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Friday, June 09, 2023Contact: Rhonda Norby (859) 224-2856
Equibase Introduces Free Pramana Statlines on

Through a partnership with Pramana Labs, a natural language AI technology company, Equibase Company today announced the introduction of Statlines available within the entries section of Statlines are free to use and provide unique insights about horses, jockeys, and trainers entered to run for every track and race across the country.
Users can access the free Statlines within the entries section of The available Statlines can be filtered by tags such as jockey, trainer, jockey/trainer combination, horses to watch, exotic wagers, and track alerts.

“Our partnership with Pramana is helping Equibase deliver the type of data in a similar manner as we see with other major sports,” said Equibase Vice President of Data Operations and Digital Services Chris Dawahare. “The Statlines being generated by Pramana Labs are creating content for literally every race at every Thoroughbred track every single day, and the data is both entertaining and informative for wagering.”
The Statlines link is located to the right of each race entry, next to two other free tools: Entries Plus, which provides basic racing performance information in an interactive, easy-to-digest format, and Smart Pick, which creates suggested wagering tickets based on a set of user preferences.

In partnership with Equibase, Pramana Labs has also developed an API (application programming interface) offering these advanced data-querying capabilities so that industry stakeholders such as media partners, racetracks, and online wagering companies can provide this same content to their respective bettors and audiences.

“The AI technology that Pramana provides coupled with Equibase’s vast database has been the perfect partnership,” said Corey Patton, Pramana Labs CEO. “Our system’s direct, natural language querying of massive amounts of horse racing data far surpasses previous technologies, allowing fans to tap into a rich dataset in ways that until now weren’t available.”
Equibase Company is a partnership between subsidiaries of The Jockey Club and the Thoroughbred Racing Associations of North America and serves as the Thoroughbred industry’s official database. Through its website and mobile applications, Equibase offers a comprehensive array of free statistical information as well as premium handicapping products and reports in support of the North American Thoroughbred racing industry.

About Pramana
Pramana Labs, Inc., creates AI products that leverage the power of natural language processing and natural language generation, allowing users from all industries to ask questions of their data with simplicity and consume new insights naturally. Pramana’s flagship application, Pramana SHIFT, provides seamless access to information in free text, while also generating prose narratives from dynamic datasets as new information arrives. Additional information available at