Breeding Statistics

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Stallion Mares
Live Foals
A Corking Limerick 112218%LA
A Lee Rover 3200%IL
A Little Extra 1000%BC
A Little Illegal 1100%TX
A Man of Class 33133%CO
A Midnight Sheik 1000%ID
A P Valentine 73343%TX
A Sailors Quest 1000%NM
A Spot of Greatnes 5400%IL
A Trio of Devils 13918%NE
A. P. Delta 42201536%LA
A. P. Million 55480%AR
A. P. Warrior 52403465%KY
A.p Jetter 64350%TX
A.P. Indy 94846064%KY
Aa Zzion 31133%PA
Aaron's Gold 114436%VA
Abahazy 111100%MI
Abajo 51201835%NM
Absolute Harmony 109880%AZ
Academy 2110629%ND
Academy Award 4100%OH
Acceptable 17121059%BC
Acclaimed Honour 7000%CA
Accounted For 41125%AL
Acecho (IRE) 54480%OR
Act Bigger 111100%AB
Act of Duty 62534268%FL
Act Smart 4300%MB
Action 31133%TX
Action This Day 66544771%KY
Activist 1910842%PA
Actor 83338%OK
Adair Star 64467%KY
Adam K. 1000%VA
Adbass 2100%AR
Added Edge 51272549%IA
Adios Muchachos 2100%MI
Adios Mundo 2000%NM
Admiral Indy 237626%KS
Adonis 25000%NY
Adventure Road 1000%WA
Aeneas 31191961%NM
Aeropostale 53360%LA
Affirmative 63350%CA
Afleet Alex 1201059983%KY
Afleet Prince 42250%MD
Afternoon Deelites 68564160%LA
Aggadan 278311%NY
Aggie Southpaw 75457%LA
Agnes Gold (JPN) 167638%FL
Ago 1100%OH
Aide Memoire 111100%WY
Air to Apache 64467%KY
Airdrie Apache 98889%OR
Aisle 109990%PA
Aisle Return 3000%KS
Akado 1000%MB
Al Ghazi 62233%AZ
Al Khaaser 111100%MD
Al Sabin 104110%TX
Al Tomatoes 111100%TX
Aladin Dancer 111100%OR
Alajwad 237626%FL
Alamo Bandit 2000%TX
Alaskan Frost 139862%IL
Alaskan Star 1000%LA
Albert the Great 67544364%KY
Alberta Gold 33267%AB
Albert'sluckycharm 111100%OH
Aldebaran 90655763%KY
Alert 21150%KY
Alex's Pal 26171350%FL
Alfaari 166213%BC
Alignment Flyer 1000%CA
Aljabr 7000%KY
Alke 92625054%FL
All Glory to God 111100%FL
All Gone 5000%TX
All Storm 7000%OK
All the Gears 65350%ID
Alladin Rib 42250%OH
Allamystique 21181467%TN
Allawinir 2000%NY
Allen Charge 64350%IL
Allie's Punch 12000%MI
Allover 74457%ID
Alluvial 97644142%KY
Almost Accurate 111100%NV
Almostashar 35111029%LA
Aloha Bold 85225%LA
Alota Gator Bait 32267%OH
Alphabet Soup 112(1)887466%KY
Al's Wizard 111100%CA
Alter Ego 61117%PR
Aly Galore 111100%NY
Alybel 2000%OK
Alybro 3000%BC
Alydeed 31231961%AB
Alymagic 75343%CA
Alymah 64467%ID
Alymaine 111100%KY
Alyouq 1000%TX
Alyphar 2000%LA
Alyshu 1000%TX
Alystar Slew 111100%ON
Alysweep 1612956%FL
Amaruk 93222%BC
Ambe 222100%CA
Amberprospect 4000%FL
Ameri Valay 76343%MD
American Brass 43250%TX
American Champ 21150%LA
American Patriot 144429%KY
American Spirit 2712933%FL
American Tribute 54360%LA
America's Storm 26222285%CA
Amicable 111100%TX
Amnesty 1000%CA
Anabaa 51383161%KY
Anasheed 59392949%NY
Anchor Man 111100%OK
Ancient Art 15121067%CA
Ancient Quest 1000%TX
Andromeda's Hero 25(1)201768%KY
Animo de Valeroso 30231653%IL
Announce 42302355%LA
Annual Tradition 73229%CO
Another Good Deed 32133%KS
Another Great Show 222100%FL
Another Kahuna 32267%VA
Antietam 33267%NY
Antonio Holding 1000%TX
Anziyan 109660%NM
Anziyan Royalty 22141255%CA
Apollo 123217%OK
Appeal for Justice 2100%NE
Appealing Skier 17141165%MN
Aptitude 1231028670%KY
Aquarian Prince 106440%PA
Aragorn (IRE) 110999183%KY
Aramus 222100%KY
Arbitrator 33133%ID
Arch 1211069679%KY
Arch Assault 111100%IL
Archers Bay Ruckus 222100%ON
Arcola Lane 3000%MI
Arctic Boy 1000%TX
Arctic Cielo 61117%MI
Arctic Gold J C 222100%NV
Arctic Knight 2000%MN
Arctic Spirit 31133%FL
Ares Vallis 111100%AB
Ariel Chief 8000%MN
Aristocat 111100%AR
Aristotle 5000%NY
Armada 64233%IN
Armed Escort 21150%OR
Around the Cape 75542736%NY
Arouse 94444%SC
Arromanches 24111042%IN
Artax 35191440%NY
Artema (IRE) 32267%OR
Arthur L. 53360%CA
Arthur's Ring 225314%KY
Artic Twister 2000%AB
Artie Schiller 13811610173%KY
Artrageous 53480%FL
Ascot Knight 137646%ON
Asimov 4000%MB
Aspen Prospector 111100%CO
Aspen Ridge 129867%FL
Assault Cat 5000%TX
Assembly Dancer 195211%IN
Assemblyman 2200%PA
Astral Plane 33267%NC
Ataka Crypto 33133%TX
Atta Boy Brian 1000%OK
Attaboy Champ 2100%MT
Attack the Books 52240%IN
Atticus 34222059%CA
Audited 21150%VA
Austinpower (JPN) 32133%FL
Authenticate 39231949%LA
Autonomy (IRE) 22150%IA
Avanzado (ARG) 21171571%CA
Avenue of Flags 28191554%NM
Awesome Again 125(5)11210282%KY
Awesome Buddy 55480%AZ
Awesome Cannonball 14131393%MI
Awesome Cat 234417%IL
Awesome Dividend 116436%NM
Awesome Jet 118873%CA
Awesome of Course 109660%FL
Awesome Sword 119873%FL
Awestruck 63350%TX
Awfully Red 222100%TX
Aziz 1000%IL
Aztec Pleasure 1000%TX