Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
Half Ours 44383375%LA
Hamazing Destiny 72229%AR
Handsome Mike 52332956%FL
Hangover Kid 21150%MD
Harbor Master 62233%PR
Harbor the Gold 35242263%OR
Harborage 33267%LA
Hard Aces 25171352%LA
Hard Promises 33267%MA
Hard Spun 15514312581%KY
Harlan's Pure 24232396%PR
Harry's Holiday 25141456%IN
Hawk's Eyes (BRZ) 111100%CA
Hay Listen Up 111100%MB
He Be Fire N Ice 21201467%CA
Heat Shield 86563%CA
Heavenly Chorus 86675%AB
Heaven's Glory (JPN) 6000%CA
Hehaz Given 2000%WI
Heir Joe 1000%WY
Hello Broadway 54480%FL
Here's Zealous 222100%NY
Hero of Order 51120%KY
He's Had Enough 177741%FL
Hesinfront 4000%NM
Hey Chub 102220%NJ
Hiddekel 111100%IN
Hidden Blessing 1000%CA
High Constable 444100%KY
Highly Justin 111100%IL
Hightail 147750%AR
Hit It a Bomb 20161680%KY
Hockenheim 22121150%PR
Hogskin 2000%TX
Holiday Justice 43375%NE
Holiday Promise 222100%KY
Hollywood Don 1514533%NM
Holmes 52240%NM
Holy Boss 35252469%MD
Holy Buckets 111100%BC
Holy Lute 1010770%NM
Holy One of Israel 2200%FL
Home of the Brave 26191973%OK
Hon. de Leon 2000%PR
Honor Code 1381209569%KY
Honorable Dillon 117764%NY
Hook Em 44375%NM
Hooks Crossing 32267%LA
Hooper 111100%OK
Hoorayforhollywood 21150%CA
Hootenanny 18141478%KY
Hoppertunity 129888465%PA
Hostile Cruz 222100%PA
Hostile Takeover 32267%OH
Houseofroyalhearts 53360%WA
Hyper 53240%ON
Hyperion Tap 111100%TX