53360%FL
Frac Daddy 76534762%ON
Frank Conversation 43272456%NY
Free Drop Billy 91605055%KY
Freud 56343054%NY
Friend Or Foe 1710953%VA
Friesan Fire 26212077%MD
Frost Giant 148750%NY
Frosted 15712911875%KY
Full Moon 111100%AL
Fullbridled 444100%CA
Funtastic 51242039%KY
Fury Kapcori 86563%FL
Fusaichi Pegasus 222100%KY
Fusaichi Zenon (JPN) 42250%NM