Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
R Code of Honor 111100%AL
R H F Golden Globe 444100%TN
R H F Harlequin 666100%TN
R M Money Talks 111100%TX
R. C. Royal 2000%MO
Race Day 102726665%KY
Rack Em Up 5000%ND
Rainbow Heir 139862%FL
Raise a Dreamer 1000%MT
Raise Suzuran 1000%ID
Raise the Bluff 52240%WA
Raised a Secret 108880%OR
Raison d'Etat 555100%KY
Ralis 18111056%BC
Rallying Cry 42250%WA
Ransom the Moon 118917362%KY
Rascal Cat 246625%AR
Ravelo's Boy 222100%FL
Raven Sky 222100%VA
Rda Oro Blanco 1000%CA
Read the Footnotes 52240%NM
Ready Intaglio 1312431%AB
Ready's Image 227732%IN
Real Estate 1000%WV
Real Quiet Cat 111100%TX
Real Solution 337721%LA
Rebel Alliance 1000%NM
Red Vine 222100%PA
Redbulletexpress 55480%FL
Redeemed 85563%MD
Redesdale 81484758%NY
Regal Regalia 33267%CA
Reload 49343265%ON
Repetoire 1100%AZ
Requite 73343%LA
Returning 1000%OR
Revoluta 1000%WA
Revolutionary 21121048%KY
Revolving 178741%TX
Reward the Cat 31133%FL
Richard's Kid 40262563%CA
Ride On Curlin 28171657%FL
Ride the Times 1000%TX
Right Rigger 19131368%NM
Rink a Dink Kid 111100%NM
Rising Legend (GB) 111100%KY
Risk and Return 31133%IL
Risky Asset 1000%AR
Rivers Run Deep 20121050%OH
Road Ruler 63233%IL
Rock Hampton 1000%FL
Rock Star Status 4000%KS
Rocket Ride 22150%WI
Rocky Bar 96667%AZ
Rodessa Flash 111100%LA
Roll Hennessy Roll 135215%NM
Roll On Diabolical 42125%NM
Roman Gladiator 55240%CO
Roman Scout 144429%PR
Romeo Lima 222100%IL
Rookie Sensation 97556%ON
Roundtripper 111100%SC
Rousing Sermon 1410964%CA
Royal Challenger 31133%ND
Royal Memory 21150%CA
Rule by Night 85563%NM
Ruler's Court 444100%LA
Run Away and Hide 45363373%KY
Run Dot Com 1000%OR
Run It 21150%CA
Run Like Fire 1000%MO
Run Production 21150%LA
Runhappy 1271129474%KY
Runin for Donnie 222100%TX
Running Tap 32267%WA
Runnintothealter 1000%PA
Rushmore 1000%WI