Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
L T C Crimson Slew 22150%MS
La Avenger's Tip 33133%CO
La Reine's Terms 1910632%MD
La T. Holl 1000%PA
Laabity 16151381%LA
Lacey Evitan 111100%CA
Lacotte (IRE) 42125%NY
Lad 107440%SC
Ladinos Bambino 43375%MD
Laffer 41125%AR
Lake Austin 100372929%LA
Lake George 1511960%CA
Lake Highlands 87675%SC
Lampedusa 21191886%LA
Lanciano (GER) 102220%AB
Landana 2000%OH
L'Ange Gabriel 111100%IL
Langfuhr 92827278%KY
Lanza Gold 1000%TX
Laramie's Deputy 21150%CA
Larrupin' 21181467%AZ
Larry the Legend 137754%CA
Larry's Trick 22150%KY
Lasersport 26141350%CA
Lasting Tribute 222100%CA
Late Edition 117655%MN
Late Nite Louie 1000%OR
Late Sunset 1000%KS
Latin American 54360%CA
Latin Reign 1211867%IN
Launch a Dream 2000%NM
Lawyer Lee (GB) 5000%
Lazy Lode (ARG) 136646%NM
Lazzeri 1000%ID
Le Casque Gris 124325%IN
Le Grande Danseur 2011735%NM
Le Monde 31133%MI
Le Panache 1000%MN
Leading the Parade 44322761%FL
Leave a Legacy 53360%OK
Leelanau 1710953%CO
Lee's Badger 63233%KY
Leestown 97686062%LA
Left Banker 72229%LA
Legal Jousting (IRE) 32267%ON
Legion Field 165531%NY
Lemon Drop Kid 15013111778%KY
Lemon Grass 21150%IL
Lemoncello 21150%FL
Lenado Road 333100%AB
Lendell Ray 148429%OK
Leroidesanimaux (BRZ) 107866662%KY
Lesters Boy 222100%NM
Let Him Go 2100%IL
Let's Talk 333100%MT
Letter C 31133%NM
Letter of Marque 62233%MT
Letterman 4100%LA
Letthedreambegin 111100%OK
Lexicon 333100%FL
Liberatedbyforce 52360%NY
Liberty Gold 20151365%WA
Liberty Run 222100%NM
Liberty Valance 44375%OK
Lido Palace (CHI) 26171662%FL
Life Interest 5000%KS
Ligan's Cross 2000%AL
Light of Mine 125433%BC
Light of the Stars 111100%OR
Light of the Woods 32267%AZ
Light Picture 1000%OK
Lightnin N Thunder 89614247%FL
Lights of Home 32267%PR
Liginsky 94333%MO
Like a Soldier 158853%LA
Like the Prospects 444100%ON
Lil E. Tee 2100%KY
Lil Honcho 92222%AR
Lil Moonie 111100%AZ
Lil's Lad 23161357%TX
Limehouse 108776661%KY
Limit Out 153320%WV
Line of Departure 15141173%ON
Lion Heart 16512910865%KY
Lion Hearted 67524161%MD
Lion Tamer 34322779%LA
Lit de Justice 1712953%CA
Lite the Fuse 75514155%PA
Literati 111100%CA
Little Turnberry 111100%ND
Littlebitlively 28171657%LA
Littleexpectations 41313073%KY
Live At the Met 111100%LA
Livingwill 1000%NM
Llama Lover 333100%LA
Local Artist 10000%AZ
Local Time 61117%TX
Lodge Hill 97333%ON
Logon Slew 1100%MT
Loki's Fire 3000%ON
Lone Star Deputy 1000%OH
Lone Star Saint 167744%LA
Lone Star Sky 31171445%LA
Lonely Concorde 2100%LA
Long Star 2000%OH
Looking for Glory 1000%KY
Lord Aly 222100%NY
Lord At Law 83338%PA
Lord Cromby (IRE) 1000%AB
Lord of Cat 82225%NJ
Lord of the Dance 1000%VA
Lord Ofthe Thunder 112218%PA
Lost Canyon (GB) 13218%AB
Lost in Paradise 13000%CA
Lost Soldier 39262359%KY
Lots of Slew 87225%TX
Louis Arthur 92222%AZ
Louis Quatorze 50363264%MD
Love of Money 52373058%MD
Lucky Clone 51120%PA
Lucky Lionel 40292358%OK
Lucky Pulpit 29262690%CA
Lucky Shah 1000%NY
Lucky So n' So 62117%TX
Lucky South 2000%MO
Luftikus 43231944%WV
Lunar Shadow 41125%LA
Lunarpal 35272160%LA
Lush 65350%ND
Lycius 138862%NY
Lydgate 44252148%LA
Lyracist 85563%PA
Lyre 21150%ND
Lytrump 21150%NE