Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
C Denaly 1000%CO
C'Mon Tiger 21150%OK
Cable Boy 104440%NJ
Caiman 83338%IN
Cairo Prince 14812811980%KY
Cajun Breeze 9000%FL
Cajun Conquest 53240%OK
Cal Nation 1811950%MD
Caleb's Posse 38232258%KY
Calibrachoa 1210867%LA
Calimonco 159960%CA
Callide Valley 22150%WV
Cameo Appearance 2110943%LA
Can the Man 114766961%KY
Canaveral 62233%IA
Candy Ride (ARG) 15414012380%KY
Cape Canaveral 21141362%AB
Capital Account 1710953%CA
Capitol Guy 7000%NM
Capo Bastone 38171642%FL
Captain Bodgit 85563%ND
Captain Countdown 182211%TX
Captain Short Fuse 111100%NV
Car Talk (IRE) 144429%WA
Carnacks Choice 51120%OH
Casanova Star 116545%PR
Cashel Castle 21150%IL
Casual Al 2000%TX
Cat Genius 4000%WV
Catienus 86563%NY
Catomize 1000%NY
Caught Streakin 222100%FL
Cause to Believe 18101056%BC
Cause Ur Mine 21150%ID
Causeway's Kin 22150%FL
Caveman Keno 1000%WV
Cavvy 33267%OK
Cayoke (FR) 1000%CA
Celestic Night 444100%TX
Central Banker 119857059%NY
Cepo 1000%FL
Cetewayo 1000%PA
Chacal 1000%PR
Chain of Command 222100%NM
Chainy 2200%ON
Champ Pegasus 124818165%CA
Channeled 333100%KY
Charitable Man 56333257%WV
Charming Assassin 5100%AB
Chatain 24151458%LA
Chattahoochee War 666100%CA
Cheap Red Wine 2000%ID
Chelsey Cat 65583%NC
Cherokee Country 6000%AB
Cherokee Five 53240%OK
Cherokee Heaven 43375%CA
Cherokee Quest 3000%OK
Cherokee's Boy 111100%MD
Chicago Six 333100%IL
Chickasawd'orospot 21150%AL
Chief Planner 1000%AZ
Chipshot 32267%NM
Chitoz 103220%OK
Chosen Deputy 111100%IL
Chumaree 27000%SD
Churchhill 111100%TX
Cinnamon Creek 53360%AR
Citidellino 52120%MT
City of Peace 111100%OK
City Street 1000%TX
City Weekend 147643%IN
City Wolf 29121034%FL
City Zip 106918479%KY
Clarke Lane 42250%NY
Classic Alliance 2110419%LA
Classic Copper 1000%IA
Classy E. T. 3000%WV
Classy Gent 2100%TX
Clever Cry 25181664%LA
Cleverly Concealed 1000%CO
Closing Argument 37262465%LA
Clubhouse Ride 24171667%CA
Clure 77343%UT
Coach Billy G. 111100%PR
Coach Bob 555100%CA
Coal Cutter 31000%SD
Coast Guard 197632%WA
Cocktails At Five 62117%SK
Cocky 1000%MO
Cogito 32267%CA
Coil 72474157%CA
Coin Flip 111100%OK
Colonel John 36262672%KY
Colonial Colony 33141133%IN
Comedy Show 71114%PA
Comic Genius 1000%NM
Comic Strip 19161263%CA
Commanchero 9100%TX
Commander's Shoes 20161575%AR
Commitment 1000%TX
Commonwealth Rush 32267%KY
Concierto Alegre 52240%PR
Concord Point 42262457%KY
Concorde's Appeal 1000%ID
Concorde's Dancer 111100%NY
Congaree 159960%NY
Congrats 106918681%KY
Congrats My Lov 162213%CA
Contemporary 2000%TX
Contreve 71114%BC
Cool Coal Man 168744%FL
Copelan Too 52240%WV
Copelan's Pache 31133%NM
Corfu 24181458%FL
Corinthian 28151036%PA
Cosa Vera 444100%VA
Cosmic Snowman 1000%IL
Cosmonaut 117764%NY
Costa Rising 42250%LA
Cougar Cat 106660%NE
Council Member 64467%WA
Counter Punch 92222%TX
Country Be Gold 139538%IL
Country Day 46272452%KY
Courageous Cat 106716561%NY
Court Vision 67332842%ON
Cowboy Cal 83225%KY
Cowtown Cat 24131042%OH
Crafty Shaw 65467%CO
Creative Cause 103857371%KY
Crepuscolo 42250%FL
Crider 444100%LA
Crimson Guard 111100%MI
Crimsovertimeflyer 3300%MI
Cross Traffic 123948569%KY
Crossbow 20131365%TX
Crown of Thorns 108550%FL
Crowned General 1000%LA
Crowned King 126542%LA
Crystal Prince 1000%KY
Csaba 34161544%FL
Cuba 4000%MD
Curandero 21150%TX
Curlin 16214113181%KY
Currency Swap 25191560%FL
Custom for Carlos 74484662%LA
Cut and Shoot 105550%CO
Cyber Secret 108770%FL
Cyclotron 24191979%CA