Breeding Statistics

Breeding Statistics
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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
Cache In 4100%AB
Cachuma 1712953%LA
Cactus Creole 65467%CA
Cafe Mocha 1410964%LA
Cagey Bidder 23201983%PR
Cahill Road 70614869%WA
Cairo 9000%TX
Cajun Charger 111100%TX
Cajun Flagman 4100%LA
Cajun Jack 111100%AL
Cal Pro King 4000%KY
Caldiero 66350%TX
Calflyer 1100%AZ
Call Home 4000%VI
Call Me Cat 444100%NM
Call Me Nastie 1100%AB
Call to Account 32267%PA
Caller I. D. 73605068%KY
Calmandclear 76457%SD
Calumar 42250%AZ
Camichin (MEX) 3100%TX
Camp Izard 42125%OH
Camp Lydian 111100%OH
Canada Lease 2000%KY
Canadian Factor 222100%AB
Canadian Fighter 111100%ON
Canadian Will 2000%AB
Canaska Dancer (IRE) 44250%MB
Canaveral 32231959%KY
Candid Cameron 149857%AB
Candi's Gold 26211869%CA
Candy Stripes 34241853%FL
Cannon Zana 111100%OK
Can't Be Slew 1312862%OR
Can't Stop Smiling 1000%TX
Canvas 2111838%OH
Canyon Creek (IRE) 86685867%ON
Canyon Run 13121185%IL
Cap Badgett 32133%MT
Cape Lazaref 111100%WA
Cape Storm 56281730%IA
Cape Town 94876872%KY
Capitalimprovement 3200%TX
Capitol South 66467%TX
Capote 72615272%KY
Capote's Folly 95222%LA
Capote's Prospect 30221653%TX
Cappuccio 2110943%PA
Capricorn Son (IRE) 3000%KS
Capsman 111100%TX
Captain Bash 3000%ID
Captain Bodgit 112845650%KY
Captain Codex 132215%TX
Captain Sunburst 32133%OR
Captain Weird 1000%CO
Captive Force 32267%NE
Capture the Gold 20151575%FL
Car Dealer 116436%IN
Caracey 11419%AR
Carborundum 111100%KY
Careless Secretary 53120%KY
Carey's Boy 1000%TX
Caribe 3000%OK
Carlisle Bay 112218%FL
Carmen's Baby 17101059%ID
Carnivalay 64453352%MD
Carolina Kid 1711953%KY
Caros Love 74457%AZ
Carr de Naskra 26201454%KY
Carr Tech 8400%TX
Carressed 3000%NY
Carrie's Shadow 31133%KY
Carryn the Bug 2000%IN
Carson City 91776369%KY
Cartwright 57453053%IL
Case the Joint 1000%IL
Casey On Deck 166638%AL
Cash Deposit 53360%ON
Cash the Kid 222100%TX
Cassal's Boy 1000%WA
Castle Cove 2000%VA
Castle Guard 222100%NJ
Castle Howard 91111%ND
Castleshane 1000%BC
Cat Creek Slew 228627%IL
Cat Doctor 88788%KY
Cat in Town 19181579%MI
Catastrophic 30171447%IL
Catchin Air 33133%OK
Category Five 37282259%IL
Catfish 21150%OH
Cathedral Bells 104440%WA
Cathexis 2000%CO
Cathy's Regal Son 44375%MI
Catillac 203315%NM
Catkin Slew 1000%OK
Catonie Choke 54240%NM
Cat's Career 83715769%KY
Cat's Spats 43375%OH
Cause for Pause 105550%LA
Cause We're Happy 2000%NE
Cave Creek 55360%MT
Cavity Wacker 1000%PA
Cec Fire 1000%UT
Cee's Tizzy 100837070%CA
Cefis 21150%VA
Ceramal 11000%PR
Certain Ambition 1000%OK
Chalahue 1100%OH
Chalmondilly 22150%GA
Champagne n Jules 1000%HI
Champagneforashley 115327%IA
Chanate 25241872%AZ
Chance Fab 21150%AZ
Change Takes Time 21191676%LA
Change to Cash 32133%MS
Chanson's Eclipse 111100%BC
Chapel Creek 2711933%AB
Character (GB) 65467%CA
Charger Pride 1000%OK
Charging Through 1513747%MN
Charismatic 106928176%KY
Charleys Gamble 2000%OK
Charlie Barley 105550%IL
Charlie Zee 42125%NM
Charlie's Orphan 333100%IA
Charlie's Partner 4100%WV
Charlton 33133%ON
Charmin' Merlin 55480%IN
Chartron 75457%PR
Chateaubay 42125%IA
Chatelain (ARG) 1000%CA
Chelsea's Chance 111100%FL
Chelsey Cat 151515100%NC
Chelsie Square 222100%PA
Chenin Blanc 23121043%VA
Chequer 35272160%NY
Cherokee Colony 19121053%CA
Cherokee Run 110937467%KY
Cherokee Saga 138538%IL
Chestnut Sunday 111100%WY
Chevillon 111100%AZ
Chicago Bound 16000%PR
Chicago Cotton 65467%OK
Chidester 53240%OK
Chief Kris 222100%OK
Chief Prospect 163319%OH
Chief Protocol 23191461%VA
Chief Slew 111100%WA
Chiefly Happy 2200%TX
Chief's Reward 31241858%OK
Chief's Tide 51120%CO
Chime Time (GB) 86450%CA
Chimes Band 16141063%KY
Chinati 4000%LA
Chisos 136431%ID
Chispeando 2200%PR
Chivalrous (FR) 75229%IL
Chomp the Bit 53120%IL
Choosing Choice 116218%NM
Choper 55360%MA
Chopin 2113943%AZ
Chris Forbes 111100%WI
Christmas Storm 76686%OK
Chromco 111100%TX
Chromite 72229%CA
Chuck's Bro 111100%CA
Chugach 83225%TX
Chunkus T 43250%OK
Ciano Cat 39252154%AB
Cien Fuegos 34232059%TX
Cimarron Secret 20215%FL
Cincinnati 111100%PA
Circle of Light 111100%FL
Circulating 2014840%MB
Circus Surprise 32267%MI
Cisco Road 27161556%WA
Citidancer 37251951%MD
Citislipper 28211968%WV
City Attitude 1000%ID
City by Night 22151045%IL
City Council (IRE) 66467%TX
City Nights (IRE) 119982%LA
Claimjumper's Gold 62233%TX
Clancy Bell 1100%IL
Claramount 126650%NY
Clash of Steel 103330%SK
Class Hero 4000%TX
Class of His Own 2000%NJ
Class Secret 21150%VA
Classi Envoy 64233%IL
Classic Account 136538%IL
Classic Look 106110%TX
Classic Mistrial 21150%NY
Classic Punch 222100%UT
Classic Trial 2100%NY
Classified Facts 1510640%IL
Classy Luck 2000%IN
Classy Prospector 17141059%IN
Claudius 12111192%TX
Clear Course 666100%MI
Clearly Awesome 1000%NY
Cleve 4000%OK
Clever Allemont 2000%KS
Clever Champ 43375%MD
Clever Gold 2000%CA
Clever Leader 43375%TX
Clever Return 75457%TX
Clever Trick 51393671%KY
Cliffs Place 22150%NV
Closing Fast 2000%AB
Cloud Cover 34281956%FL
Cloud's Forty Four 111100%PA
Coal Digger 2000%KY
Coastal Voyage 123325%ID
Coax Me Chad 38181232%OH
Coaxing Matt 24161250%OK
Cobra King 71585172%KY
Cocobuddy 33267%CA
Codex's Reflection 3000%WV
Codys Key 43375%ND
Coffee Joe 1100%OR
Cognizant 147429%MB
Cohiba 7100%IL
Cohoes Native 1000%AB
Cold and Cloudy 77686%IN
Cold Bid 666100%TX
Cold Digger 111100%NJ
Cold Hearted Man 98556%TX
Collateral 51120%ID
Collateral Attack 84450%MI
Collection Agent 4000%PA
College Green 63350%OR
Collegian 108770%OK
Collier 222100%TX
Colonel Gay 2000%NM
Colonel Mosby 2000%CA
Colonel Stevens 74457%WA
Colony Light 62564268%FL
Color Bearer 2200%CO
Colorful Crew 4100%MD
Colorful Kid 4000%TX
Colway Rally (GB) 31133%AB
Comanche Slew 86675%TX
Combat Ready 11111091%LA
Come Bet 86675%OK
Come On Holme 1000%OH
Comedian 111100%IL
Comet Shine 23171774%CA
Comic Strip 54443769%KY
Commanchero 52302548%TX
Commandperformance 1000%WA
Commemorate 50242142%IA
Commitment 23114%CA
Committee Chairman 33267%IA
Commodore Spurwink 1000%OK
Community Interest 1000%NJ
Compadre 58232034%ON
Compelling Sound 27181556%CA
Complex Situation (IRE)111100%NM
Compliance Copy 3000%VA
Compo's Tempo 7100%NE
Composer 37191027%KY
Comstock Lode 63392844%KY
Comte de Val 111100%OK
Con Artist 1312862%NM
Con Fool 1000%TX
Concern 36322775%MD
Concerto 77583951%FL
Concorde Cal 148643%TX
Concorde's Future 111100%MA
Concorde's Tune 45291942%FL
Conduction 33133%CA
Conduit Surge 3000%ON
Confederate Hero 104330%OK
Confide 110826559%KY
Confirmed Bachelor 2200%TX
Connecticut 43375%IA
Conquista Fager 42125%FL
Conquistador Cielo 64575078%KY
Conroe 22150%TX
Consigliere (GB) 23181565%WA
Constant Demand 18161056%KY
Conte Di Savoya 86338%IL
Contested Colors 139862%LA
Continental Morn 3000%ND
Continue to Fire 139646%CA
Contrary Contare 1000%WV
Conveyor 24191354%FL
Cool Groom 139862%AB
Cool Halo 116545%BC
Cool Jazz 2000%FL
Cool Quaker 103220%OH
Cooleen Jack (IRE) 2200%MO
Coordinator 41221844%OK
Cope With Peace 222100%PA
Copelans Revenge 5000%MT
Copper Light 73229%LA
Copper Man 33133%FL
Copper Mine 1000%TX
Copperfield Magic 31133%PQ
Cordeeva 87113%OK
Cordova 2000%AZ
Cork (FR) 53360%CA
Corker 4100%NM
Coronado's Quest 91827279%KY
Corporate Report 38231950%PA
Corridor Key 4200%MD
Corslew 34252059%CA
Corwyn 25201768%LA
Corwyn Bay (IRE) 1912737%NM
Corwyn's Boy 1000%CO
Cossack Fighter (GB) 63350%ON
Cost Conscious 111100%CA
Costello (ARG) 2000%CA
Count Mein Too 21150%OR
Count the Time 112776457%KY
Count von Count 666100%MI
Country Buk 111100%CA
Country Light 149750%CA
Country Pleasures 1000%MO
Country Side 139646%TX
Country Squire 33267%NY
Country Store 1910737%AR
Country Stride 42125%OK
Courageous Leader 3000%UT
Court Masque 111100%MT
Court Order 1000%VA
Court Trial 76457%ID
Courtney's Native 44375%TX
Coverallbases 29221448%CO
Covered Wagon 107660%OH
Cowboy Cadillac 5000%MT
Cowboy Comet 1000%NE
Cowboy King 2200%IL
Cowboy Posse 111100%TX
Cox's Time 98667%AR
Coz 82113%WA
Cozar 1100%KY
Cozy Drive 218314%NY
Cozzene 74675473%KY
Crafty 60534372%TX
Crafty Dude 2314939%FL
Crafty Friend 123968065%KY
Crafty Harold 1210542%CO
Crafty Mana 44375%WV
Crafty Master 1000%OK
Crafty Prospector 76716180%KY
Crafty Ridan 178529%SD
Creamette City 1000%OK
Creative Account 31133%MN
Creative Act 129542%WV
Creditworthy 77229%MN
Cremona 1000%MB
Cresta Powered 42250%OR
Crimcino 118545%IL
Crimelord 1000%AB
Crimson Guard 3618925%NY
Crimson Slew 42125%WA
Crimsons Thrill 5000%TX
Cristal Man 31133%NM
Cromwell 1110873%CA
Cross Country Kris 3100%CA
Crown Ambassador 27251556%IN
Crown Attorney 52302446%ON
Crown Pleasure 85563%FL
Crowned Angel 4100%AB
Crowned Jewel 3000%TX
Crowning Decision 148750%LA
Crowning Season (GB) 22131045%OR
Crown's Wish 444100%NY
Croydon 96444%AR
Crucial 1000%ON
Crusader Sword 39262154%NY
Crush 555100%SC
Crypto Star 60504270%MD
Cryptoclearance 119978370%KY
Cryptoleen 101110%MD
Crystal Gazer 108880%UT
Crystal Iceberg 111100%OK
Crystal Star 1000%OK
Crystal Water 1000%CA
Current Pleasure 4000%WA
Currentsville Lane 32267%KY
Custom Body 111100%NM
Cute n Common 2200%FL
Cutlass Fax 32267%FL
Cutlass Reality 18151478%CA
Cuzzin Jeb 98556%OK
Cyberspace 45332658%FL
Czar Nijinsky 64350%MO
Czarcon 222100%CA