Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
A Corking Limerick 52120%LA
A Fine Romance 444100%ON
A Giant Valentine 31133%IN
A Little Illegal 111100%TX
A Man of Class 52240%CO
A Midnight Sheik 116545%ID
A P Valentine 31133%TX
A Sailors Quest 2000%NM
A Spot of Greatnes 55360%IL
A Trio of Devils 24181354%NE
A. P. Delta 48242144%LA
A. P. Million 65350%AR
A. P. Perfect 1000%NM
A. P. Warrior 96746265%KY
A. P.'s Mojo 111100%
A.p Jetter 74229%TX
A.P. Indy 1131006255%KY
Aa Zzion 4100%PA
Aaron's Gold 42125%VA
Abajo 42241843%NM
Absolute Harmony 13111077%AZ
Academy 157640%ND
Academy Award 41125%OH
Acceptable 107660%BC
Acclaimed Honour 44125%CA
Acecho (IRE) 63233%OR
Acere 1100%FL
Ackion 1100%IL
Act Bigger 1000%AB
Act of Duty 41312766%FL
Act of War 106550%IN
Act Smart 42250%MB
Action This Day 108776358%KY
Activist 33171442%PA
Actor 62117%OK
Adair Star 52240%KY
Added Edge 52302446%IA
Adios Muchachos 21150%MI
Administration 43125%TX
Admiral Indy 296310%KS
Admiralty Arch 1211758%WV
Aeneas 32242475%NM
Aeropostale 21150%LA
Affirmative 18131056%CA
Afleet Alex 100867373%KY
Afleet Prince 111100%MD
After Market 1311189673%KY
Afternoon Deelites 52413465%LA
Aggadan 31133%LA
Aggie Southpaw 127217%LA
Aggressive Chief 333100%OK
Agnes Gold (JPN) 27121141%FL
Ago 22150%IN
Air to Apache 43375%KY
Airdrie Apache 31133%OR
Aisle 26161454%PA
Aisle Return 5000%KS
Akado 31133%MB
Al Ghazi 105440%AZ
Al Sabin 98333%TX
Al's Wizard 111100%CA
Alajwad 176635%FL
Alamo Bandit 2000%TX
Alarmers Pocket 1000%OK
Alaskan Frost 21150%IL
Albaflash 222100%TX
Albert the Gold 222100%PR
Albert the Great 28181450%PA
Alberta Gold 222100%AB
Aldebaran 66534467%KY
Aledo 2000%NM
Alert 222100%KY
Alex's Pal 107550%FL
Alfaari 42250%BC
Ali Afire 1000%TX
Alignment Flyer 111100%CA
Aljabr 62233%KY
Alke 48302348%FL
All Gone 3000%TX
All Storm 82225%OK
All the Gears 2000%CA
Alladin Rib 333100%OH
Allamystique 139862%TN
Allie's Punch 64117%MI
Allover 9000%ID
Alluvial 81493240%KY
Almostashar 154320%LA
Almungid 12118%OK
Alnaab 2000%NM
Alota Gator Bait 111100%OH
Alphabet Soup 81(6)534454%FL
Alumni Hall 50352142%ON
Aly Ad Libs 111100%NY
Alybro 3000%BC
Alydar's Causeway 33267%WV
Alydeed 1914947%AB
Alymagic 73229%CA
Alymah 222100%ID
Alyouq 21150%TX
Alyphar 41125%LA
Alystar Slew 666100%ON
Alysweep 52120%FL
Alyzig 22161464%LA
Amaruk 6000%BC
Amazing Connection 1000%OK
Ambe 31133%CA
Ameri Valay 21150%PA
America's Storm 96556%CA
American Brass 41125%TX
American Champ 73343%LA
American Fury 111100%AB
American Patriot 74343%KY
American Spirit 33191752%FL
American Tribute 1411964%LA
American Trust 53240%ID
Amicable 31133%TX
Anasheed 29211862%NY
Anchor Man 1000%OK
Ancient Art 17141271%CA
Ancient Quest 43250%TX
Andanight 156640%TX
Andean Chasqui 111100%TX
Andromeda's Hero 75463851%NY
Animo de Valeroso 2713726%IL
Annihilate 222100%ON
Announce 1713741%LA
Annual Tradition 136646%CO
Another Freespirit 3100%NM
Another Good Deed 1000%KS
Antcaughtafly 111100%TX
Ante Up 164425%PR
Antietam 33133%NY
Antonio Holding 1000%TX
Any Given Saturday 1441159365%KY
Any Way At All 111100%ON
Anziyan 28201864%NM
Anziyan Royalty 19000%CA
Apollo 91111%OK
Appeal for Justice 111100%NE
Appealing Skier 1913842%MN
Aptitude 32222269%KY
Aquarian Prince 5000%PA
Ara 111100%AZ
Aragorn (IRE) 78614963%KY
Arch 110928375%KY
Arctic Gold J C 111100%NV
Arctic Knight 21150%MN
Arctic White 32267%OK
Aristocat 2000%AR
Aristocrat 39241949%FL
Aristotle 2000%NY
Armada 64350%IN
Armed Escort 1000%OR
Arouse 2100%SC
Arromanches 1610956%IN
Art Museum 23141461%LA
Artax 1000%NY
Artema (IRE) 42250%OR
Arthur's Ring 76686%BC
Article of Faith 45292556%IN
Artie Schiller 117867463%KY
Artrageous 56360%FL
Arz 111100%IA
Assault Cat 81113%TX
Assembly Dancer 12000%IN
Assemblyman 111100%PA
Astral Plane 1000%NC
Ataka Crypto 1000%TX
Athlete 66467%CA
Atlantic Penn 32133%GA
Atlas Shrugs 63233%ON
Atta Boy Brian 4000%OK
Attaboy Champ 21150%MT
Attack the Books 165319%IN
Atticus 26201973%CA
Attila's Storm 34252471%NM
Audited 1000%VA
Austinpower (JPN) 148857%PR
Authenticate 32231444%LA
Auto Pilot 118655%KY
Autonomy (IRE) 66583%IA
Avanzado (ARG) 555100%CA
Avenue of Flags 22171673%NM
Away to Heaven 85225%MT
Awesome Again 125(6) 11510282%KY
Awesome Cannonball 81113%MI
Awesome Cat 159533%OK
Awesome Dividend 105550%NM
Awesome Gambler 78363545%CA
Awesome Hero 22150%KY
Awesome Jet 32133%CA
Awesome of Course 17131059%FL
Awesome Spirit 34212162%CA
Awesome Sword 149536%FL
Awfully Red 111100%TX
Aylward 43250%MO
Aziz 3300%IL
Aztec Two 222100%TX