Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
A Shin Forward 87788%NY
A. P. Ridge 111100%TX
Aaron's Way 94444%WV
Abendlied 111100%TX
Abraaj 138862%WA
Abstraction 35252571%NM
Accelerate 16713912575%KY
Acclamation 29252586%CA
Achikulak 777100%FL
Act of War 4000%OK
Adams Circle 111100%NY
Added Edge 111100%OH
Adios Charlie 117706354%FL
Affirmatif 2000%OK
Affirmative 111100%CA
Afleet Alex 25141248%KY
Afleet Bob 6200%TX
Afrashad 222100%UT
Aikenite 53360%KY
Ain't Bad At All 1000%NM
Air Force Blue 90695662%KY
Air Pocket 51120%CA
Airoforce 102220%PA
Aisle Return 111100%KS
Al Faatik 33267%OR
Al Khali 74457%NY
Albano 1000%OK
Albert the Gold 1411964%PR
Albertus Maximus 111100%KY
Aldrin 41302766%WV
Algorithms 148750%KY
Ali 1000%NJ
Allaboutdreams 111100%AL
Alliance 118873%MD
Allstar Dancer 31133%TX
Alluvial 5000%IL
Alpha 86675%NY
Alphie's Bet 1000%CA
Alsono 1100%NM
Alternation 68514465%KY
Always Dreaming 16514313179%KY
Amazing Results 1000%IN
American Champ 2000%TX
American Freedom 96796871%KY
American Pharoah 17814812570%KY
American Trust 4000%ID
Amira's Prince (IRE) 16121169%FL
Ami's Flatter 106550%FL
Amis Gizmo 198842%ON
Ami's Holiday 23161670%ON
Anchor Down 35282571%KY
Animal Kingdom 40293075%KY
Animo de Valeroso 117764%OH
Ante Up 111100%PR
Anthony's Cross 154427%CA
Apache Park 121212100%CO
Apriority 21191990%LA
Aquarian Cat 4000%KY
Arcade 2000%IL
Archwarrior 85563%NM
Arctic Bright View 222100%ON
Arghad 1310754%PR
Army Mule 14010810474%KY
Arpista 114436%ON
Arrogate 15113411375%KY
Artful Run 222100%NM
Artistic Song 3000%OK
As de Trebol 179847%FL
Astern (AUS) 90756168%KY
Astrology 47363472%LA
Atreides 19111158%KY
Atta Boy Roy 118873%WA
Attempted Humor 32133%LA
Attila's Storm 40333178%NM
Aurelian 1000%MO
Authoritively 333100%CA
Awesome Again 3100%KY
Awesome Bet 1000%LA
Awesome Hero 222100%AR
Awesome Indian 32267%NM
Awesome of Course 115545%FL
Awesome Patriot 96667%OH
Awesome Slew 62373455%FL
Awesomechristopher 2000%TX
Axiomatic 88563%NM
Ay Pa 1000%PR
Aztec Slew 1100%TX