Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
R W's Prize 111100%CO
R. Cooper 111100%FL
Ra Ra Superstar 2110733%OK
Rabih 137646%SD
Race for Glory 333100%CA
Radio Ball 4000%IN
Raffie's Majesty 19131263%NY
Rage 75457%OK
Rahy Rahy 222100%TX
Rahy's Secret 72229%LA
Rahy'sinthezone 3000%KS
Rail 1000%LA
Rainmaker 2111943%LA
Rainwater 111100%TX
Raise a Roughhouse 111100%TX
Raise a Signal 21150%SC
Raise Suzuran 25000%ID
Raise the Bluff 25201872%WA
Ran South 64467%MB
Rani's Diablo 5000%PA
Ransom Demanded 111100%CA
Rapper S S 31133%NM
Ray of Gold 111100%FL
Rda Oro Blanco 33267%CA
Read the Footnotes 43292660%NY
Ready's Image 63443454%KY
Real Dandy 27141141%NM
Real Estate 279830%WV
Real Quiet 25161352%PA
Real Quiet Cat 5000%NM
Real West 86675%AB
Reavealing Gold 42125%OK
Rebel Alliance 111100%NM
Rebellion (GB) 26181558%ON
Rebmec 51120%AB
Rebound 2000%
Reciprocate 4000%UT
Recordable 43250%AZ
Red 43250%MT
Red Bullet 3100%KY
Red Giant 42292662%KY
Red Key 1000%IN
Red Scamper 21150%MA
Red Sky's 106550%AZ
Red Tail Hawk 2000%VA
Red's Honor 62233%NM
Redyornothereicom 2000%MT
Reformer Rally 48282348%LA
Regal Code 111100%IL
Regal Flight 111100%ON
Regal Groom 54360%UT
Regreta 4000%LA
Relato Del Gato 13101077%NY
Remarkable Charm 21150%AZ
Remarquez 444100%TN
Rene's Prospector 1000%LA
Renzo's Missile 7000%OK
Reparations 39161538%WV
Repent 75504560%NY
Repriced 1812950%KY
Research 21150%MI
Reuben 146643%NM
Reversal 31133%ID
Revival Song 1614850%PA
Rey de Cafe 155320%FL
Rff Golden Justice 222100%CA
Rff King's Ransom 555100%KY
Rhythm Bound 41125%NE
Rich Deeds 54360%WV
Richburg 31133%LA
Richter Scale 15141387%LA
Ricksbag 111100%PA
Riddler's Revenge 222100%TX
Ride the Storm 94444%SC
Rimrod 128867%PA
Rindanica 1000%AB
Ring 111100%SC
Rinkatink 1100%OH
Rio Verde 116655%CA
Ripsaw 17000%IN
Risk and Reward 115436%OH
Risky Trick 4000%OK
Risque Remarque 31133%AZ
Rite Tan 3000%CA
River Eagle 44375%OK
River Rising 41125%TX
River Squall 64467%TX
River Usk (GB) 32267%MB
Rivergrade Boy 666100%CA
Riverside 333100%OK
Road Ruler 46191839%IL
Roar of the Tiger 199842%FL
Roaring Fever 23141252%NY
Robador 333100%CA
Robannier 97556%CA
Rocanville 4000%AB
Rock City 41125%WV
Rock Climb 1000%ND
Rock Hampton 22000%FL
Rock Hard Ten 1451048760%KY
Rock Point 2000%VA
Rock Pulpit 2911621%IN
Rock Slide 32251959%MD
Rocket Ryan 43375%TX
Rocking Trick (ARG) 86450%KY
Rockport Harbor 130 (1)918565%KY
Rocky Bar 28161450%AZ
Rodeo 41125%LA
Rodeo Fun 52240%IL
Roger That 62117%LA
Rogue S. 111100%OR
Roi Charmant 888100%CA
Rojano Time 8000%AB
Rojo Dinero 5000%OK
Roll Again 2000%SC
Roll Hennessy Roll 14121179%NM
Roman Commander 97667%CA
Roman Dancer 55120%CA
Roman Emperor 13000%NM
Roman Ruler 1351019067%KY
Romantic Bull 111100%ON
Romeo's Pistol 111100%AR
Romolo's Fritzi 1100%PA
Roots and Ropes 32267%CA
Rosberg 21151467%BC
Rossini 168850%LA
Rosso Corsa 111100%CA
Round Point (ARG) 1000%PR
Roundup 102220%GA
Royal Ball 2000%IL
Royal Canaska (GB) 111100%ON
Royal Empire 43375%AL
Royal Gossip 21150%TX
Royal Legacy 51120%CA
Royal Orleans 32267%NM
Royal Strand (IRE) 20141365%LA
Rubiyat 85113%PA
Ruby Hill 111100%LA
Ruler's Court 37232054%LA
Rumors of Peace 212100%AR
Run Away and Hide 78454254%KY
Run Production 98889%LA
Run to Victory 42250%AB
Runaway Macho 1000%WV
Runaway Prince 1000%VA
Runningonlove 22150%OH
Runnintothealter 4000%PA
Rush Bay 33267%KY
Rushin' to Altar 197737%IA
Rushing Water 111100%MS
Russian Connection 1000%OK
Rutledge Cat 83338%WV