Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
Machen 169956%WV
Macho Rocket 112218%AR
Macho Uno 169850%KY
Maclean's Music 1271099877%KY
Maddy Bird 63350%OH
Madefromlucky 58383255%MD
Magical Eight 2000%TX
Magick Dancer 111100%FL
Magna Graduate 16141381%OK
Magnificent Max (GB) 111100%OH
Maimonides 196526%OK
Majestic City 47272757%NY
Majestic Harbor 18121267%CA
Majestic Hussar 20141365%OK
Major Big Time 111100%CO
Major League 21150%SD
Make Reservations 1000%NY
Make Your Mark 1000%OH
Malibu Moon 13110910379%KY
Man On the Street 21150%OK
Mania A. 31133%PR
Mank 17000%AB
Many Rivers 75457%CA
March Twelth 41125%MN
Margie's Wildcat 222100%AZ
Marine Landing 159960%AB
Mark Valeski 18161372%KY
Market Rally 1000%NY
Marking 60282745%NM
Marshallofthistown 111100%UT
Marty All Nite 111100%MS
Master James 444100%NY
Master Rick 2000%WV
Master Singer 74343%FL
Mastery 14312510775%KY
Matanzas Inlet 111100%FL
Matthewsburg 65467%TX
Matt's Broken Vow 1100%MN
Matzoh Toga 111100%LA
Mawthooq 7000%MT
Max Forever 32133%AB
Maximus Gold 22150%VA
McCraken 105784240%KY
Mean Season 107550%LA
Medaglia d'Oro 12811410179%KY
Medal Count 17101059%KY
Medallist 94444%PA
Mendelssohn 25220717569%KY
Merit Man 25212184%CA
Mesa Thunder 222100%CA
Micromanage 19111053%NY
Midnight Crooner 6000%OK
Midnight Lute 118988370%KY
Midnight Storm 88645765%KY
Midnite Poppa 55360%AB
Midshipman 117897766%KY
Milwaukee Brew 65583%ON
Miners Back 1000%SC
Mineshaft 76554964%KY
Ministers Wild Cat 16101063%CA
Mio d'Oro 2000%WV
Miraculousmo 31133%TX
Misremembered 63434368%CA
Missing Element 222100%FL
Mission Impazible 31181445%NY
Mister Dance 32267%LA
Mister Lucky Cat 17171588%OK
Mister Trickster 111100%WA
Misty'sgoldentouch 111100%CA
Mixmaster 111100%OH
Mizzen Mast 27191659%KY
Mo for the Money 24111146%AR
Mo Tom 45332862%LA
Mo Town 14411210573%KY
Mobil 16101063%OH
Mobile Bay 295517%LA
Mohaymen 52402854%KY
Monba 11100%IN
Mondavi 52240%IN
Monhocracy 222100%NE
Monster Mash 85563%WV
Monterey Jazz 1510960%NM
Moon Thunder 111100%TX
Moonshine Mullin 16121169%AR
Mor Spirit 17612811465%KY
More Than Ready 13711910879%KY
Moro Tap 42201843%TX
Mosler 42312969%MD
Mosquito 2000%AL
Mr Louise 44375%FL
Mr O'Prado 444100%AB
Mr Speaker 46333065%KY
Mr. Besilu 123325%TX
Mr. Big 51363467%CA
Mr. Gold Mover 222100%NM
Mr. Indy 2000%PR
Mr. Prankster 333100%WV
Mr. Rancho Vista 222100%WA
Mr. Recio 97556%AB
Mr. Sinatra 2000%IN
Mr. Trieste 32267%NM
Mr. Z 23161461%KY
Mrazek 179953%CA
Mshawish 68524769%KY
Mucho Macho Man 95655558%KY
Mughaadir 62233%NM
Munasaaq 21150%PR
Munnings 20216914974%KY
Musaiter 127758%NM
Music Amusing 111100%FL
Music City 111100%OH
Musical Marque 2000%VA
Musketier (GER) 1611850%KY
Must Be Fair 111100%TX
Mutawaazy 222100%AB
My Golden Song 23141461%TX
My Italian Ex 111100%IA
My Johnny Be Good 55480%FL
My Pal Charlie 65583%LA
Mystic Replica 222100%PA