Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
Pacific Sun 111100%WA
Painted Tree 111100%TX
Painting Freedom 222100%NC
Palace 120858067%KY
Palace Malice 91656066%KY
Pancho R. 222100%PR
Panicum 333100%MI
Papa John D. 2000%NM
Parker's Storm Cat 21150%WA
Pass Rush 148857%IN
Passion for Action 1510853%ON
Passion for Gold 50343468%CA
Paynter 97766668%KY
Peace and Justice 53383770%PA
Penitent Man 4000%MB
Peppered Cat 1000%CA
Perfect Circle 6000%MI
Perfect Soul (IRE) 128650%KY
Perfect Timber 15141067%ON
Personal Interest 333100%FL
Perusal 1000%VA
Petionville 53360%MD
Petition for Gold 21150%NE
Phantom Light 3000%TN
Phone Home 21150%NM
Phoneforchampagne 1000%LA
Pick of the Litter 109990%LA
Pick Six 3000%TX
Pimpernel 83338%LA
Pioneerof the Nile 48423573%KY
Platinum Pharaoh 3000%NM
Point Defiance 3000%WY
Point Encounter 75571%CA
Point of Entry 66534568%KY
Point Piper 87788%CA
Pomatini 1100%AR
Pontiff 17111165%WA
Pool Play 111100%ON
Pop Artist 111100%BC
Poseidons Gift 44375%SK
Poseidon's Warrior 31181342%KY
Posse Hawk 1000%AR
Power by Far 31133%PA
Power Jam 97333%LA
Power Storm 2000%TX
Practical Joke 20015213668%KY
Prayer for Relief 188739%IN
Preachinatthebar 111100%WA
Preferred Issue 32267%TX
Premeditation 2000%NM
Princeps Senatus 32267%ON
Private Gold 53360%WA
Proceed 148750%NM
Prodical Extreme 5000%TX
Producer (GB) 999100%KY
Prom Shoes 43375%AR
Prominence 42250%FL
Prospect Park 39312974%CA
Prospective 1911947%FL
Protonico 23201670%KY
Proudinsky (GER) 32267%LA
Publican 1000%KS
Puck 111100%LA
Punctuate 16121169%NM
Pure White Gold 33267%FL
Pvt. Lynch 111100%ID