Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
Cabo Lobo 222100%FL
Cabre 111100%FL
Cadeyrn 111100%MI
Cage Fighter 43250%MD
Cairo Prince 87766676%KY
Cajun Breeze 45312760%FL
Cal Nation 111100%PA
Cal Nation 87788%WV
Calculator 3000%IN
Caleb's Posse 38282874%OK
Calibrachoa 111100%LA
Call Kristian 1000%PR
Call Me George 52120%LA
Callide Valley 111100%OH
Cameo Appearance 111100%LA
Candy Dandy 1000%OK
Candy Ride (ARG) 1171048774%KY
Candygram 25151352%WV
Cape Canaveral 29191655%AB
Cape Lucas 111100%TX
Capital Account 158853%CA
Capitol Guy 222100%NM
Capo Bastone 1810950%WV
Captain Countdown 111100%TX
Car Talk (IRE) 86563%AB
Caribbean Jack 111100%TX
Carpe Diem 33272473%KY
Casanova Star 111100%PR
Caspian 3000%NE
Casual Al 222100%TX
Cat Burglar 75484763%CA
Catalina Cruiser 14812711678%KY
Catalina Red 116655%LA
Catholic Boy 13112110882%KY
Catomize 222100%NY
Cavvy 111100%OK
Central Banker 115857263%NY
Chainy 111100%ON
Chamois 444100%AL
Charming Kitten 3111929%IN
Chief Big Heart 111100%OK
Chinchilla Day 3000%KY
Chips All In 1000%WY
Chipshot 21150%NM
Chitoz 32267%OK
Chitu 2013840%FL
Chosen Deputy 43250%IL
Cigar Street 98778%KY
Cinco Charlie (1) 76484458%KY
Cindysmiracle 2000%IL
Circumference (IRE) 158853%CA
City At Midnight 333100%NM
City of Light 14613110975%KY
City Weekend 54480%OH
City Wolf 63350%CA
Class Warfare 111100%TX
Classic Empire 1221039074%KY
Classy Gent 444100%MN
Classy Warrior 444100%CA
Clearly Now 24181667%LA
Clever Cal 111100%FL
Cleverly Concealed 42250%ON
Closing Argument 28232382%LA
Cloud Computing 122877864%KY
Clubhouse Ride 98807476%CA
Coach Billy G. 62233%PR
Coach Bob 64467%CA
Coal Cutter 2000%SD
Coal Front 89625360%KY
Coast Guard 24151458%WA
Coastline 72229%CA
Code West 20171680%OK
Codes Diamond 42250%AR
Coil 3000%AR
Coin Flip 108550%OK
Collected 15513311876%KY
Comfort 24161458%NM
Command Post 65467%PA
Commissioner 57403663%KY
Competitive Edge 73464562%KY
Conan 111100%AL
Congaree 54480%TX
Congrats 51312651%KY
Connect 114968474%KY
Conquest Curlinate 222100%ON
Conquest Farenheit 27181763%CA
Conquest Mo Money 22161673%NM
Conquestportaponti 111100%CO
Console 34262574%PR
Conspiracy 222100%PR
Constitution (13) 24420618777%KY
Conveyance 85563%KY
Copper Bullet 51403773%KY
Corfu 138862%OH
Coronet of a Baron 222100%PA
Costa Rising 31133%LA
Counterforce 19121263%BC
Country Be Gold 111100%IL
Country Day 44383886%LA
County Ruckus 111100%AB
Courageous Cat 118764%NY
Court Vision 40181025%LA
Couture Colors 4000%TN
Cowtown Cat 23151565%OH
Crash Course 54480%OK
Creative Cause 37282568%KY
Crimson Comic 3000%OH
Cross Traffic (4) 63342844%KY
Crossbow 21150%TX
Crosstime 111100%TX
Crown of Thorns 51120%PA
Crystal Mt Storm 1000%AR
Csaba 113218%IN
Cullasaja King 2000%PA
Cupid 75554459%KY
Curandero 111100%TX
Curlin 15414312380%KY
Curlin to Mischief 31232374%CA
Custom for Carlos 47312757%LA
Cut and Shoot 1000%CO
Cyber Secret 83338%AR
Cyclotron 222100%CA