Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
La Reserve 1000%CA
Lakerville 31171755%CA
Lantana Mob 20121155%IN
Laoban 72595374%NY
Last Draw 222100%CA
Latent Heat 16121275%OK
Latigo Shore 52240%NM
Laugh Track 52292956%NM
Laughing Charlie 97667%CO
Laurie's Rocket 21101048%AR
Lea 68544668%KY
Learn (IRE) 18111161%FL
Legal Authority 222100%CA
Lemon Drop Kid 36302775%KY
Lemon Drop Mousse 3000%SK
Lent 189950%BC
Lentenor 21150%IN
Lewis Michael 145214%LA
Liaison 54424074%OK
Liam's Map 1331059672%KY
Liberty Lover 54480%NM
Light Up the Score 1000%TX
Lightnin N Thunder 111100%CA
Limehouse 26191662%WV
Linchpin 147750%WA
Line of Heat 206630%BC
Liquor Cabinet (IRE) 32267%OK
Little Lute 43375%OH
Littleexpectations 1000%TX
Live in Joy 31133%TX
Lively Sea Knight 1000%FL
Lo Maximo 21150%PR
Local Legend 7000%SK
Lockout 52240%OK
Lone Star Special 15111173%LA
Long On Value 30201963%FL
Long River 39262564%MD
Lookin At Lucky 1341089269%KY
Lord Lochinvar 54480%WA
Lord Nelson 131928666%KY
Lord Shanakill 24121146%PA
Lost Canyon (GB) 5000%AB
Lotsa Mischief 32303094%AZ
Louis Arthur 222100%AZ
Louis James 111100%PA
Louisiana Glitter 111100%FL
Love Bully 111100%AL
Love Who 111100%NJ
Loveofthegame 157747%NE
Lucky Strike G S F 111100%VA
Lucky Tiz 111100%LA
Lulu Rocks 1000%WV
Lutes Gift 444100%WA