Breeding Statistics

Breeding Statistics --- 2022

    Stallion        Mares Bred    Reports Received     Live Foals     Percent Live Foals    State
A Sailors Quest 2000%NM
A Shin Forward 76686%NY
A. P. Ridge 31133%TX
Aaron's Way 111100%WV
Abarta 75571%ON
Absolutely Stylish 43375%AB
Abstraction 87675%NM
Accelerate 46373678%KY
Acclamation 39222051%CA
Active Treasure 3000%OK
Adams Circle 22150%KY
Adios Charlie 59282441%FL
Afleet Alex 2000%KY
Afrashad 333100%WY
Agujero 111100%NJ
Aikenite 97667%TX
Air Pocket 333100%CA
Air Strike 179953%OH
Airoforce 54480%PA
Ajnadeen 333100%MT
Al Faatik 43375%OR
Al Khali 84450%NY
Al Rhythm 21150%NM
Aldrin 19151579%WV
Ali 111100%NJ
Alliance 333100%MD
Alliterative 5000%TX
Allspark 3000%WA
Almasty 666100%ON
Alternation 48302654%KY
Always Dreaming 36312981%KY
Amanecer de Oro 32267%LA
American Anthem 40222255%NM
American Dubai 16000%TX
American Freedom 1210975%KY
American Guru 134323%ON
American Pastime 72229%IN
American Pharoah 14511810975%KY
American Trust 1000%UT
Amira's Prince (IRE) 51120%FL
Ami's Flatter 75571%FL
Amis Gizmo 134431%ON
Ami's Holiday 22131150%ON
Anchor Down 32131134%IA
Animal Style 33267%IN
Annato 76343%PR
Anotador 111100%FL
Anthony's Cross 23151565%CA
Apriority 999100%LA
Aqualityindividual 66583%PR
Aquarian Cat 3000%KY
Arcade 111100%IL
Archwarrior 64467%TX
Arctic 31133%OK
Arghad 19141053%PR
Arizona Moon 15121280%AZ
Army Mule 115908271%KY
Arriesgado 333100%PR
Artful Run 444100%NM
Artillero 222100%TX
Artrageous 111100%FL
Ashkal 222100%MT
Astern (AUS) 60473965%KY
Astounding 33267%TX
At the River 1000%CA
Atreides 137754%OK
Atta Boy Brian 1000%MO
Atta Boy Roy 108880%KY
Attempted Humor 111100%LA
Audible (2) 1501138456%KY
Aurelius Maximus 58474578%LA
Authentic 20216314069%KY
Authoritively 111100%CA
Awesome Bet 1310969%LA
Awesome Indian 53360%NM
Awesome of Course 1000%FL
Awesome Slew 59292746%FL
Ay Pa 111100%PR
Baby Forever 333100%PR
Backstabber 43375%OK
Bahamian Squall 31133%FL
Bahjatty 43250%IN
Bakken 198842%BC
Bal a Bali (BRZ) 1211758%KY
Balance the Books 42250%CA
Balandeen 42250%AR
Ballado's Devil 111100%KY
Ballado's Gold 42250%WV
Bank Heist 111100%NY
Barbados 444100%MD
Barkley 37202054%WA
Baronial 333100%MT
Baryshnikov 2100%IN
Baseball Card Kid 43125%ND
Basin 93676166%KY
Battalion Runner 27181659%FL
Battle Rags 31133%OH
Bayerd 126325%OK
Beau Liam 16212211571%KY
Bee Jersey 31181755%KY
Behindatthebar 111100%TX
Believe in Royalty 21151467%PR
Bellavia 82225%FL
Beltany 111100%IL
Ben Guerin 33133%AR
Bench the Judge 111100%AB
Bent Tree 2000%KS
Berko 111100%OK
Bernardini Lad 21150%CA
Best of Birdstone 21150%OK
Bethel 111100%NY
Beyond Blonde 111100%IL
Biblical 21150%PA
Bidder Dreams 42250%LA
Big Bad Leroybrown 31133%CA
Big Bad Mike 66467%IN
Big Blue Kitten 2000%KY
Big Brown 25191976%NY
Big Lightning 8200%AB
Big Picture 111100%VA
Big Runnuer 111100%CA
Big Screen 1613956%ON
Big Time Player 222100%IN
Billy's Star 42250%ON
Bingo Kitten 333100%PR
Biondetti 108770%OH
Black Bear 222100%OK
Black Eagle 21150%ON
Blake 666100%PR
Blame 1241069677%KY
Blazing Almond 2000%TN
Blended Citizen 53360%OK
Blofeld 86656171%MD
Blueblood 137646%IA
Blueskiesnrainbows 104440%OK
Boat Trip 3000%CA
Bobby's Wicked One 41272459%LA
Bocephus 5000%AZ
Bodexpress 55353462%CA
Boisterous 26171350%AB
Bold Chieftain 76571%CA
Bold Red 222100%OH
Bold Warrior 333100%KY
Bolt d'Oro 17414012170%KY
Bond Street (IRE) 19131368%ON
Bonfire Romance 21150%TX
Botswana Taps 42250%OH
Bourbon Courage 19141263%MD
Box Score 122217%CA
Bradester 81113%TX
Bravazo 86563%KY
Brave Dave 43375%LA
Breakers Isle 41125%CA
Breaking Lucky 136646%FL
Brethren 34191853%FL
Bricktown Cat 111100%OK
Brighton Lane 3000%FL
Brody's Cause 35201749%KY
Bucchero 43242353%FL
Bullet Gone Astray 222100%FL
Bullsbay 37232362%WV
Burrow 82225%TX
Bustin Stones 37242465%NY
By My Standards 106756763%KY
Cadeyrn 111100%MI
Cairo Prince 14411910472%KY
Cajun Breeze 45333067%FL
Cal Nation 148750%WV
Calculated Risker 85563%ND
Calculator 186633%IN
Caleb's Posse 119982%OK
Calibrachoa 1000%LA
Call Kristian 41125%PR
Call Me George 666100%LA
Callide Valley 76686%OH
Candy Ride (ARG) 13211310277%KY
Candygram 47312962%WV
Candysnmoney 42250%PR
Cape Lucas 111100%TX
Capital Account 5300%CA
Capo Bastone 14111179%WV
Capo Kane 28181761%PA
Car Talk (IRE) 1100%AB
Caracaro 72454258%KY
Caravaggio (4) 15813111271%KY
Carpe Diem 56221832%LA
Carpe Noctem 111100%LA
Carrick 444100%ON
Cartellate 3100%CA
Casanova Star 41125%PR
Cat Burglar 31292477%CA
Catalina Cruiser 72594968%KY
Catalina Red 2091050%LA
Catholic Boy 65575280%KY
Catomize 111100%NY
Cavvy 21150%OK
Central Banker 113786961%NY
Centrifuge 71114%IL
Chamberlain 77571%OH
Chance It 33262576%FL
Charlatan 22218616574%KY
Charming Kitten 23121043%IN
Chips All In 52240%WY
Chipshot 52240%NM
Chitoz 6000%OK
Chitto 32267%OK
Chitu 32133%FL
Chosen Deputy 21150%IL
Cigar Street 21150%KY
Cinco Charlie 42262457%TX
Circumference (IRE) 114436%CA
Cistron 18141372%CA
City of Light 1321048564%KY
City Wolf 41125%CA
Classic Empire 100847474%KY
Classy Gent 21150%MN
Clearly Now 23131252%LA
Closing Argument 11101091%LA
Cloud Computing 16611510463%KY
Clubhouse Ride 57353256%CA
Coach Billy G. 62233%PR
Coal Front 38201847%KY
Coast Guard 84450%WA
Coastline 111100%KY
Cocked and Loaded 1000%OK
Code of Honor 92686368%KY
Code West 39242256%OK
Codes Diamond 41125%AR
Coils Gold 444100%NM
Coin Flip 65583%KS
Cold Harbor 3100%ON
Collected 100817171%KY
Combatant 85514755%NY
Comfort 23161565%NM
Command Post 127758%PA
Competitive Edge 2310730%TX
Complexity 124958871%KY
Conan 5000%AL
Connect 17214813377%KY
Conquest Farenheit 21151571%CA
Conquest Mo Money 17111165%NM
Console 41282561%PR
Conspiracy 12101083%PR
Constitution (2) 18715813271%KY
Conveyance 33252576%WA
Convocador 12101083%PR
Cookies Delite 1000%NY
Copper Bullet 149750%KY
Core Beliefs 36222158%KY
Corfu 119982%OH
Costa Rising 21150%LA
Count Alexander 147643%LA
Counterforce 13111077%BC
Country Day 36282672%LA
Country House 31171548%KY
Courageous Cat 51120%NY
Court Vision 82225%NE
Cowtown Cat 84338%OH
Creative Cause 28201761%KY
Croce d'Oro 114327%IL
Cross Traffic 36222056%KY
Crossbow 54360%TX
Crown Delite 1000%NY
Crusov Fox 111100%OR
Csaba 31133%IN
Cu Rahy 1000%TX
Cupid (4) 17811710559%KY
Curioso 43125%PR
Curlin 13511910376%KY
Curlinator 43375%TX
Curlin's Honor 56323257%FL
Curlin's On Fire 21150%TX
Custom for Carlos 37292876%LA
Cutting Humor 219943%AR
Cyber Secret 73343%AR
D' Funnybone 666100%MI
Da Big Hoss 42250%OH
Da Stoops 41125%OK
Daaher 124433%LA
Daareb 21150%OK
Daddysprize 222100%WA
Dads Caps 109990%CA
Dad'z Laugh 53360%PR
Dak Attack 85563%FL
Dance Hall Doctor 222100%CA
Dancing Divo 5000%ID
Danish Dynaformer 159960%ON
Danzing Candy 60322948%CA
Daraybi (FR) 333100%CA
Daredevil 76655674%KY
Dark Kestrel 33133%OH
David Copperfield 1000%OH
De Lux Design 1000%CO
Decisive Moment 66467%FL
Declan's Warrior 31133%WV
Delhomme 3000%NM
Deliver the Storm 111100%AR
Delta Deliverance 1000%NY
Demarchelier (GB) 41282766%KY
Demon Warlock 3000%WA
Denis of Cork 93222%WV
Den's Legacy 32212063%OK
Desert Code 54360%CA
Desert Storm 111100%VI
Despite the Odds 65350%WV
Destiny Awaits 111100%TX
Dialed In 1431069063%KY
Diamond 111100%OK
Disco Partner 177741%NY
Discreet Lover 146643%IN
Distorted Reality 21150%AZ
Divide and Conquer 32267%AL
Divining Rod 64474570%MD
Divisidero 22151255%KY
Dixie Chatter 84450%OK
Do the Roar 22150%FL
Doc N Bubba G 111100%AL
Doctor Romane 53360%TX
Dolphus 85563%KY
Dominus 22161359%OH
Don Paco 13101077%PR
Don Six 333100%NJ
Done Talking 245521%SC
Donegal Moon 17161694%PR
Don't Cross Me 111100%NY
Dontmesswithkitten 2000%WA
Dorrance 63350%TX
Dosificado (CHI) 255520%CA
Double Irish 54480%AR
Double Ours 1000%OK
Double the Sauce 111100%OK
Dowsing (JPN) 12000%IN
Dr Large 32133%NY
Dream Friend 21150%FL
Dreamliner 555100%OH
Dreams and Beers 777100%PR
Drelzy 1000%TN
Drill 23171774%OH
Due Date 41125%LA
Duke of Mischief 65583%WV
Dynamic Impact 41125%OR
Dynamic Racer 127758%OH
Dynamic Sky 75457%AB
Eagle 1713953%TX
Eastwood 2312939%PA
Eastwood Dacat 1000%AZ
Echo Town 87575159%KY
Eckelson 3000%IN
Eclipticalspraline 129975%MD
Edison 54480%SK
Editorial 85450%MD
El Bailarino 2000%AZ
El Caballo 3000%NE
El Deal 81595770%LA
El Suri 62233%PR
Elegant Gesture 1000%WA
Elite Squadron 111100%IN
Elnaawi 124325%IN
Elogio 1100%WV
Elusive Hour 111100%MI
Embezzler 139431%AR
Emperor Tiberius 8000%PA
Empire Way 64467%CA
Encaustic 52240%NY
Engage 71494766%MD
Engine 222100%OH
Enticed 93645963%KY
Entrapment 111100%WA
Eslin 111100%WY
Essential Quality (1) 16314512375%KY
Estratega 222100%PR
Etesaal 1100%TX
Ethical 7400%KS
Ethnic Dance 96667%CA
Euroears 84450%OK
Event Driven 124433%OH
Exaggerator 28232382%LA
Excaper 54480%OK
Exclusivo 222100%PR
Exhi 111100%ND
Expect a Lot 4000%TX
Ez Effort 159960%AZ
Fall of Troy 111100%TX
Father Nelson 1000%WV
Faversham 97556%CA
Favorable Outcome 111100%NE
Fear the Kitten 31133%NM
Fed Biz 75434155%AB
Feels All Right (IRE) 111100%FL
Fgs Painted Hue 2000%ON
Fiber Sonde 36171644%WV
Fighting Hussar 21150%CA
Final Row (GB) 222100%TX
Finality 111100%BC
Fine Print 222100%FL
Finnegans Wake 33267%CA
Firespike 66467%AB
Firing Line 23131148%KY
First Dude 129975%FL
First Mondays 16121275%MD
First Samurai 32201753%KY
Five Iron 333100%AR
Flameaway 113786759%KY
Flashpoint 555100%LA
Flat Out 77363545%OK
Flatter 40352870%KY
Focal Point 3000%CO
Fog of War 44191636%NY
Forest Command 555100%CA
Forest Peace 2000%CO
Forever d'Oro 187633%IN
Fort Larned 157640%OH
Fortune Ticket 22151359%MD
Frac Daddy 23141461%ON
Frank Conversation 85450%NY
Free Drop Billy 41292971%KY
Freud 26141454%NY
Friend Or Foe 8000%VA
Friesan Fire 149964%MD
Frosted 108928175%KY
Fullbridled 333100%CA
Funtastic 23171774%KY
Future 22150%KY
G G Flag 32267%NM
G. G. Ryder 99889%CA
Galawi (IRE) 31211961%MD
Galilean 80413949%NY
Gamble's Exchange 185528%ON
Game Winner 1311058766%KY
Gato Del Oro 25161664%CA
Gattopardo 1000%WV
Gayego 111100%AB
Gentlemen's Bet 23161670%AR
Get Rich Quick 75571%PR
Get Stormy 96444%KY
Ghaaleb 24228%IL
Ghostzapper 81644859%KY
Ghurair 66583%TX
Giacomo 111100%OR
Giant Expectations (1) 125542%NE
Giant Hit 111100%LA
Gift Box 77615673%KY
Gig Harbor 74457%CA
Gio Ponti 83338%KY
Girvin 86515159%FL
Global Campaign 87645664%KY
Global Express 2200%SK
Global Power 61117%NE
Global Response 4000%FL
Glynne Royale 222100%MT
Go Deep 111100%LA
Go for Four 2000%NM
Gold Aly 41125%WA
Gold Double 21150%TX
Gold Finish 222100%MI
Gold for Cash 53240%NE
Gold Schleiger 10000%NE
Golddigger's Boy 55480%PA
Golden Child 3000%CA
Golden Lad 56363054%MD
Golden Years 48292654%WV
Goldencents (1) 14010910374%KY
Gone Astray 29161655%FL
Good Bye Greg 32267%FL
Good Magic 12611510281%KY
Good Samaritan 84595363%KY
Gormley 74504662%KY
Gospel Tiz Key 64467%OK
Got the Last Laugh 333100%PA
Gottcha Pharm 2000%AR
Govenor Charlie 53360%CA
Gran Duque 1000%SC
Grandpa's Dream 222100%PR
Graydar 60171728%CA
Grazen 72444461%CA
Great Notion 39262564%MD
Great Stuff 51120%CA
Greatbullsoffire 21150%PA
Greatness 63350%FL
Greeley's Conquest 11101091%PR
Greenpointcrusader 84450%FL
Grizzly 63233%OH
Guest Star 444100%IL
Gun Runner (8) 25622019275%KY
Gunnevera 73363142%FL
Guys Reward 7000%NE
Habayeb 1000%OK
Halladay 61464574%CA
Hamazing Destiny 76686%AR
Handsome Franco 117764%PR
Handsome Mike 3100%FL
Hangover Kid 222100%NY
Hard Aces 84450%LA
Hard Spun (1) 16212511370%KY
Harlan's Pure 20171785%PR
Harry's Holiday 48313063%IN
Harvey Wallbanger 444100%TX
He Be Fire N Ice 93333%CA
Heart to Heart 32201959%KY
Heavenly Chorus 21150%AB
Heaven's Glory (JPN) 12000%CA
Hello Broadway 444100%WV
Hello Darkness 22150%CA
Hennessy Fire 3000%OH
He's Zippin On By 22150%OH
Hesinfront 4000%NM
Hey Chub 124433%PA
High Cascade 41125%AR
High Court Drama (IRE) 1000%NM
High North 14121286%AR
Highball 1000%KY
Higher Power 103736765%KY
Hightail 24211667%KY
Highway to Fame 54480%TX
Hit It a Bomb 53353260%KY
Holiday Promise 106660%IN
Hollywood Don 93333%NM
Hollywood Handsome 222100%VA
Holmes 21150%NM
Holy Boss 25201976%MD
Holy Lute 1110982%NM
Holy One of Israel 444100%FL
Home of the Brave 111100%OK
Hometown Salute 3000%PR
Hon. de Leon 111100%PR
Honest Mischief 119706655%NY
Honor A. P. 81655568%KY
Honor Code 44282557%KY
Hoorayforhollywood 1000%CA
Hootenanny 131313100%KY
Hoppertunity 55403971%MD
Hot Buttered Slew 4000%NM
Hyper 111100%ON
I C Railroader 111100%IL
I Will Decide 2000%OK
Idiot Proof 23151357%CA
Il Villano 222100%PA
I'll Have Another 26232181%CA
I'm Lock N Load 333100%CA
I'm Steppin' It Up 555100%NM
Imagining 98889%MD
Imma Wild Bling 2000%OK
Imperial Hint 50343366%LA
Improbable 1571269963%KY
In Speight Ofitall 76457%AR
Independence Hall 20214912461%KY
Indian Brut 8000%UT
Indy Wind 74343%OH
Instagrand 1411079970%KY
Instilled Regard 23191878%KY
Integrity 21150%VI
Interactif 87788%LA
Into Mischief 20217715376%KY
Investigator 111100%TN
Iqbaal 111100%KY
Irish Surf 333100%KY
Irish War Cry 61403964%MD
Iron Fist 28141450%LA
Ironwood 43250%OH
Isotherm 137754%IN
Italian Lover 2000%BC
It's a Danzig 1000%SK
Itsmyluckyday 4000%OH
Itsthesameoldsong 18111161%OH
Izzy's Proud Man 111100%KY
Jack Milton 97667%KY
Jac's Fact 72229%OH
Jafmil 111100%IA
Jagr 16111169%FL
James Street 1000%CA
Jay Gatsby 63350%LA
Jeffries Bay 1000%NM
Jeranimo 111100%CA
Jersey Town 17141482%CA
Jess Mo 136646%OR
Jess's Dream 188739%FL
Jimmy Creed 94635761%KY
Joe's Son Joey 43375%LA
Joevia 19141474%NY
John Louis' Money 2000%TX
Jonesboro 51120%AR
Ju Jitsu Jax 2000%ON
Juba 33121236%WV
Judge Bill 111100%NE
Just Leo 666100%NY
Justiciero 42250%PR
Justify (10) 15611911674%KY
K B's Krome 1000%NM
Kantharos 83676376%KY
Karakontie (JPN) 48323267%KY
Karate 77571%OK
Karl With a K 111100%NJ
Katz My Song 97778%FL
Keen Ice 71343346%KY
Keep Up 117764%TX
Keeps' Caballero 1000%SK
Kentucky Bear 333100%MB
Kentucky Summer 444100%NM
Kentucky Wildcat 119982%NM
Khozan 76383749%FL
Kick On 2000%OK
Kid Norcliffe 1000%MI
Killybegs Captain 97778%NY
King Cha Cha 91111%ND
King for a Day 74434054%NY
King of Jazz (ARG) 65583%CA
King Puma 1000%NJ
King Zachary 98889%TX
Kiss the Ghost 666100%OH
Kitten's Joy 52474077%KY
Kitty's Turn 111100%KY
Knicks Go 15113111878%KY
Known Agenda 16613011770%KY
Kobe's Back 20151365%MD
Kool Kingdom 222100%OR
Kunal 111100%FL
Lake Nimrod 5000%WY
Lakerville 111100%CA
Lancelot G S F 1000%VA
Lantana Mob 43375%IN
Last Draw 32267%CA
Last Prayer 111100%MT
Last Print 64350%WV
Latent Heat 64467%TX
Latent Revenge 2000%TX
Latigo Shore 22150%NM
Laugh Track 1000%UT
Launch Commander 53360%ND
Laurie's Rocket 133323%AR
Lea 43250%KY
Ledoux 2000%PR
Legal Authority 71114%CA
Legend of Perseus 1000%MB
Leinster 100494545%FL
Lemon Drop Mousse 1000%SK
Lent 74457%BC
Leo Jeka 111100%AR
Leofric 32242269%KY
Lexitonian 90705966%KY
Liaison 94444%OK
Liam's Map 17716013878%KY
Limehouse 53360%WV
Linchpin 112218%KY
Liquor Cabinet (IRE) 5000%TX
Listing 14121286%CA
Little Dave 2000%NM
Lively Sea Knight 111100%FL
Lo Maximo 1000%PR
Lockout 3000%OK
Lone Sailor 35282674%LA
Long On Value 116655%FL
Long River 35272366%MD
Lookin At Lee 14111179%NY
Lookin At Lucky 54383565%KY
Looking Cool 92222%IN
Lord of Greatness 33267%WV
Lord Shanakill 138862%PA
Lost Treasure (IRE) 52120%KY
Lotsa Mischief 45303067%AZ
Louisa's Gift 111100%ON
Lovely Ghost 111100%GA
Lucky Bode 3000%WY
Lulu Rocks 111100%WV
Lumino 98889%PA
M G Warrior 111100%AR
Maclean's Music 20017516583%KY
Maddy Bird 53240%OH
Made by Mischief 1000%OH
Madefromlucky 1610956%MD
Magnificent Max (GB) 2000%OH
Maimonides 2000%OK
Majestic City 1410964%NY
Majestic Harbor 53360%CA
Majestic Hussar 27131348%OK
Make Music for Me 222100%OH
Making a Marc 111100%NM
Malahini 87788%PR
Malibu Prospector 222100%TX
Man Law 55480%MB
Mania A. 1000%PR
Mank 53360%AB
Manny's Chrome Boy 333100%FL
Many Rivers 222100%CA
Maraud 27151452%PR
Mark Valeski 32252475%AR
Marking 50282652%NM
Marshallofthistown 1000%UT
Mass Market 1000%BC
Master James 333100%NY
Master Rick 222100%WV
Mastery 74457%KY
Matanzas Inlet 1000%FL
Maxamax 111100%IL
Maxfield (2) 16513511670%KY
Maximum Security 100676464%KY
Maximus Mischief (1) 19615214172%KY
McCraken 62117%KY
McKinzie 17114513177%KY
Mean Season 55480%LA
Medaglia d'Oro (3) 118998169%KY
Medallist 333100%AB
Mendelssohn (2) 23218516471%KY
Merit Man 1000%CA
Mesa Thunder 111100%CA
Mick's Star 43375%PA
Midnight Lute 47353472%KY
Midnight Storm 35242366%KY
Midshipman 1381027957%KY
Mineshaft 38242053%KY
Mirific Spell 2000%SK
Misremembered 137646%CA
Mission Impazible 137646%NY
Mister Snickers 44375%BC
Mitole (1) 20315814069%KY
Mo for the Money 85563%AR
Mo Forza 99747273%CA
Mo the Beholder 54480%CA
Mo Tom 51323365%LA
Mo Town 21814813361%KY
Mobil 119873%OH
Modernist 142939063%KY
Mohaymen 18131267%KY
Mondavi 2000%IN
Monster Mash 111100%WV
Moon Eclipse 43250%CO
Moon Thunder 111100%TX
Moquest 239939%CA
Mor Spirit 134948160%KY
More Than Ready 98776566%KY
Moro Tap 64350%TX
Mosler 18121267%MD
Most Mischief 74343%NE
Motovato 1000%MS
Mr Louise 222100%FL
Mr O'Prado 777100%AB
Mr Speaker 30161550%TX
Mr. Big 26131350%CA
Mr. Gold Mover 104440%NM
Mr. Money 30121240%FL
Mr. Monomoy 85563%NY
Mr. Prankster 21150%WV
Mr. Scotty 7000%ON
Mr. Trieste 65583%NM
Mshawish 19121053%KY
Mucho Macho Man 35282777%KY
Munasaaq 111100%PR
Munnings (3) 20417215777%KY
Musaiter 1000%CO
Mutadda 111100%KY
My Aleutian 1000%AB
My Golden Song 51120%TX
My Pal Charlie 16121275%LA
Name Changer 24181771%NY
National Flag 2411729%OH
Native War Chief 52240%OK
Need More Mo 85563%OH
Neolithic 80484556%FL
Niagara Falls 111100%CA
Night Warden 222100%KY
Ninth Street 31133%KY
Nite Light 111100%PR
No Hesitation 76686%AB
No Never No More 16141488%FL
No Parole 27201867%LA
Noble Bird 31151548%FL
Nonios 21111048%MB
Norfield 1000%OK
Northern Account 33267%SK
Northern Causeway 118873%CA
Northern Soldier 5000%WY
Not Bourbon 3000%BC
Not This Time 22520318582%KY
Notional 119873%IN
Nownownow 21150%LA
Nyquist (1) 16213912778%KY
Oak Room 222100%OH
Ocala Marquetry 111100%FL
Ocean Knight 23161565%LA
Oceanus 111100%AL
Oh So Regal 21150%NM
Old Forester 23151461%ON
Om 74525169%CA
Omaha Beach 20517515475%KY
On Any Sunday 111100%PQ
One Bad Boy 149964%CA
One Liner 112218%LA
One Sided 111100%OH
O'Prado Again 222100%AB
Optimizer 64467%KY
Ordained 85563%AR
Originaire (IRE) 24191875%CA
Oscar Nominated 25121248%CA
Oscar Performance 63474571%KY
Osiris of the Nile 1000%CA
Our Entourage 222100%WV
Ours Again 1000%FL
Outflanker 1000%MD
Outlash 64467%OR
Outrageous Limit 1000%ID
Outwork 28202071%KY
Oxbow 2713830%KY
Palace Malice 12121083%KY
Pali Cat 111100%NM
Papa Candelo 1000%PR
Papabryan 444100%PR
Paradeofthunder 111100%IN
Party Escort 1000%MA
Pass Rush 41125%IN
Pass the Buck 27181867%OK
Passinaflash 3000%NM
Passion for Action 176635%ON
Passion for Gold 47201940%CA
Pat On the Back 129867%PA
Pavel 22161568%CA
Paynter 69565580%KY
Peace and Justice 22131359%PA
Peace Wins 3000%AR
Pearl Fisher 111100%NM
Peppered Cat 72229%LA
Per Capita 35272674%AZ
Perfect Timber 22151568%ON
Petrov 19151579%AR
Phantom Boss 53240%CA
Phantom Moon 2000%FL
Phantom Wildcat 111100%CA
Pharaoh Bob 333100%FL
Phenomenalmoon 105550%ND
Phone Home 2000%TX
Pioneerof the West 8000%BC
Pivot 1000%VA
Pobrecito 1000%AZ
Point Defiance 33267%WY
Point of Entry 45211329%ON
Point Piper 107770%CA
Pontiff 98667%CA
Pop Artist 97778%BC
Popcorn for Eddie 1000%NM
Popularity 98778%OK
Poseidon's Warrior 222100%TX
Posse Hawk 7000%AR
Potomac River 85563%WY
Pound for Pound 65467%TX
Power by Far 32267%PA
Power Jam 2000%LA
Practical Joke (3) 23018416070%KY
Prayer for Relief 19101053%IN
Presencial 43375%PR
Preservationist 36272775%KY
Prime Attraction 555100%ON
Prince of New York 111100%KY
Prince of War 54360%IA
Private Gold 111100%WA
Proceed 64350%NM
Producer Credit 31133%CA
Promises Fulfilled 17161059%KY
Proteine 10000%KY
Protonico 36252467%KY
Proud Zoning 43375%UT
Proudinsky (GER) 1000%LA
Pujol 5000%KY
Punctuate 107770%NM
Pvt. Lynch 1000%ID
Quality Road 15612810366%KY
Quick Kid 32267%ON
Quien 32267%NE
Quiet Force 4000%NM
Qurbaan 28171554%IN
R F F Abracadabra 111100%OK
R H F Highlander 222100%TN
R H F Rockwell 44375%TN
Rack Em Up 4000%ND
Raging Bull (FR) 121989276%KY
Raging Tiger 87675%OR
Rainbow Heir 666100%MD
Raised a Secret 111100%WA
Raising the Flag 53360%OK
Ralis 64467%BC
Ralston 1000%TX
Rampant Rhythm 111100%IL
Ransom the Moon 26171454%KY
Rapid Rouge 2000%MT
Rascal Cat 1000%NY
Rattlesnake Bridge 31133%IL
Ready Intaglio 76686%AB
Ready's Image 206525%IN
Real Estate 51120%WV
Real Solution 86563%KY
Reckless Angel 111100%IL
Red Bayou 72229%MT
Red Hot Warrior 117764%PR
Red Vine 42250%PA
Redesdale 24181354%NY
Redirect 126650%WV
Refinance 21150%PR
Reload 39252154%ON
Remembering Rita 17131271%NE
Requite 32133%LA
Revved Up 27131348%OK
Richard's Kid 75571%CA
Ride the Times 97778%TX
Ridge Road 4000%NM
Right Rigger 85563%NM
Rimrod 21150%PA
Rise Up 16121275%OR
Risky Asset 6000%AR
Rivers Run Deep 32222166%OH
Road Ruler 3000%IL
Rock Hard City 1000%NM
Rock Your World 21916515068%KY
Rocky Bar 344133%AZ
Rogueish 42211945%FL
Rojano Time 1000%AB
Rolling Loud 111100%FL
Roman Gladiator 88450%CO
Roman Scout 2000%PR
Romeo's Valentino 222100%IL
Roundtripper 1000%SC
Rousing Sermon 74343%CA
Rowayton 23211878%KY
Royal Artillery 63233%IN
Royal Challenger 4000%NC
Rtbflashbacklegacy 111100%TX
Rule by Night 15111173%NM
Rumpus Cat 1010990%CA
Run It 1000%CA
Runaway Ghost 51262549%NM
Runhappy 14412110774%KY
Runin for Donnie 33133%TX
Running Tap 32267%WA
Rushie 30151550%FL
Sabercat 3000%LA
Sadie's Soldier 117655%LA
Sagaponack 166638%PR
Sahara Sky 28101036%IN
Saint Prado 111100%VI
Saintly Eyes 73343%IN
Saketini 222100%FL
Sakonnet 111100%NY
Same As 52240%OH
Sandys Blaze 111100%TX
Santiva 104440%IN
Saphire Sandy 84450%ND
Sapphire Cat 32267%WY
Saratoga Syndicate 72229%WV
Sasha's Prospect 3000%OK
Sassicaia 222100%LA
Saturdaynitelites 555100%AB
Save Big Money 7000%CO
Savu 32267%PR
Sawyer's Hill 41125%CA
Schramsberg 32267%AB
Sea Wizard 148857%NJ
Seattle Serenade 13121292%ON
Second in Command 73229%BC
Secret Circle 169744%LA
Seeking the Soul 34222265%FL
Segovia 111100%OH
Serengeti 3000%AR
Seventyseven Crown 222100%FL
Shagaf 1510960%IN
Shakin It Up 15117%OK
Shaman Ghost (1) 57373663%ON
Shame On Charlie 7000%NM
Shancelot 36191953%KY
Sharp Azteca (2) 39272564%KY
Sheer Flattery 2000%KY
Shell Shocker 5000%TX
Sher Supreme 1000%ND
Shogood 132215%IL
Shoplifted 74457%TX
Side Road 43375%PR
Siente El Trueno 222100%WV
Signature Red 21151362%ON
Silent Name (JPN) 61352643%ON
Silver Country 2000%AR
Silver Craft 1000%GA
Silver State 17114713076%KY
Sir Dudley Digges 1000%ON
Sir Prancealot (IRE) 83504959%CA
Sixthirteen 222100%OR
Skipshot 333100%KY
Sky Conqueror 1000%ON
Sky Fire 96667%IN
Sky Flight 21150%TX
Sky Kingdom 66583%OH
Sky Mesa 31171342%KY
Sky Mischief 111100%LA
Sky Promise 7100%ND
Skylord 106660%IN
Sleepy Eyes Todd 28111139%IN
Slew's Tiznow 51120%CA
Slumber (GB) 28252589%NY
Smart Bid 1000%CA
Smarty Jones 22131255%PA
Smiling Tiger 84595970%CA
Smokem 22111150%CA
Smolinski 71114%IN
Snag 53360%OH
Snapy Halo (ARG) 111100%VA
Snow Trouble 95444%NY
Social Inclusion 20151470%FL
Society's Chairman 555100%ON
Sol Invictus 33267%AZ
Solomini 58484476%NY
Sombeyay 35191646%IN
Son of Thunder 65350%NY
Song of the Sword 111100%OK
Soul of Ekati 1000%IL
Sound and Fury 102220%AR
Souper Speedy 77403647%ON
Source 1000%NM
Southern Image 97778%CA
Southern Phantom 111100%VA
Spade Bit 33267%OR
Spaniard 31133%IA
Sparticle 111100%CA
Spect No Mercy 1000%TX
Speculating 21121257%MB
Speightsong 27101037%IN
Speightstown 89694551%KY
Speightstown Again 8000%ON
Spirit of the Nile 333100%NM
Spiritus Invictus 62233%WV
Sporting 1000%OK
Sporting Chance 37272670%NM
Sports Talk 1000%NE
Spun to Run 66514873%KY
St Patrick's Day 39232154%FL
Stand for Glory 2000%WY
Stanford 75535168%CA
Star Guitar 35232057%LA
Star Rocker 2000%ID
Starship 62233%OK
State Your Case 32267%TX
Stay Thirsty 121908974%CA
Stealcase 102220%LA
Stellar Rain 2000%NM
Stormy Street Boss 2000%NM
Stormy's Majesty 41125%WV
Straight Fire 61414066%CA
Strait of Mewsina (IRE)111100%IN
Street Boss 108826964%KY
Street Honor 53360%LA
Street Magician 32267%MD
Street Sense 1341138966%KY
Street Strategy 40252358%AR
Stroll 20131260%IA
Summer Front 21191571%KY
Summit Warrior 3300%AB
Sungold 23181878%BC
Super Cat Speed 111100%WA
Super Ninety Nine 71114%PA
Surf Cat 15121280%CA
Surf King 1100%UT
Swaps Special 1000%NY
Sweep Away 111100%IL
Sweetontheladies 219838%FL
Swift Cowboy 111100%TX
T F Classic Twist 222100%WV
Tacitus 18815313471%KY
Take Charge Curlin 85563%PR
Take Charge Indy 100715959%KY
Take Charge Tapit 17000%IN
Take the One O One 65467%CA
Takeover Target 106550%LA
Tale of Ekati 24161354%KY
Tale of Verve 1210975%KY
Talent Search 17111165%WV
Tamarando 85563%CA
Tamarkuz 73343%LA
Tank Commander 146643%OK
Tap Back 32282681%CA
Tap Fever 5000%IL
Tapidor 54360%OH
Tapit 98857273%KY
Tapitgold 111100%FL
Tapitive 222100%KY
Tapiture 100665757%KY
Tapwrit 72494664%KY
Targeted 5000%BC
Tastemaker 333100%CO
Tawfeer 63350%LA
Tax Deduction 1000%IL
Taylor's Sense 8000%LA
Tekton 18151583%AR
Tell Jose 21150%FL
Temple City (3) 66454365%KY
Tenga Cat 32133%WY
Tenkoz 222100%OH
Texas Chrome 5000%AR
Texas Red 41125%KY
Texas Ryano 151515100%CA
Texas Wildcatter 53360%BC
The Big Beast 96667%FL
The Brain 2000%NM
The Daddy 61117%LA
The Factor 52434179%KY
The Hunk 179953%TX
The Lady's Groom 444100%WV
The Player 63350%KY
The Waving Man 1000%TX
The Way Home 222100%PA
Thousand Words 121857864%KY
Three Chopt Road 222100%WV
Three Hour Nap 64467%IL
Three Rules 20111155%FL
Threeandoh 111100%FL
Thunder Prince 111100%AB
Tidal Volume 1000%OH
Tidal Wave 21150%LA
Tiger of Wales 222100%PR
Tight Ten 72229%PA
Time Bandit 32267%LA
Timeline 28121243%IA
Timur 111100%VA
Tiz Mischief 14111179%TX
Tiz Shea D 111111100%PR
Tiz the Law 21816815069%KY
Tiznow My Way 41125%NE
Tizzam 1000%TX
To Teras 43375%NM
Toews On Ice 104440%NM
Tom's d'Etat 89706573%KY
Tom's Tribute 64467%CA
Tonalist 87666069%KY
Too Much Bling 5000%TX
Toodles Timetofly 111100%MO
Top Draw 222100%IN
Tormenta Gato 3000%KY
Touched by Autism 12100%CA
Tough Sunday 85450%CA
Tour de Force 1410857%AB
Tourist 42250%KY
Town Extension 64467%NM
Town Prize 76686%ON
Train Rider Blues 12118%NM
Trojan Nation 32267%WY
True Sense 55240%AB
True Timber 21150%KY
Tunwoo 199947%FL
Tup Take' Please 1000%WV
Turbo Compressor 145536%IN
Turfiste 111100%ON
Turfmeister 32267%IL
Tweet Kitten 32267%ON
Twice as Bad 31133%KS
Twin Engine 51120%MI
Twinspired 15111173%OH
Twirling Candy 17615713577%KY
Tyme for Willard 74457%LA
Typhoon Slew 64467%WY
Uh Oh Bango 107770%AZ
Ultimate Eagle 21150%CA
Unbridled Energy 87675%MI
Unbridled Express 26171662%IN
Unbridled Playboy 111100%FL
Unbridled Power 1000%SK
Unbridled Sheriff 111100%TX
Unbridled Spring 1000%IN
Unbridledsensation 21150%LA
Uncle Benny 51120%PA
Uncle Chuck 133777556%FL
Uncle Lino 50363570%MD
Uncle Mo (7) 16713111871%KY
Uncle Vinny 119982%PA
Unfettered 3000%PA
Unified 77585369%KY
Union Jackson 1000%NY
Union Rags 115978574%KY
Union's Destiny 111100%VI
Unique Franse 222100%LA
Unusual Heatwave 84450%CA
Upstart 15112210771%KY
Uptown Rythem 77686%CA
Uptowncharlybrown 36262672%PA
Valiant Minister 27151556%FL
Valid Point 222100%FL
Vaporetto 666100%PR
Vekoma (4) 20014112864%KY
Venezuelan Hug 1210975%NY
Vengeful Wildcat 85563%MB
Vertiformer 3300%OH
Very Cool 233313%OK
Victor's Cry 8000%IN
Victory Cup 32267%UT
Vindgari 31133%SK
Vino Rosso 14311510271%KY
Violence 1481138054%KY
Vision Perfect 4000%FL
Visionit 43125%TX
Vokazak 2000%AR
Volatile 15713311271%KY
Vulcan's Forge 5000%OK
Wait 111100%FL
Waiting 23151357%NY
War Bond 1000%WY
War Dancer 42353276%NY
War Eagle 1000%LA
War Front 76634053%KY
War of Will 112979282%KY
War Power 2000%CA
Warrior's Reward 54302546%PA
Watershed 17131376%PR
Wedding Party 97778%NE
Weekend Hideaway 64350%NY
Weigelia 41211946%PA
Welcome West 1000%SD
Well Positioned 222100%IL
Well Spelled 65467%PA
Wellabled 333100%FL
Wendy Wend 82225%TN
West Coast 55423767%KY
West Road 5000%OK
Westbound 42250%NE
Western Conqueror 41125%GA
Westover Wildcat 127758%MN
What Now 555100%IN
Whence 74457%LA
Wherever He Is 111100%AR
Whiskey Echo 333100%TX
Whistler Mtn Gold 1000%PA
White Gold G E S 111100%CO
White Magic 43125%CA
Why Not Be Perfect 85563%OR
Wicked Rich 2000%SC
Wicked Strong 31191858%PA
Wilburn 104330%OK
Wild Cide 1000%OK
Wildcat Red 111100%KY
Will Take Charge 21151467%KY
William's Kitten 106550%OH
Win the Space 52240%CA
Win Win Win 61414066%FL
Winchill 51343467%PA
Winning Cause 111100%CA
Wise Curlin 21150%WY
World of Trouble 27151452%KY
Xixixi 32267%OK
Yankee Gentleman 42250%LA
Yaupon 24220117673%KY
Yockey's Warrior 17121271%LA
Yorkton 47322655%KY
Yoshida (JPN) 50353060%KY
Z J Wins 1100%KY
Z Lucky 54360%IN
Zip Quik 111100%CO
Zipman 222100%OH
Zong 1212758%AR

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(Note: Figures in parentheses next to Mares Bred indicate the number of mares bred to the stallion on Southern Hemisphere time.)

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